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Thank you

Just wanted to say thank you for support yesterday. I did crack and eat a huge bag of crisps but felt so ill i had my shake and went to bed. I went to the chemist today to swap some shakes (vanilla and chicken soup my faves) and the lady asked me if i wanted to be weighed even though i wasn't due until Monday. I said yes with some trepidation but have lost 6 and a half pounds!!!!! After 5 days - i can't believe it. I'm absolutely gob smacked - I've done so many diets where nothing works - well, to be honest I don't stick to them by cheating (like last night) but LT really is fantastic. thank you for the messages of support - i am going to carry on - i've got loads to lose but it works!:):):):):):)
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Good for you! Well done! And NO more cheating!!!!!!!
No more cheating for definite. It works - I've just got to stick at it. I do have a problem though - it's my sister's birthday next Saturday and we're going to a really posh restaurant. I was going to have soup to start and then a steak - I can't not go - she's really supportive of what I'm doing but I really want to be there for her. Are those things OK for one night? I'm happy not to drink at all (luckily i love water!) and can be the des driver for the night! Does anyone have any other suggestions about what I should eat????
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Ahh, you'll likely get many replies to this all providing different things to do. If you're set on going then have chicken as this is leaner than steak. Also avoid potatoes like the plague and also say no to carrots. Green veggies and salad is acceptable.

Thing is, you really need to make sure you either have a clear social calendar after your sister's birthday or you go out and abstain from food. Sounds harsh but the diet won't work if it keeps getting interrupted. I understand about it being your sister's birthday though, which is why I've not simply said 'stick to shakes' :)
hi i know its hard but you can do it when i was on my second week i went for a meal with friends just before i left i had my shake so when we got their and my friends were eating i had water it didnt bother me as i wasnt hungry and because we were chatting so much and before i knew it they had finished eating and we were all on water plus i was so proud of myself and it showed on the scales when i got weighed the next day you can do it hunny........jenny
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Well done on the weight loss.

I understand about you going out for your sister's birthday but me personally, I wouldn't eat. Jenni's advice is great and is doable. I have had loads of social occasions and have managed to just drink water at them. It is my birthday in less than 4 weeks and my anniversary in 3 weeks and I have decided to not come of my diet for either of them. It is easier if you stick to the diet 100%.

However, if you do decide to eat then, as has already been said, stick to fish/chicken and salad.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Get yourself a ticker so we can celebrate your successes with you.

Thanx for your support - i log on each time i'm having a wobble and read how supportive everyone is. I would try and avoid eating next week but there's just the four of us going so will have my shake before i go and just have a fish or chicken dish. I'll definitely stick to water that's not a problem at all. Fortunately (or sadly!!) i have a very clear social diary after that so there'll be no temptations along the way. Really appreciate all your comments and feedbac x x x x
Hope you are happy with whatever you decide to do. The food suggestions are excellent but I like a lot of others just wouldn't eat, especially this early in the programme. I have gone for family meals on a number of occasions and not eaten and haven't found it difficult.

If I go somewhere I might feel embarrassed not to order I just order something the others will like and let them pick at it (or in my family's case devour it), nobody notices.

Not wanting to pressure you, just wanted to let you know in practical terms how I manage the situation x
well that's my last arranged social function before Christmas out of the way (sad or what!!). It was my 2nd WI yesterday morning and I'd lost 5 lb - have to admit I strayed a bit this week but only to things like salad and pickled onion - I just needed something to crunch. Lady at the chemist said "just think what you could have lost it you hadn't" which I know is true but made me feel about 12! She is lovely but a bit forthright - I took one of my friends who is going to do LT - she only needs to lose about a stone and a half - LT lady said "you'll do it quite quickly, unlike her (me!) who will have to stay on it for quite some time"!! Went from feeling 12 to about 8 years old!! Luckily, I know she's right so got last night out of the way (no alcohol, small starter, and dived into steak - I know, I know - why weren't LT lady's words ringing in my ears??!!) but back on shakes today and will stick to them religiously - I can't believe I've lost 11.5 lbs in two weeks - in all the time i went to WW, I was the one who put weight on. Anyway, no more steak, salad or pickled onions - and here's to WK3 WI. Thank you all again for support, comments, ideas - this forum keeps me sane.:):)
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well done on the losses be warned though you have been lucky you really need to be focused and make a decision as to whether this diet is right for you, if you continue to nibble(cheat) it will show on the scales sorry to be a bit harsh but thats the reality goodluck for this week
you're so right - i have to stick at this - I have failed at so many other diets. losing 5 lbs this week when it could have been more has spurred me on and I know it's going to be LT all the way this week so hopefully I can post an even bigger loss next week.

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