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Thank you....

arrrrrrrrr Gem. i didn't have a clue as haven't really had chance to get to grips with all the postings, but wanted to say hang in there chick. I have been through an awful miserable marriage and have recently got divorced, lost my home etc. The whole thing was really tough for me and I lived on ciggies and red wine for 6 months, I felt like I was falling apart, then out of the blue came along a guy who is so gentile, so loving - (nothing like ANY of my past partners), I thought originally he was too 'nice' if you know what I mean, but 9 months on we are going so strong and after all the pain I have found Mr Right I think. I do know where you're coming from hun but although it may not feel like it right now there is hope for all of us, this may be the time that you get the chance to start concentrating on yourself and to do all the things you want to and be who you want to be. You just have to focus on yourself and where you want to go in life. I know it hurts but each day the pain does get less and less. You NEVER have to apologise to anyone who is a friend for feeling low or upset or being miserable, your friends are there to carry you when you need it so lean on them when you need to. I really hope things work out for you and you feel better soon, just look on 2009 as being 'your year'.

Lots of love and huge hugs

I would like to take the time to thank all my lovely friend on here who have been writing in my diary daily as you all may no i am taking this very bad with the split from Steve.
I am sorry to be so unhappy and miserable,this wont last but thanks for keeping me going :D:D
That's why we're all here Gem. Dont apologise for being sad, we're here to try and make you feel better.

It may take a while but it WILL get better and in the meantime just vent as much as you like! *Hugs* x
Oh sweetie you don't have to thank us, we may not know each other personally but I like to think we are all friends and friends are always there for one another at times like this x
You have all really made me smile now,i am thinking to my self was my relationship that great or special? No it wasnt the best but it was not like ho some people are treated,we were more like friends but i am still upset...
But why am i upset is it that i dont want to go back to my parents or be on my own? Maybe thats the case.
You'll be fine in time hon. Change is never easy and you're going to have to make some decisions about where to live etc but you're a survivor and you'll come out of this on top x
Right,well i no its sad but we are gonna end the lease early on the house we are renting and i am going back to my parents house now to pay my £20 a week rent! Its not gonna be easy but i will be fine :)
Hun your gorgeous you won't be on your own for long!! I came back to my mums about 3 years ago, its been great, we get and really well and are more like friends than mother-daugther and its cheap rent LOL!!! Ive no desire to leave in a hurry again!

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