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**Thankful Thursday**


As today is Thursday I wanted to share with you all a weekly thing of mine...

Whilst losing weight, or being unhappy with our weight, it's all too easy to focus on the negatives, and what we don't like;
I hate my thighs, my tummy's too big, the weight's not coming off quick enough (insert negative comment here)
All this negativity isn't good when you're trying to make a positive change in your lives.

So, i'd like you to take part in what i like to call *Thankful Thursday*

I'd like you to list 3 things you are thankful for.
3 things that you know, makes your life just that little bit better :)

My 3 for today are...

  1. My wonderful boyfriend Gav. He makes me feel like I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
  2. My previous Slimming World experiences. Although I didn't reach my target, it's given me the determination to do this once and for all.
  3. This forum. It gives me somewhere to vent my frustration and celebrate my success.

Now, do me proud. :)

Also, i can't stress enough how much I love this website;
You can sign in via your Twitter or Facebook and share what you're Thankful For - Give it a go! :)

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* Im thankful that i have seen sense to rejoin SW when I return from my holiday.
* Im thankful for having 2 gorgeous, healthy children and a wonderful partner who maybe doesnt reliase enough how much I appreciate him.
* Im thankful for this amazing forum and you wonderful people for keeping me track and helping me on my slimming journey!! x
I am thankful for
- coming off bp tablets due to weight loss
- all my lovely friends i have met on here
- having a wonderful supportive boyfriend (esp during the last couple of months job hunting)


- For having my health and so many good years ahead of me with my husband. See too many patients this isn't true for.
- For still having my mum
- For being almost 2 stone lighter so far, I think I may not look perfect, I may never but my heart and joints thank me :D
I am thankful for:

Having a happy and healthy 2 yr old little boy
For everything being ok with my baby (just had my 20 wk scan)
For having a wonderful set of family and friends
Seems like a good idea and i could do with some positivity these days;

1. For being able to un-cancel christmas (husband found new job after being told he was going to be made redundant and the redundancies at my job that were going to start in january have now been postponed until at least March).
2. For how wonderful and purry and loving our cats are.
3. For whoever invented pink hair dye. It still cheers me up to see my hair colour after about 7 years.
im thankfull for

  • losing weight and finally plucking the courage up to finally having my smear test done after been overdue for 11 years( would never have gone as big as i was before)
  • im thankfull to my boyfriend who has stuck by me all this year and supported me whilst i care for my ex husband who has cancer.
  • im thankful for the air that i breathe and each day i get to live and enjoy life:D
I am thankful for this site and the help I have had in losing weight, especially over the last couple of days while I have been struggling.

For my lovely husband who has stood by through thick and thin

For the fact that I am on holiday from today till next Tuesday
I'm thankful for...

1. My lovely younger brother & sister... they make me smile!
2. Having a great job that feels just like a second family.
3. Feeling like this time, with Slimming World, is "IT".
I am thankful for many, many things in my life - today, my top three are:

my best friend, and my fiancé and his unstoppable support and love and ultimately for just being him

my friends - who i love more than they all know.

my health and lifestyle - i have a great many things to look forward to - holidays, weekends of friend filled funtimes and my wedding next year!

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