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Thanks everyone , been to doctor - gallstones :(

Hi , just wanted to say thanks to all the replies when I had the horrendous attack of pain and vomitting . Been to the Dr today and he agrees it sounds like gallstones and has refered me for a scan :( .... just hope it gets sorted before it happens again , as I never want to go through that pain again !!
On a good note .. it will make me stick to the diet as I know there is so little fat in it that I am unlikely to have another attck that bad !!!
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Ro Laren

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I'm afraid to tell you, but people on a VLCD have an increased risk of developing gallstones from an increase of cholesterol content in the bile produced by the liver.

Cambridge Diet


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Glad you went to the doctor. The pain is really like nothing else is it.

I had a gallbladder attack when on Cambridge, then nothing for months, then another, then fine, then another. The attacks got closer and closer together and in the end virtually everything was setting it off (not on Cambridge by then).

After the first one, I came off the diet until I could speak coherently with the consultant (gotta love the morphine :D)

So, I was off it for 3 weeks. The consultant didn't blame the diet though it could be considered a side effect as it is with any diet that reduces calories to this level. He said that the problem was very common with ladies and he wasn't aware of any of them doing a VLCD.

He was happy for me to go back to the diet saying it would be easier for him to operate when I was at goal.

Anyway, I put off having the op, hoping that it would disappear on its own. A senior nurse friend then told me that it wasn't going to happen. It would keep returning until I'd have the op, so decided to go for it.

When I was in the ward, I talked to the others who were having the same thing. Not one of them had ever done a VLCD. There was a mix of SWers, WWers and non dieters, so perhaps VLCDs may bring it forward to a certain extent. Maybe if we are likely to have it in the future, it happens earlier IYKWIM.

I think in the medical world, the jury is still out whether the diet causes the problem.

My gallbladder is a gonna, and I'm so pleased that I went for the op.


Gone fishing
Note the bit I have 'bolded'

From Professor Leeds

An advisory note on gallstones
Gallstones form when crystals of cholesterol and/or bile pigments form in the gall bladder. Risk of forming stones is higher when there is a family history of gallstones and when the client or patient is overweight or obese.
During weight loss the risk of forming stones and having symptoms [usually pain under the right rib margin] is higher than usual – this is just an inevitable consequence of changes in bile composition and reduction of flushing of the gall bladder as a result of reduced food intake. It is possible that the risk of forming gallstones and/or having symptoms is greater when rates of weight loss are faster, but this has not been established scientifically.
Theoretically the risk of forming gall-stones once a new lower weight has been achieved and is effectively maintained should be reduced.
It is always wise to advise everyone, even those with no personal or family history of gallstones that gallstones can form or cause symptoms during weight loss. It is difficult to reduce the risk of gallstones without use of medications* but clients/patients concerned about this can consult their GP.
Clients should be advised to follow instructions for the programme since breaking the diet suddenly with a ‘binge’ may precipitate gall stone symptoms for which hospital treatment may be necessary.
*Ursodeoxycholic acid may help dissolve cholesterol gallstones or reduce risk of their formation. Bibliography: Andersen T Liver and gall-bladder disease before and after very-low-calorie diets. Am J Clin Nutr 1992; 56: 235S-9S

Anthony R Leeds, Medical Director, 21st February 2008
thanks KD , I am not blaming the diet , know it is weight loss in general that CAN increase the chance of gallstones , but still worth it ( not sure if I would have said that when I was experiencing the worst pain imaginable ( and I have 2 kids !!) ..

I will just stick to CD 100 % now as this should lower the chances of another attack and hope the USS appointment doesnt take too long !!

Gaelic Faery

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Aw sorry to hear that it's gallstones! I really hope you get it sorted before you have another attack. Must have been awful pain :(

I think you're right to stick to our old friend CD. Best thing you can do for yourself right now :)


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Glad you went to GP. Hope scan date comes through quickly for you.

I had mine when doing Zenical. Was awful. I feel your pain

hugs xx
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i'm glad you went to the doctor. hope your appointment comes through soon. ((((HUGS))))


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Hope the scan date comes in v soon for you.


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glad you went to your GP..My mum had her gallbladder removed 20years ago and my daughter who is 10 years old has gallstones because she was a premature baby weighing 1lb 11oz. She has had them since a baby and has been monitored every 6mths since birth. Went hospital yesterday she still has them.

Good luck with your scan hope you don't have to wait too long.


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Hey determinator, I posted the very same thing last week! [email protected]@dy painful isn't it! My scan date is 5 weeks today which I thought was aaaages away, but the first date they gave me was another 3 weeks after that and they only gave me the earlier date cos I kicked up a fuss hehe!

I have found that the pain is almost totally gone by eating a low fat diet but like an idiot, yesterday I decided to eat some high fat stuff 'to see if it really was that' so am expecting pain today and will have my codeine ready!

My mother in law had her gallbladder removed a few years ago and said taking artichoke tablets in the run up to the op really helped and she had no pain for a few months before the op so I've started taking those, hoping they will help because there really is no describing the pain is there!

Hope you get your scan date thru soon, I think the normal waiting time is approx 4-8 weeks, depending on your area etc.


lunar jim

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To be fair, my OH had gallstones years ago, when doing Weightwatchers so it's not just VLCD that they are associated with.

Fingers crossed for you, my OH said the pain was terrible and like you, she's had kids too... blimey!
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Hey everyone - I'm SO glad you posted this!

I was awake ALL night last night with this pain! Just under my ribs on my side but more towards the back than the front!

It is actual agony! And like Determinator said - more painful than childbirth! Ouch!

The only thing I've had more painful is kidney stones!! Peeing them out is agony!!

I've made an appt with my doctor now - I can't get in to see them on a normal appointment for 2 weeks!! Bloody ridiculous! I told them my symptoms and that I have suspected gallstones - still 2 weeks!

I'll be going back on an emergency appointment if it flares up again!!

Anyone know what we can take for the pain in the mean time?? I know we can have paracetemol whilst on SS/SS+ but last night that didn't even take the edge off the pain!

What about Co-codamol / co-dydramol??

Thanks everyone,


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