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thanks for all your help+support! ;-))

I have now been on CD for 4 weeks(nearly) I have lost 15lb which I am happy with, but......every week at some time or another I have eaten. Starts off with healthy bits,this is the problem I know I shouldnt have anything at all! any way it then always escalates and I end up eating loads!(usually for one day or an evening) I then get back on track and I am fine for the next 7 days till wi again!

Now I know this isnt the way I should be doing CD, having done it last yr and lost 3st3 I know it works well. This time round I lost 11lb in the first week and then 2lb for the last two weeks. I get back into ketosis easily and luckily with no side effects.I dont usually even feel that hungry.

I dont want to continue like this as I know it does effect my losses, need to stay focused, but I guess old habits from ww and the like die hard....I always used to have a treat after wi!

What I wanted to know was...can it be harmfull to your body jumping in and out of ketosis?

I am staying focused now.....need to get into my dress for the wedding in 8weeks time......... I have downloaded the pics of me in the dress, which was a bit snug when i got it( I was 12st I am now 12.9 and want to get to 11.7 so it fits just right!)

If anyone has an answer I would appreciate it.

Thanks Lou X
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I am staying focused now.....need to get into my dress for the wedding in 8weeks time......... I have downloaded the pics of me in the dress, which was a bit snug when i got it( I was 12st I am now 12.9 and want to get to 11.7 so it fits just right!)
Sorry cant help with your question. But stay focued on that dress better to reach your target earlier rather than later!!!!
Hi Lou

Do you think having a weekly weigh in may be some of the problem? When I had weekly weighins with slimming world I was finding I would eat on weighin afternoon with relief, as reward etc. On CD my CDC didn't weigh me so I weighed myself each morning and found that was better for me. I know some people can't ge on with daily weighing but thought I'd suggest it as a thought. I'm guessing your water intake is good? As that made a very big difference to me on the diet and how strong my willpower was.

You are doing great and don't have very far to go so no panic. You can do it.

Dizzy x
hey noo noo!

Im on a restart with LL and have lost 13lbs in 3 weeks and like you i have nibbled. I have told myself this time that YES i am determined but NO im not perfect. If i really really am struggling not to have that choc bic i just have it and move on, funnily enough with some ease and without the guilt that i have eaten. On previous restarts i have put so much pressur eon myself to be 100% perfect that any blip, thought of food would lead to cycle of guilt and low and behold binges beyond belief. I know my triggers ...anxiety, stress...and deal with them but do cave in to just ONE bic if im struggling which for me is a result as at one time it would have been the entire pack of whatever!

Im rambling abit here but this is a scenario which is close to my heart...the key i think for me has been accepting that im on a journey and that foodpacks do not make me perfect..its the experience of the journey thats teaching me how to cope NOt the packs and sometimes my imperfections make the journey more enriching (and tasty!!) Im also allowing myself a social vodka/diet coke and skimmed milk in my tea..every little helps eh?

Anyway PLEASE don not beat yourself up hun but DO keep your eyes ont he prize...i got married 2 years ago and was about 14st i think and felt if im honest awful..how i wish id founf LL beforehand so be gratefull hat you have the tools to succeed...visualise YOU in THE dress on THE day in 8 WEEKS...could lose another 2 stone by then...even with a couple of imperfections!!!!

Hugs and best of luck...be kind to yourself!
Thanks all of you!

Just wanted to say a big thanks to you all for your support.:p :) ;)
It s great to know we can come on here and post our failures/problems and not be judged by them.

Olijames, thanks so much for your advice and insight to the situation:) It is deffo harder 2nd time round, but in some ways easier....as you know that it will work and that the results are just fantastic! On any other diet I would think it would be impossible to loose a good stone - stone + half in 8 weeks but on VLCD, I know it is so possible and it is that, and the support on here thats spuring me on.
The dress will be fine......I am just panicking.......not alot else about the wedding I am worried about so I guess I need to be worried about something!!!:rolleyes:

What doesnt help is that before xmas I had a dream that I got up the morning of the wedding and my dress didnt fit and my sis had to go and buy a new one and came back with a bright red one!!!LOL:cry: it was one of those dreams where you wake up and for a split second you dont know if it is true or not!!pmsl:eek:

This will not happen, I do have 8 weeks I can loose what I want to by then!

Thanks everybody!!
I have just had my packs today and loads if water and feeling so much better than I did this time last night after I had eaten! :jelous: I know I just need to stay focused and the prize will be mine!!

Thanks again!!

we can all do this...........and this site just makes it all more bearable!! Hugs to all

Lou X
Good on yer noonoo!:eek: :) :wave_cry:

You know i actually wanted a ruby wedding dress but allowed others to put a big stop to it..story of my life..went for blush peach in the end..lovely but i wanted high drama!! Anyway you seem to have things in perspective and its amaing how one day of refocusing can make such a difference. Youre still here hun..so am i..ive just scoffed 3 cointreau dark chocs left over from christmas..i feel a bit sick but im glad i feel sick cos now i know i wont crave anymore and i know that that little craving is over...cant think why i had it in forst place..boredom probably..not gonna beat myself up about it..done, dusted.....onwards and downwards...:eek: :rolleyes: