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Thanks Miniminners xx

Following on from my recent whinging thread, trying to figure out how a guy could let me down so much, I decided to post something a bit more positive.
Always struggled with body image, nice family hand-me-down in our place! But, despite taking the scenic route, I'm determined to get to that curvy nice size 14 body.
After the let down of the previous weekend, normally I'd be sitting in this weekend licking my wounds and feeling sorry for myself. Not this time! After all of the lovely advice on here and some lovely new friends, I took to the town, dressed up to the nines, out for a laugh and a dance. Several wines later, I was having a ball - and this (married, so no alterior motives) guy comes over to me. He tells me that he saw me talking to my friends in a different pub earlier on and that he and his mates (who were on a stag) all stopped talking 'cos they were bowled over by me!!!:eek::eek::eek: He said he loved my figure, really womanly, but what struck his mates and him over was my CONFIDENCE! :confused: That I was all woman and that it was great to see a woman dressed as a woman. Goes to show, it really is what you think of yourself and not how big or small you are!
So, guess I just gotta channel that can-do attitude to get into this next half stone... and please God, maybe even attract a nice unmarried monogamous man.
So thanks to all the MMers who propped me up when I was on the ledge last week. I really appreciate it.
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:D I think a comment like that is worth at least half a stone!


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Very enjoyable upbeat post and as they say, "attitude is everything":D

Well done:happy096:
Ellebear said:
Confidence is what you need - not a bony bum!!!! good for you xxxx
Love it Ellebear!!! Also adopted your pound a week thing, it feels great to be ahead of your expectations.

I feel a single ladies song coming on...
Mmmmmm.... apologies if that reads as a self-indulgent Oscar speech - it's just NEVER happened to me before:eek:

Not at all. It makes fantastic reading and I promise you, will put a spring in my step today, so thank you for posting it.