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that unofficial 80s mayo clinic diet

i remember doing this with my dad in my teens lol think we did it for about a week if that. think it was like 6 eggs a day or something in any way apart from frying in oil.
Is it me or is that just a limited version of Atkins?
There is a little snippit in the Times today headed:

"Atkins diets really work says study"

Dr Atlins claimed that a high-protein diet forced the body to start burning fat reserves: the ketogenic effect. This has been substantiated by the study led by Alex Johnstone, it is claimed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

God bless that ketogenic effect!!!!
I have the original Mayo Clinic diet from the 80's the one that used to photocopied and passed round offices. It's as follows

Breakfast - the same every day, 1 or 2 eggs, half a grapefruit and black coffee

Lunch - all the fruit you can eat
Dinner - 2 eggs, green salad and one piece of dry toast

Lunch - chicken and tomatoes
Dinner - Steak, tomatoes, green salad and olives

Lunch - eggs, tomatoes and coffee
Dinner - 2 lamb chops, celery, cucumber, tomatoes

Lunch same as Monday
Dinner - 2 eggs, cottage cheese, cabbage and a piece of dry toast

Lunch - Eggs, spinach and coffee
Dinner - White fish, mixed green salad, 1 piece of dry toast

Lunch - 2 eggs spinach and coffee
Dinner - steak, celery, tomatoes, and cucumber

Lunch - same as Monday
Dinner - chicken, tomatoes, cooked cabbage, grapefruit and coffee

No alcohol allowed, and nothing to be cooked in fat - it's not bad for you at all, if a bit tedious, and is excellent for shifting the flab for a holiday or special occasion
Thank you Karen55 you're a genius - been trying to get hold of this (which I did in the mid 80s) for ages. Portugal in 2 weeks means drastic action is required! Thanks again
How are you getting on LambellaJules?

a few of the girls at work were doing this before christmas (not an ideal time to diet!) I didnt try it then but its looking tempting now!

Do you regain all the weight back when you start eating normal low carb/low cal? xx

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