that unofficial 80s mayo clinic diet

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  1. sammymodo

    sammymodo Member

    the " i am trying desperately" diet
    does anyone know where in could get hold of this diet, also known as the egg diet. i know it was in no way endorsed by the real mayo clinc, but it worked for me back then. it is , or was, high protein low carb, and i could stick to it for some reason, thanks for any help anyione could give me:help2:
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  3. sammymodo

    sammymodo Member

    the " i am trying desperately" diet
    sorry for the typing errors!!!!:eek:
  4. louisa26

    louisa26 Full Member

    i remember doing this with my dad in my teens lol think we did it for about a week if that. think it was like 6 eggs a day or something in any way apart from frying in oil.
  5. sammymodo

    sammymodo Member

    the " i am trying desperately" diet
    yep that was the one, it really worked but i cant remember all the food combinations:sigh:
  6. louisa26

    louisa26 Full Member

    think my dad got it off a work colleague he led me on it and as a teen i didnt really know what it consisted of sorry...
  7. sammymodo

    sammymodo Member

    the " i am trying desperately" diet
    ahh no worries, thanks for sharing that with me though, hopefully someone will remember
  8. Flabbyfay

    Flabbyfay Silver Member

  9. Amanda34

    Amanda34 Full Member

    Is it me or is that just a limited version of Atkins?
  10. sammymodo

    sammymodo Member

    the " i am trying desperately" diet
    thanks fay, it is very similar to the one i remember. your right amanda, it is a very limited atkins version
  11. Amanda34

    Amanda34 Full Member

    There is a little snippit in the Times today headed:

    "Atkins diets really work says study"

    Dr Atlins claimed that a high-protein diet forced the body to start burning fat reserves: the ketogenic effect. This has been substantiated by the study led by Alex Johnstone, it is claimed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

    God bless that ketogenic effect!!!!
  12. Karen55

    Karen55 New Member

    I have the original Mayo Clinic diet from the 80's the one that used to photocopied and passed round offices. It's as follows

    Breakfast - the same every day, 1 or 2 eggs, half a grapefruit and black coffee

    Lunch - all the fruit you can eat
    Dinner - 2 eggs, green salad and one piece of dry toast

    Lunch - chicken and tomatoes
    Dinner - Steak, tomatoes, green salad and olives

    Lunch - eggs, tomatoes and coffee
    Dinner - 2 lamb chops, celery, cucumber, tomatoes

    Lunch same as Monday
    Dinner - 2 eggs, cottage cheese, cabbage and a piece of dry toast

    Lunch - Eggs, spinach and coffee
    Dinner - White fish, mixed green salad, 1 piece of dry toast

    Lunch - 2 eggs spinach and coffee
    Dinner - steak, celery, tomatoes, and cucumber

    Lunch - same as Monday
    Dinner - chicken, tomatoes, cooked cabbage, grapefruit and coffee

    No alcohol allowed, and nothing to be cooked in fat - it's not bad for you at all, if a bit tedious, and is excellent for shifting the flab for a holiday or special occasion
  13. LambellaJules

    LambellaJules New Member

    Thank you Karen55 you're a genius - been trying to get hold of this (which I did in the mid 80s) for ages. Portugal in 2 weeks means drastic action is required! Thanks again
  14. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Full Member

    Goal Weight:
    How are you getting on LambellaJules?

    a few of the girls at work were doing this before christmas (not an ideal time to diet!) I didnt try it then but its looking tempting now!

    Do you regain all the weight back when you start eating normal low carb/low cal? xx
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