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ThatBubbs' Weight Loss Journey :)

Hiya :)

I thought it was time I started a diary for my weight loss and any struggles - though hopefully there'll be more of the former than the latter!

As I'm fairly new, an introduction might be in order. I'm ThatBubbs, you can call me bubbs if you like, I'm 28 (almost 29) and have been overweight ever since developing PCOS aged 13. I was about 15 stone & size 18 at age 18, and 7 or so weeks ago was weighed in at SW for the first time (having not weighed myself in a long time) at 19st12. The relief that it didn't go over 20 was immense, for at least a second, but I knew there was much to do.

I briefly experimented with Xenical in early 2011 after a dr offered it, but found it gave me terrible migraines and only 4lb loss in 5 weeks, so decided it wasn't for me. I put it all back on and then some. My boyfriend did SW a few years ago and lost 4 stone, and has kept 3 of it off. When we moved in together we decided to join up together, attend meetings together and see if we could do this.

So, I weigh in on a Tuesday, have mostly green days, and despite PCOS my loss so far is as follows:

WK1 -2lb
WK2 -3lb - SOTW
WK3 -2.5lb - SOTW
WK4 -1.5lb
WK5 -5lb - SOTW & SOTM October
WK6 -1.5lb
WK7 -0.5lb
WK8 -2.5lb - SOTW
WK9 -0.5lb - SOTM November
WK10 -1.5lb
WK11 -2.5lb
WK12 -1lb
WK13 -1lb (Xmas! SOTW & SOTM Dec)
WK14 -1lb (NY!)
WK15 -1lb
WK16 -.5lb
WK17 +.5lb :(

Please say hello, and I apologise in advance for any rubbish I write or any foods I mention... despite not being a bread person the one thing I've craved (and wasted myself on) is crusty bread with butter!
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So my target loss this week is 2lb, and I think I'm doing okay so far, have stuck to plan since WI. Yesterday was green, today Ee which I typically find a bit more difficult, but am going out for curry tonight so need to keep my head in the game!
I wasn't dreadful on my curry night, but I did go 1 syn over splitting a roti with my boyf, who was feeling down. Tried to make it up best since then, so today is the day and will find out if I've lost. Really want to lose 2lb, will be gutted tbh if I haven't, but i really can't tell on a... what's the word... challenge this size when I've lost what! Eek
Just half lb off. I actually cried after I left, as I totally deserved more of a loss than that especially after not drinking when I was with friends at the weekend . Sigh. No changes to my food habits, in fact, just more superfree- so no idea what's going on. 6 weigh ins til the end of year, and 12lb to lose, and that's having rescheduled as my initial goal was 2 st by Xmas. I suppose theoretcally I can do it, but not with weeks like the last two. Got to try and keep my chin up, tough though especially when my bloke ate pizza and went out drinking two days, and lost 1.5! Sigh!
Don't be upset, our bodies work in strange ways sometimes! I bet you'll have a fab loss next week - stick with it.

Well done on your progress so far :)
Todays the day, WI once more and my clever brain made me dream that I lost 6.5lb... unless I've misplaced a lung or a boob falls off on the way there I extremely doubt that!

Trying to be upbeat about it this week, whatever happens happens - I think i will lose but I don't know how much. 2-3lb would be ideal to try and sway some of that back, but who knows. My tactics this week have been to try have all my syns, vary my hexbs a bit but also to eat a bit less bread.

This is my last perfect week so to speak, as this weekend I'm out for a few days and it will involve lots of drinking, and next weekend is my birthday so once again, alcohol... have stayed off alcohol for about 10 weeks to try and ensure a lower tolerance so I don't have to use so many syns - how sad is that?! Haha!

Anyway, will see what hapens later. Cross your fingers for me around 5.15 yeah? Thanks x


but you can call me Toni!
unless I've misplaced a lung or a boob falls off on the way there I extremely doubt that!

This made me laugh out loud literally! :D

I've only been doing SW for 3 weeks now but I love reading about those of you who have been doing it a bit longer and have been so successful. Well done on your losses so far... I will cross my fingers for you! :)
Yay, well done on your loss this week!! Its weird that you dont always see on the scales what you perceive your body has eaten. I guess you have to look at the bigger picture and know with surety that we are all pretty much the same and will lose weight if we stick to plan. Really,really pleased for you though.
Thanks Jilly x

You're right; just gotta stick to plan and hope for the best.

Night out tomorrow and I'll be drinking, so am endeavouring to be good around that and keep syns down a bit, best I can do really!

I had some baggy size 26 jeans when I started the thread, 2 weeks ago (almost) I bought the size 24s and already they are baggy, so I'm planning to pop into Evans and try the 22s of these on, perhaps New Look too, and if they're fitting / almost there will buy them for my birthday. Need to keep trying things on so I actually notice the changes!
After a reasonble night out, and a few unplanned meals, am not disappointed to have lost 0.5 this week - proves I can lose with alcohol in my life. I'm reassessing my goals however, as I think expecting to lose 2lb a week over my birthday / xmas / new year is too much pressure, so am just aiming for 1lb a week between now and then, and any more is just a bonus. It'll still come off, and I can boost it in the new year when I'm too skint for food / a social life! ;)

Onwards and downwards as they say, 'Im indoors and I are planning to try stick a success express day or two in this week to offset the drinking we'll be doing at my birthday (and the desserts we'll be sampling at a party), fingers crossed it'll be... fruitful ;)
Rubbish at updating this!

After a day of utter indulgence for my birthday & a week of being good around it, I lost 1.5lb that week. I mean I lost count of the alcohol tally part way through the night, so must have done well! :)

This week after being good, with a few little extras, I had a Red weekend as my veggie boyf was away, and come WI day I'd lost 2.5 lb! Very pleased, got my 1.5st shiny, and am now looking towards getting that 5lb off to get to 2st / club 10. That'll be a milestone alright.

The plan for this week is super good again, mostly green with a couple of red days where I can. Having less carbs clearly agrees with me (no surprise there, haha) and as Xmas week has my xmas do & 2 family meals, I'd like to do as well as I can before then as a bit of a buffer!

I'm hoping I can STS or just gain 1lb over xmas, as I'd love to lose that 5lb by my WI 3rd Jan, first of the new year :)
1lb off this week, totally fine with that - better down than up., and I wasn't quite so good this week. S'all good. Come on that 2st... hope hope hope I can be fairly well behaved over Xmas week - especially with my works do Thursday! Extra good around the days is in order I think!
I forgot to update this Tuesday, I'm dreadful! I lost 1lb over Xmas, got SOTW & SOTM too. Delighted I was! I ended up walking home the 2.5 miles, as it was a clear night & I didn't have to rush off to chorus. 2 days later, my bum is still tense hehe!

2lbs to being in the 17st range (my lowest on record since age 13 as stopped weighing self at 10.5 st) AND 3lbs to club 10 & 2st. Excited. Would love to get the 3 off this week, but I've been a bit self sabotagey with popping candy chocolate orange pieces, ooops. Still, time to turn it around a bit over the weekend before Tuesday, we'll see! :D
Today I feel like eating sugary crap. I'm tired, work is getting to me and people I know are losing weight & others are noticing it, where they aren't at all on me. Sigh. Gonna eat a banana, try and perk myself up... and when that fails a choc dessert at home (5 syns, not dreadful) might even have a rum & diet coke later to make the day less unpleasant. Sigh. Sorry, i'm not usually a moany person, just a bad day
Another 1lb off this week... am in a 1lb slump! According to C, I'm the only person from all 6 of her groups that lost both Xmas and NY week, so I feel good about that, but I want to lose more! Ideally want to lose 1st8 in the next 12 or so weeks, so erm, yes, need to get on it. More superfree I guess, try add some SE days in. I suppose going back to the gym will help - need t get onto sorting out a sports bra so I can do that safely!

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