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Thats a nice feeling...

Day three in Tilly's household and ......


One of those nice sighs of contentment...... woke up this morning.... no headache... just a feeling of wonderful contentment....

I think that Ketosis has entered the building!

Will get some wee sticks later, just to confirm it.. I also find that is quite a good pyschological marker for me... confirms that everything is working as it should :)
Usually when I start a different way of eating I hide when food is about but yesterday, I thought 'what I've always done has always failed' so yesterday I cooked for the family, and prepared them a lovely prawn stirfry. After all it's only for a few months and then I will will be reintroducing food again. It's really empowering to have some control in my life as things have been so rubbish lately.
I have also got myself a mantra....
it seems a bit daft.. but when ever I feel like any panicky feelings, or any feelings I am not comfortable with, I just say ..
"Every day, in every way, I am going to feel better and better"​
Seems daft but it does work....
So going to have my first shake of the day shortly.. am nearing my first litre of water (always struggle with the water!!!!)
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Cambridge Consultant
S: 15st1lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 6st5lb(42.18%)
Sounds like your doing really well.. and I like the way your thinking!!!

Keep motivated..your doing great.. Its all worth it when you see the results at wi. x
Thx Curly....
Am chasing your tail but you are a great incentive.... is the 77lb your absolute target or is there room for adjusting when you get there?
My 75lb will take me down to an all time low for me, but on those weight charts is still at the upper end... I was this weight in my late teens and wore a size 12/14 and would be thrilled. But the charts say a weight of 1-2 stone less is ideal :O(
I think i will just take it one step at a time and see how I feel when I have lost the 75lb.
Can't wait till Monday, although it won't be a full week, it will be nice to see some movement on the scales and an acheivement on the ticker :)


Cambridge Consultant
S: 15st1lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 6st5lb(42.18%)
Hi Tilly....
Sounds like your doing really well.. I find the best thing to do is take it week by week otherwise if you look at where you want to be sometimes it can seem so far away.. even though I am sure its just round the corner!!

I personally think its best to give yourself a target that you know you will feel comfortable at and there is room for adjustment... otherwise if you go to low you will probably just not stay at that weight.. I have set myself a target but if I get there and feel I want to lose more I will change it but for now I think that will be good for me..

Good luck for wi tomorrow let us know how you get on !! x
I started the same day as you and although very very tired this morning (was working till 2am) I do have that not hungry/ketosis feeling yayyy
I also have the same amount of weight to lose as you.
Good Luck keep going x
Thx Curly,
It is so motivating here, when I look around me and see all the great losses it is great to see.
It's interstesing isn't it how we all are different shapes and sizes even if at the same weight?
I have a photo that was taken 20 yrs agao, my and a group of friends, it sits on my shelf allt he time so I see it all the time, it was taken at a time I was so happy with my weight.. I have high very visible cheek bones, and am wearing a slim fitting yellow sleeveless size 12 dress (ok it was the 80's!) The thing is, although I was in a size 12 dress, I had a 25" waist but was also 11st 4lb that figure is ingrained in my memory because my girl friends at that time used to be same same size dress, but would be like 9.5 / 10 stone, and I never could work out why I was so heavy.
Now adays, at my start weight I am a size 22, when I have friends who are this weight and in size 18/20:confused::confused:
So I really think it is so hard to foresee what size we will be at a certain weight.... I desperately want my cheekbones back, I love sexy clavicles and look forward to a tummy that doesn't rest on my thighs when I'm sat down.
To be a size 12 is such a huge dream for me.

Anyway, This is day 4 for me... I am just nearing end of first litre of water, and am now going to make myself a warm vanilla and nutmeg shake....
Wondering, does anyone use the wii fit to help them get in shape?? My girls use it all the time, but I must admit I havent really done anything but the hoola hooping.....


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Im on day 3 today but not sure if Im in ketosis or not, I haven't felt hungry but woke with a headache.I do have ketone sticks but was going to leave it till tomorrow because i don't want to be disheartened, thirsty tho-better get some more water!
Not sure why, but I always seem to get into Ketosis very quickly... often by latew the second day... But then I don't do that many carbs anyway so maybe thats why...
I had a chronic headache on my second day, all day it lasted and water didn't help. Eventually took paracetamol which chased it away.
Am just having my first shake which is warm vanilla with nutmeg.. it is really lovely.
We have got a similar weight to lose Angel, when is your first weigh day?


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First weigh in is on Thurs afternoon(day 6) but I think I'll track my weight on Fri mornings because I'm not going to see my CDC every week and I like doing my weight first thing in the morning. Think Im in ketosis as just tested, cant really remember what colour to look for tho!


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S: 19st4lb C: 19st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 0st4lb(1.48%)
I'm also going to be tracking my weight on a Friday Angela (which will be day 6 for me this week)- we'll either be celebrating together or picking each other up ;)

I agree with you about the different shapes and sizes Tilly- I'm over 17st and only a size 18. My mum is only around the 13st mark but a size 20-22. I've always been 'heavy' for my size though- even before having my kids I was 11st + and a size 8!
Pinks / Purples the colour on the Ketostix, but apart from early morning, the stick should usually be quite pale pink as you should be taking enough water daily that will dilute them... (am sure a cdc will correct this if it is wrong)

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