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Thats me on cambridge, YIPPEEEE


Iam Loving It!! lol lol
Hi all,
I am soooooo happy bout starting CD, i left a thread a couple of weeks ago about my gp refusing to sign my form so i could join CD because i had severe depression 6 years ago. I tried other gp's in the practice but no1 would agree, suppose rules are put in place for our safety. Everyone who left me a message thanks sooooo much. I really felt the only way i could lose weight was on CD so i went on the dreaded ebay, ano ano, i shouldnt i know all the risks n everyfing, but i really feel like its the only way. So yesterday i started on SS and i have to say its different lol. Im soooooo determind, there is just no way i will fail at losing weight, am just really nervous bout it all. I plan to do it this way until i get my BMI below 40 so i can do CD with a counsellor, without gp form, i think its that anyway, maybe wrong. I have 13 stone to lose so i b in it for the long haul lol. Everyone seems to b friendly on here so its good for me to read all the messages as iam doin it on my own. Thanks again to anyone who left me a reply to my last thread. Just away to have chicken soup lol yummy xxxxx
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in this to win!..
Hi there - Welcome on board!!

You sound like you know what your doing, and that you have set goals you want to fulfil. As you may of read its the first few days certainly the first week that is in many ways the hardest. I am on day 6 and have just started to settle into my routine.

The best thing i find about CD is it takes away the issue of dealing with food for the first months, takes away the responsibility of planning meals.

Plus its so expensive and you go through intense stages that act as an incentive to stay focused on your goals and not give in to temptation.

I wish you all the luck getting started on CD and look forward to chatting over the coming weeks.

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Iam Loving It!! lol lol
thanks for ur reply. Iam really determind to stick to it but honestly i think it is goin to be harder than i thought. Am scared that i wont lose weight, silly ano, coz i should lose coz i plan on sticking to it but worried that i wont get into ketosis. Really wish i had a CD counsellor but that wont happen until i get my BMI below 40.
You are doin great, 6lb is fab for 5 days. If we all just stick in there we can achieve our dreams and turn dreams into reality, god wot do i sound like lol lol lol


Iam Loving It!! lol lol
awwwwwww everyone is soooooooo supportive!!!!!!!!
Its good to know that there is a place i can go to cry for help lol. Its a bit different as i couldnt get cambridge UK, had to take wot i could get. So i am a bit worried, but meal replacement is only way i can c me losing weight. I have done 2 days and to b honest i feeling miserable, I MISS FOOD SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH :(
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Hiya good luck u certainly deserve it with your determination hun. Until u have a CDC u got us!!!


in this to win!..
Hiya Blushhappysmile, how's today going?


Iam Loving It!! lol lol
u all are soooooooooo amazing!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the encouragement, ano all of u are goin through the same struggles n stuff so to hear nice fings is such a good feeling. Am really finding it hard, the stuff just aint nice, cant wait til i can do the CD uk, will b soooo much better until then i need to keep at it. just feeling sick but fink it is the water lol, does everyone pee for britain when they start this lol, if it was an olimpic sport then i would deffo be in bejing just now lol lol. It certainly stops the comfort eating, there is NOTHING comforting bout CD lol except the fact that all the fat is disappearing. Jeezooooo lol need to go lol lol need toilet AGAIN lol, wish i had shares in Andrex lol lol xxx
yip we all pee loads on here!!! Best of luck you sound determined anyway thats the key dont break it cuz it will be harder to get back into:) been there and done that!!
take it one day at a time hunni you are doing great , well done.
Yes we all pee for england.lol.
Aww, good luck hunni. It must be difficult with no CDC for support, but I hope that you can get what you need from us lot. Are you buying the USA products then? Hopefully it won't be long before you can get onto it officially. Stupid docs! x


Iam Loving It!! lol lol
ano lol stupid doctors lol, suppose they "think" they no best lol. Really wish i was on the CD uk one, it wil just take a bit of time. Cant believe how much am goin to the toilet lol, luckly am of work with a smashed up ankle lol, coz i couldnt run to the toilet as much lol well hobble to toilet lol xx


Iam Loving It!! lol lol
Hi USA, yeah i did, am on day 3. Its evening here so am glad that i have reached end of my third day lol, its really hard and not great tasting but thats the way it got to be for just now. How u getting on with it? xx


in this to win!..
Hi Sharon, just a quick word before i go to work today, excellent news on getting to day 3!!
I assume today is day 4, this was the day i found hardest, i want to let you know if you are struggling today then before you let your mind wander into 'what if a just ate this...' territory - get on here and post your dilemma.
You'll get a response faster than you'd expect with advice and encouragement.

I found when I was hungry I drunk loads of water, not nice cos your brain is thinking, 'er.. this is not tasty!' but it does the trick, couple of minutes later and you tummy feels full up for a while.

I'm interested what the differences are in American CD and over here, please do tell me.

Anyway I gotta go to work, bloody 12 hours today, will be taking an extra choc tetra pack as i wont be home for dinner time.

Keep telling myself its all worth it.

Focus on the short term goals, that how to do it, the rest will follow.
Have a good day Sharon



Mistress of the Dark
S: 21st4lb C: 16st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 4st10lb(22.15%)
You won't be short of support on here BlushHappySmile that's for sure! I started on CD on 4th Aug and I have found it hard to be around food knowing I can't eat it but yesterday I cooked for my OH and it didn't bother me at all! It will get easier I promise you, but you have to really REALLY want to reduce your weight to succeed. I can tell you really want it so you should be fine :D

I have about 10st to lose so I will be here for the long haul too :)

Everyone on here is so supportive and you will find that the hours fly by especially if you start reading people's posts! One thing I have found makes the time fly is timing my water consumption. I make sure I drink 1.5l by 12pm, then another by 4pm, then another by 8pm and before I know it it's bedtime and I have survived another day!

Have you got any ketostix? That way you can test for ketosis and when you see that little tab go pink it will really spur you on! You can get them from the chemist I believe. And then when ketosis starts you will feel great :)

Keep up the water drinking and check your measurements! I've lost 12ins in total off various parts of my body already due to losing the water I was retaining and this really encouraged me.

Good luck, you will do great and remember we are all here for you :hug99:
Gem x

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