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That's the way to decrease your weight to go!!


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Well, in preparation for getting back to exercising again, I went to the gym and had my Body Fat %age checked, and even though I am still nowhere near target (the one that I initially set), it came in at a staggering 23%. :eek:

Working this backwards the gym said that my lean body mass is 149lbs (10st 9lbs) and I had set myself a goal of 161lbs (11st 7lbs).

However, this would give me a Body Fat of 8%, which is equivalent to some professional athletes and footballers. They said that they were not convinced that this was achievable, let alone maintainable :copon:without a very punishing training regime that a full-time job would not realistically allow without nearly killing me in the process.

So, on taking on board the gyms findings and suggestions to aim for a Body Fat %age of around 15-16%, I have revised my target UPWARDS (not often you hear that in this forum :D) by calculating that a BF% of 15-16% will equate to a weight of about 171-173lbs (12st 3lbs - 12st 5lbs), and have set myself a new target weight of 12st 4lbs.

This instantly reduces my weight to go by 11lbs ..... like having my first 2 weeks all over again!!

Just shows you ..... I could not realistically achieve a BMI of 25 according to the gym!!
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That sounds like a really interesting thing to do, and I might do it when my body fat %age wouldn't be quite so high!! At the moment I'd be far far too embarrassed with myself! But that makes you closer to goal which is good!! How did they check your body fat %age?
Usually Body Fat is measured by using Callipers (nasty pincers that pinch your fat on your tummy, back and arms), then they use a chart work out what the measurements translate to into percentage of body fat,

or scales nowadays can also give you your bodyfat measurements, something to do with an electric pulse sent into your body from one contact point and then when it comes out the other contact point, the timing of that or something gives the bodyfat measurement, (it's harmless you don't feel a thing).

But this isn't always as effective because less water in your body gives you a higher body fat percentage so you should be well hydrated when you want to measure this, but I never am, cos I want the lowest scale weight, so drink less before a weigh in.


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you can do it by measuring your waist, writs, calf, etc etc...there is a formula on the internet. my body fat % is normal at 30% but not in the fit range...hoping to get in that by the time i am at goal!


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Slimming down the aisle
Yup I definitely don't want to go and get my body fat %age done at a gym! That's a horrible horrible result! Good thing I've already found this diet huh!!


can see the end in sight!
i started with a body fat % of 39 caroline, so it does drop very quickly.


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Yep .... it was the callipers!! I was just surprised it was as low as it is. I know I have quite a bit of muscle after all the exercising I used to do before I got injured ....

Crazy thing is that I never used to weight myself when I was exercising every day, I just knew things were okay because my trousers still fitted :D

When I got injured the inevitable happened .... and when I got weighed I was shocked at the weight and assumed it had all come from me over-indulging and under-exerting .... it would appear not. Obviously some came from muscle.

Anyway - like you say, my goalposts are nearer now, and that makes me happy.

I should have twigged that things were not quite so bad when I tried on my 32" wait trousers the other day and I could get them on and done up .... they were just a bit too snug though :)

BTW - I have always found that the scales that supposedly measure this always read quite high.

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