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The 40 reasons I am doing this


Surgically happy.
The ONLY thing that got me through week 1, other than my OH and my desperation to be slim was a list I wrote on day 4. I could probably add to it now but I thought I'd share it as it'll give me somewhere else to read it (it's on a bit of A4 that I can't take with me).

I tend to read it every 2 or 3 days and/or when things are hardest.

1) Don't want to end up being so obese that I am unable to do things for myself.

2) Want to be able to eat without people thinking I'm greedy.

3) Want to be happy with my size.

4) Want to feel fit and healthy.

5) Want to stop feeling ashamed of how I look.

6) Want to set a good example to my kids (when I have them).

7) Want to be able to buy whatever clothes I want.

8) To get rid of the aches and pains in my feet and back.

9) Want my wife to be proud of me.

10) To wear all the clothes I already own but are too small.

11) To have more energy

12) To prove I can stay slim.

13) To stop feeling guilt when I eat.

14) I *deserve* to be thin

15) I dread a future with sweat rashes on my inner thighs!

16) I want to live longer

17) I want to enjoy life *now*

18) Don't want my weight to stop me doing things I want to do.

19) Weight will affect my fertility (not good when planning a family)

20) More respect at work/may find better job.

21) Want to be proud of myself

22) Want to eat normal portion sizes.

23) Want to get the CBT from LL

24) Want to break my dieting/binging cycle.

25) Learn to stop using food for comfort

26) Reach the end and be sure I will never be obese again

27) Want my parents to be proud of me.

28) Be a good example to my brother (who has since started LL this week)

29) Want to go to work without a jumper on to hide the flab (achieved that last week!)

30) To look at photos of me without seeing a fat man.

31) Want to learn how to make healthy choices

32) Walk up our hill without being exhausted (our hill is a couple of miles long and very, very steep).

33) Want to take control of my life.

34) want to take control of my eating

35) I want more energy for ... ahem.... bedroom activities :eek:

36) Being fat can affect my libido :eek:

37) Don't want to risk getting diabetes.

38) Want an active lifestyle.

39) Want to be able to play with the kids when I have them, instead of having to sit and watch.

40) I want people to stop making negative judgements of me based on my weight.

And one I didn't realise wasn't on my list - don't want to be a "fat family" - it's so terribly sad when you see fat parents and fat kids, knowing the same lessons are being learned by the next generation.
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