The Best 'Cheesy-Cheese'?!


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I have just started on SW EE, and the one thing I know I am going to struggle with having less of is cheese. I love cheese, and the extra mature type in general (think seriously strong type!), and I know this is something I definitely have to at least cut down on.

I've read so many recipies etc in the last couple of days its all starting to blur a bit, but I have noticed that there are a few different cheeses listed on the HeA, many of which I haven't really tried before. I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the direction of the 'best' one for someone who loves their full flavoured cheese? If it comes to it and there isn't really a substitute on the HeA, I will just syn it, but before I did that thought it would be worth asking if there are any HeA I could try! ;)
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I like the Wykes Farm as I find cathedral city and low low too mild. I have been told the M&S one is really good too but have not tried that yet x


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Thanks :)


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It's worth looking on the cheese counter for farmhouse cheddar, or "Tasty" Lancashire, and Morrisons sometimes have a Green rinded aged Wensleydale which is scrummy.


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Green rind cheddar is mature and the black is vintage(stronger) don't bother with red it would be too mild for you


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I like Sainsburys be good to yourself mature cheese or cathedral city lighter.

And for soft cheese I like the laughing cow light blue cheese triangles x