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Taking Back Control...!!!
OK I could be totally off the mark here but is anyone actually being affected by this?????

We were told to expect it today..... I woke to one of the clearest blue skies and sunshine that I've not seen for a long time:rolleyes: and it's been like it pretty much all day....:cool:

Then we are told it is tonight we should be prepared..... OH has just been outside and said it is very still, clear and quiet... no wind, no driving rain.... nowt....:rolleyes:

How do they get it so wrong sometimes???

However, if you are being affected then I'm sorry..... I hope it's not as hideous as they are predicting.... and I guess by morning I too may be eating my words.....:rolleyes::eek:
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"Worst hit will be wales and west england"

Sod all here, not even a breeze :)


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Mini - you are the CUTEST person on the earth (well, apart from my niece)

Thanks for that xxx
It's well and truly here (Devon)! Started about an hour ago, lots of rain and wind, it's keeping me awake and my eldest is up, the cats are in, and it's quite scary! I hate the wind, you never know what damage you'll get up to the next morning!

How's everyone else?
Yep, it's all kicking off now. The windows are shaking, cats are doing the whole "looking for ghosts" - damn i hate it when they "see" something. Scary!!

The for sale sign across the road fell over into their car - smashed the wingmirror :O
me too hun, got lectures at the crack of a*se xxx
What you studying Leah?

This storm reminds me of the 1987 one, i was in my first year at Uni, on a very wooded campus. Loads of really ancient trees were blown down, it was so sad. A few windows in the halls of residence were blown in too.
Genetics! Great eh?

It feels like the whole house is shaking and i have a BIG house!

:( bloke is asleep and i'm scared, time for cwtches me thinks xxx


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I wanna see a cow floating passed my window... like in the film twister!


Taking Back Control...!!!
OK I take it back... it is chucking it down with rain and quite windy - though not howling gales.....

Kids just off to school.... eldest gone moaning all the way cos I've made him put a hat and waterproof coat on quote "oh mum, I've just done my hair and my coat is SOOOO uncool....mumble, mumble,blah, blah...)....LOL!!!

Youngest two can't wait to go and take umbrellas so they can 'fly' to school.....!!

So glad it's not me out there - OH takes them to school....:D

Hope everyone is safe and warm and more importantly doesn't loose internet connection.....:eek::D
I'm in London and it is pouring down, incredibly windy and the thunder is SO loud- not helping me get on with this essay! Our palm tree has been blown over too (don't ask me why we have a palm tree, it came with the house.)


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