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hello, hope you dont mind me gate crashing!!!!
ive been doing cambridge diet for 8 weeks ive lost just under 3 stone, and i think its a fab diet as its given me the kick up the ar** ive needed ....however its getting to the point where i can no longer resist food.....and rather than just blow all the hard work ive done im thinking of changing onto SW. i have done it b4 so have all the books etc etc , i think my heart wasnt in it b4 and i wasnt motivated enough....but my big losses over the last 8 weeks have spurred me on.....
i dont want to go to a class, i cant see the point in paying over £4 a week when its only me im competing with or letting down.....
however i do feel i need the support of a group and i think this web site will prvide that for me.....
i noticed you have a thread for syns values....is that just someone with a book or a SW leader???
So the big question....when i swap....can i join your gang????
ive got abut a weeks worth of cd stuff left...i may change my mind come next week as i really wanted to loose 4 stone b4 xmas....

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Indeed you can join our gang! The syn value sticky is just us lot using our password (which we get from group) to answer syns requests...... although ther is an ickle dispute regarding copyright material at the moment and Im not sure if the syn value requests come up that. Well done losing your weight so far hun xxx
thankyou......im still torn between the 2.....i love cd as it is a real morale boost and i know as soon as i start eating ill put some on....but ive had a bad week this week and im suffering for it....im going to stick to mainly red days if i do it, i have found that cutting out the carbs on cd has really made me feel a whole lot better.....i have a wheat intolerance which ive ignored for years and wow have noticed the difference by not eating it....so so bread pasta etc for me!!!
I have very little bread now and couldnt tell you the last time I had pasta, I think thats helped to make a big difference for me. xxx


rainbows holiday buddy :)
I couldnt tell you the last time I had pasta, I think thats helped to make a big difference for me. xxx
oh my god! my life without pasta wouldn't be worth living!!! lol
i have read the south beach diet book also ....thats pretty much high protein low carb....not like atkins thou....the first 2 weeks is a tough regime but then you have bread and other carbs twice a week....veg etc still free and nuts etc...think i know where i am with sw thou....but no green days for me!!!


Is so very nearly there!
Hello and Welcome if you come over!!!

Well done on loss so far - amazing! I look at what you have done and I lost the same weight in 6 mths hahaha bit of a diff!x
i needed to loose weight quick for a job....the job has and hasnt paid off so to speak my goal was 4 1\2 stone by dec but they have moved the goal posts so im not in so much of a hurry.
cd is a good diet and i have found it easy up to now as you dont have to think about food ....althou i do have a meal aday!!! you dont feel hungry on it either...its given me the motivation i need as i love being slimmer and its not taken months to do it...only fear is as soon as i do start eating i will put some on....
ive got about a weeks worth of shakes etc left....i am going to weigh in on thurs and make my decision then....i know if i do stick to cd i WILL be 4 1\2 stone lighter....then its just a case of keeping it off.....im so low at the moment with my job etc ...all i want to do is eat!!!!! but its still forbidden food on sw that i want to munch on!!!!!!
Can i be in your gang aswell ? Am a currently re-feeding lipotrimmer due to doctors advice so will be joining SW on October the 7th :) my sis in law already goes to a group so im getting a lift with her so that will stop the issues i had last time where the club was miles!! away from my house and i kept not going then thinking ah will go next week can just eat this itll have made no difference.

Gen x

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