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The Body Magic Team (formerly exercise bike challenge)

Edited title as we are now doing Kettle Bells and also we want more stickers and so we are filling out our fit logs and getting our Body Magic Awards......Come join us!!!!!!!!!!!! :family2:

I really want to get into a better night time routine, currently my son who doesn't sleep through the night (and never has!) mixed in with going back to work has meant that i'm so tired in the evenings that once everything is finally done and i'm eating tea its 8pm and i'm ready for bed!!!

So, I know that a little exercise can help with the energy levels and plus it will give my weight a little boost over time so I was wondering if there's an exercise bike challenge and if not would anyone like to start one with me???

Thought perhaps we could do a weekly mile challenge??

Please get in touch in so, its so much easier with buddies!!! :D
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I am definitely up for this. Have been struggling with exercise this last week so could do with a challenge! Mine will have to be in kilometers though :) was thinki g of starting with 70km a week?

I have some friends!!!! :8855:

Ok, so I checked my bike and its in km's too so thats good!

70km's a week, hmmmmm now that is a challenge!

I'm willing to have a go though!

So shall we set a weekly target for the week and see how we get on then....starting when??? Today/Tomorrow?? Whats suits you both??

Edited to say I see you can start tomorrow gettingfitat50, that ok for you aesir22??

I tend to do up to 17km in a 30 minute session. And as i only have time for it around 4 times a week 70km suits me well. I can use the bike wed, thu, sat and sun so i will be starting this week but not til wednesday :)
Its amazing how quickly it gets easier to move faster. After a week you'll find it much easier :D

I hope so!!!

Well both,

I've checked my diary for the week and as long as my 5 month old son goes down ok in the evenings I shall be getting on the bike every night except fri - I'm off out to have an italian which i'm a little nervous about to be honest as its the 1st pig out in so many weeks and I so don't want to gain weight. I just hope that the exercising can help me to keep on track in the long term. :)
Done mine while watching Hell's Kitchen USA.
8km = 150 calories, 17 minutes.

Must go faster tomorrow.:)
Well done you!!! I'm p[lanning on doing mine this morning whilst the little man is watching mickey mouse or when he has his morning nap.

Its my last tuesday on maternity leave and so I'll be out walking lots with the little one today too. Must enjoy my last few days before work next week! :cry:
Whoop, 15km done, had to do it in 2 goes though, 5km when babs was watching tv and 10 whilst he was snoozing.

We are off out walking soon, think i'm going to take the old 5km routeI used to run, at least I know i'm getting the exercise in for the day!!!
Well done both of you on your peddling today. I've just done 5km ... Will build it up over the days & hopefully I'll get to 70km in 7 days! :)

Day 1: Tue - 5km - Done :)
Day 2: Wed - 8km
Day 3: Thu - 10km
Day 4: Fri - 10km
Day 5: Sat - 10km
Day 6: Sun - 12km
Day 7: Mon - 15km

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