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The Bond Girl Dress Challenge


Guess who's back...?
Ok you lot, I NEED YOUR HELP!!

It is my birthday soon, and I'm having a Bond themed party... I basically just wanted the excuse to dress up in a looong glamourous dress, full length gloves, chignon'ed hair, red lippy etc (poss a gun in a garter or something)... but I am really struggling to find 'the dress'. I don't really want to spend over £100 - the cheaper the better...

Unless, can anyone think of any 'sexy' characters (aside from Ursula Andress in her bikini!!) that I could go as?? I will probably be a size 14 by then - still quite a big bum, so can't do ultra clingy - and low cut is usually a must for me (while I've still got 'em!)

If anyone knows of shops I can look at online, or wants to post links to pics - I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!! :)

My ideas so far have been....

Black satin and lace fishtail halter neck dress - Long evening dresses - Dresses - Womens - Debenhams

Black beaded halter neck maxi dress - Long evening dresses - Dresses - Womens - Debenhams

Or do I need colour...?


Anna x x
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Guess who's back...?
Awww!!! My only worry is that it won't fit properly - the one and only review says the sizing is a bit off... but then, I have no idea what size I am anyway... I am a comfortable size 16 at the moment... some 14s, but mostly 16s.... and the party is on the 12th December... do you think I should aim at a 14? It's far too confusing :) I might go and try some posh dresses on at lunchtime... watch out Monsoon!!



Carpe diem, baby!
There are plenty of classy dresses from all major retailers for way less than £100, some look great and they are in the £25 range...does it have to be long? Or can it be shorter? (Dorothy Perkins, M & S, New Look, Monsoon, etc) Depends on what style suits you and you like and also ebay have some bargains of big names if you shop this way...


Do a little dance!
I think definately go for the halterneck look. With your curves in the right places it would look amazing..

*puts thinking hat on for shops*

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
Anna I like the black halterneck, it will show off your slim shoulders, also the purple one Bekimo suggested is gorgeous.
Trust GUY !!

Anna you have got the boys into fantasy land now.
You will look gorgeous even if you wore a bin liner !
The purple is stunning.I think it would suit you.
Have you looked at pics of past Bond girl outfits or do you just want the image.
You could be the next one............:superwoman:


Carpe diem, baby!
Yep, I prefer the colour, but black is slimming...

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
Anna, have you found anything yet?
I went into M&S yesterday & they have some absolutely gorgeous evening dresses, unfortunately I don't have anywhere to go that would warrant an evening dress this year, but they could be what you are looking for.


Guess who's back...?
Hi all - well, I've ordered the Julien Macdonald one - the halterneck with the lace/corset back bit in a 14... they didn't have it in my local debenhams, so I've had to order online - hope it fits...

Tried on this strapless one in a size 14, and it fit!! WOOP WOOP!!!

I agree that colour is good - but I'm going to stick with the slimming black option until I get to goal - then shock everyone with my rainbow ways!! Haha. xx



Carpe diem, baby!
You look fantastic in the strapless one! AND size 14, whoooop!

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