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The Breath Monster!!

When I started LL I was told about the fact your breath can honk abit and that you cannot have chewing gum etc. But can have mouthwash and mouth spray.
I use mouth spray but am still consious that my breath is bad and don't know what to do! I get embaressed at work and don't really like looking at people when I talk to them as I don't want them to think I don't clean my teeth. I haven't really told anyone I'm doing LL so have no excuse to give really!
Just wondered how you guys have combated this stinky situation!?

Also..why are we not allowed sugar-free gum?

Thankkks :D
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Sorry I cannot advise as I am one of the very very lucky ones who have had no problem with breath. But I am sure someone will be around.

I don;t know about gum - even though there is no sugar in it, it may contain things that affect ketosis - or, it might stimulate hunger?

Hang in there!!


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We are not allowed gum because it contains citric acid which can bring you out of Ketosis!! (not a good idea!!). Carry a mouthspray with you as you can use that as often as you need. I was also one of the lucky ones who never got the really bad breath but still carry a mouthspray to cover the coffee breath :D


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Ooh, I was worrying about the same thing. I don't start until Monday, but I did get 'breath' issues while on Atkins and would like to stock up on mouthspray before I start!! Are they all ok? Are there some brands or types you should avoid (i.e. they must be sugar free?)...??

Annaphylactic x

I find with all the liquids that your teeth end up with a coating and the only way to remove it is by brushing which helps with the breath. I brush my teeth 3 times a day now. Also try a tongue scraper as most bacteria in your mouth is on the tongue I believe.

Hope this helps,
The lovely side affects we get, I am one of the unlucky ones got the lot, breath of a dragon, weeing like a race horse and trumping like a camel (although this has stopped within the last 3 weeks, thankfully) I am an animal i know :giggle:

I use listerine stips and they have not affected ketosis in any way, I get through about 3 packs a week. :p :giggle:

Hey I may be a beast but becoming an ever slimmer one with lovely fresh breath :D

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