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  1. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    So I am already on day 4 of Sole Source which has been 100% to date :) I had been reading on these forums over the past couple of days for some motivation and inspiration. It made me think that I'm going to need to some support as I've found other people just don't get it and actually are not that supportive!

    So I just had my 39th birthday at the end of December and I always remember someone saying "You come out of your 40's, the way you go into them". Bearing that in mind I want to dedicate this year towards being able to head into my 40's more health and feeling a bit better about myself. I always panic as my Mum is in her mid 60's, is extremely overweight and had heart problems - every time I see her it reminds me of what I don't want to end up like.

    I am originally from Yorkshire but moved to Australia about 10 years ago. I have two kids age 8 and 5 and work 4 days a week (currently training to be a psychologist). I have struggled with weight all my life and picked a lot of bad habits up from my Mum. Lots of binge eating and lack of control around food. :mad: I lost the most weight just before I got married on WW and was still probably classed as overweight but felt much healthier. In between having kids I have had bouts of weight loss but have always seemed to put it back in again. I also really enjoy exercise, am struggling at moment in not doing anything as my CDC has recommended only to do walking particularly in the beginning. I got a spin bike fro Xmas, so struggling not to use it but will plan to use it down the line.

    Anyway my 4 days so far have been kind of weird. I'm still on holidays for Xmas (back to work on Monday), didn't want to start the programme back at work. It was probably a good decision as day 1 I had insane headaches (which green tea seemed to get rid of!). Day 2 was okay but day 3 felt cold, lack of energy and generally felt a bit off. Will see how day 4 goes but so far all okay.

    My first day was a bit of a shock as i started with the porridges - OMG they were hideous. The Walnut and Pecan i binned as I thought I was going to throw up. I then made the apple and cinnamon and it took me 20 mins to eat (with about 500mls of water). I panicked a bit thinking - OMG they are all going to taste like this and there is no way I will be able to do it! Thankfully my faves to date are strawberry and mango milkshakes and the spicy oriental soup. Apparently in Sydney the mango are limited edition and they have stopped doing the which is a bit annoying, as I love that one! There is a strange under taste to everything which is taking some getting used to! I've also got a tub of veg broth which I LOVE and the orange sunshine drink which helps me drink lots of water (have it a couple of times a day).

    I tested my wee yesterday and I have ketones so the ketosis must be happening. I have bad breath (which my husband keep reminding me of!:sigh: I just don't feel like I've lost any weight though - I am panicking after all this effort of being 100% and I won't lose anything!

    Anyway that's my story - look forward to sharing my journey with you all and hope we can support each other through this life changing experience. here's to a good weigh-in on Wednesday :):):)
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  3. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    Day 5 on Sole Source. First day back at work and was sooo much easier doing this busy at work. Even managed to get out and do a 20 minute walk in the park at lunchtime (haven't had a lot of energy for doing anything much at home). I did hide my tetrapak cranberry and pomegranate shake from my co-worker who's a bit of an eating disorder expert and as I thought I might get a lecture from her about diets :O The shake wasn't amazing but i just had it quickly and went out for my walk.

    My only problem today was I have only been to the toilet twice in 5 days and seriously today was like "shitting a brick". I sooo miss having vegetables!!!!!! After having kids my rear nether regions have never been the same and I am very protective of these delicate bits. I am tempted to talk to my CDC on Wednesday and see if I can add vegetables (is that soul source +?)

    Am feeling nervous that after this first week I won't have lost anything! it seems insane but I just don't feel like I have!

    Here's to keeping my fingers crossed for a decent weigh in to keep me motivated!

    PS: Last night i was freezing in bed (it is the bloody middle of Summer here right now!) - I was wrapping myself in a nana blanket! <crazy>
  4. newbylooby

    newbylooby Full Member

    Hi Carrie, welcome! I am currently in Yorkshire- Leeds, Where abouts are you from? My OH keeps reminding me of my ketosis breath and I'm in week 12! Drinking water does help flush it through though. I would definitely recommend SS+ if you are having toilet troubles xx
  5. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    NewbyLooby - thanks :) BTW your pics look amazing - your face shape has completely changed! What plan are you on now? And when do you decided to change plans? I had a peek and SS+ only has 2 tablespoon of veg - not sure that would be enough to assist with the problems down below? :O

    I'm from Haworth originally, near Bradford so really close :)
  6. newbylooby

    newbylooby Full Member

    Thank you! I finally have cheek bones !! lol I'm on step 2 at the moment after I moved up from SS+ last week. You would be surprised at how much it helps, I was going to the bathroom about once a week on SS and felt really bloated all the time then moved up to SS+...drizzled my chicken breast with olive oil for a bit of healthy fat and had greens which are full of fibre and now I go 3-4 times a week :) xx
  7. Fay737731

    Fay737731 Silver Member

    Good luck! I would much rather be following this plan from Sydney rather than rainy old London! Keep trying to get my company to move our team to the Sydney office but no such luck (so far....).
  8. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    Can't believe it I made it to day 7 100% - woo hoo! Have to go get weighed in tonight....I've had like 4 litres of water today so think OMG I will be heavy!!!!

    Newbylooby - ah good to hear things improve with SS+...are you still losing the same with SS+ - just trying to figure out if I moved onto that to resolve some issues I would still get same results.

    Fay737731 - Thanks and good luck with trying to get your team to move to Sydney (it's an awesome city!)

    Will report back later after the weight in!
  9. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    WEIGHT-IN: Lost 3kgs (6.7lbs) and 8cm - very happy :) I have nevr lost big chunks of weight was always a few hundred grams at a time which always took forever! I have kept it in stone on here as I know I was just under 12 stone when I got married, something to compare to and a mini goal to aim for. Has spurred me on for another week of shakes/soups. It seems mad losing so much when not doing any exercise! My only struggle this week was the social side of things, which I don't think will get any easier :(

    Hope everyone's having a good week and all newbies get a good loss the first week :):)
  10. newbylooby

    newbylooby Full Member

    Well done- that's so good!!! I'm losing an average of 10lbs a month at the mo- it seems to go 2lb one week, 3lb the next! Slower than I would've liked but i'm at a stage where I am just used to eating like this now so its effortless xx
  11. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    It's kind of freaky thinking of getting used to eating like this! I am trying to figure out when I can be back on normal food!...but suppose once you've been doing it for a while it's what you are used to. Aslong as you are steadily heading in the right direction that's all that matters. Will you take a break at week 12? IF i lost at your rate I would be at goal in 12 weeks!!! Although 12lbs your first week is insanely good :)
  12. newbylooby

    newbylooby Full Member

    I think it was because I was eating sooo much rubbish before- like loads of carbs so the first weeks loss was mainly water weight! Ive moved up to Step 2 now so no need to take a break! I'm gonna stick with Step 2 for another month or two then work up the steps till I reach goal :D Although I have a planned cheat day on Feb 14th for a Valentines 3 course dinner mmm x
  13. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    I asked my CDC what happens if you know you have something coming up - he was reluctant to say cos he said I'll have an out if feeling tempted!!! Not sure what he will say! Presumably you will stop the ketosis? I was in fear of that all week-that's what stopped me sticking to it 100%!
  14. newbylooby

    newbylooby Full Member

    Well I was on plan all of Christmas & New year but my CDC said I could have a treat if I wanted to but I didn't want to come out of ketosis ! I lost 5lbs over Christmas & new year but another girl who I talk to on here had Christmas off & lost like 10lbs the following week because it was like doing week 1 again! So I think having a day off every now and then can give your metabolism a kick-start! xx
  15. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    So i did a 40 minute walk today at lunchtime - walked upto meet husband for lunch and back and did it quite fast. First time I have felt hungry this evening!!! even walking can make me feel hungry - i had my soup and then just had a veg broth (how much did I want a piece of bread with the soup!) BUT after my loss yesterday just need to keep motivated and not go off plan! I was looking online at clothes that I would buy being at goal - that keeps me going too :) The thought of dresses with belts or quite fitted instead of flowy tops that cover you belly! Would much rather have that than a slice of bread!
  16. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

  17. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    Well 3 days into week 2 and still doing good. I had a tricky one last night as was senior mangers leaving do at work. I did contemplate not going BTU decided that was a bad idea! So went along and drank my sparkling water. And as they brought the food platters around with pizza, cheese and meat I just politely declined and kept talking. I was trying to decide if I actually felt hungry and wasn't sure. it wasn't hunger pangs but my stomach was like moaning if that makes sense. Anyway it would have been easy to have something but didn't. Feeling like I don't feel as full as I did last week but still no hunger pangs which is awesome. Still feeling really thirsty when I wake up despite drinking a minimum of 4 litres of water a day, somtimes 5 AND don't get me talking about the toilet issues...3 days pass by with nothing then nothing good :/
  18. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    Had a difficult day yesterday after having a shake went and spent the whole day out shopping. Was struggling a bit by the end of the day as was out later than I thought. Got back had a soup and a big glass of sparkling water. Made dinner for everyone else but was just feeling a bit out of sorts. Started to make chocolate crackles for my daughter daycare leaving party and all went well got them made and then as some of you who read my post may have seen, I licked the wooden spoon clean. I felt terrible afterwards, i really did. Then after some thought was panicking that I had wrecked the ketosis that i had worked so hard to get into (and had been travelling so well). Just before bed I checked my ketosis with the ketostix and yes I was out of ketosis :( Took me ages to get to sleep as I was so annoyed that something so small (and in the grand scheme of things not that enjoyable, maybe if i'd eaten a whole choc crackle!). Anyway woke up this morning and BANG was totally back in ketosis - WEIRD!!!!!!!!! Not sure what happened or if that can happen so quickly?! All I know is that it was a big lesson and I don't want to feel that terrible again. On the straight and narrow to STAY IN THE ZONE! I know things are going to test me BUT suppose it's about having the strength to think differently and learn from any mistakes.

    Hope everyone's had a better weekend than me :)
  19. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    Wow. We had similar days yesterday. I also spent the whole day shopping then ended up cooking when I got home. I was really cross about having to cook (although unreasonably perhaps as my hubby had offered to heat up a tin of soup. But I get cross that unless I cook they have 'cheat' or low-nutrition meals, which are fine once in a while but they'd had sandwiches at lunchtime!)

    Some people (me included) are very sensitive to carbs. Sounds like you are too. It's fab that you're back in ketosis. The speed is probably down to the fact that you only had a spoonful of glucose to get rid of not a whole liver of glycogen. Don't let it lull you into a false sense of security though. I did that once and thought 'oh a little bit won't hurt' but hadn't reckoned on the nightmare sugar cravings I'd awakened! That's the other thing about ketosis: it damps down cravings on the whole.

    This isn't easy, but it's so worth it. I'm finding my feelings (which I usually bury with food) the hardest part. Good luck for today xx
  20. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    Thanks for sharing Spangly.... my problem is my emotional eating too. Doing this makes me realise I am eating most of the time cos I need something else not cos I am hungry. Today had been a long day at work and was kind of feeling tired and a bit weak. Went into Woolies to buy some food for kids lunches for tomorrow after work. I felt like I just needed something to eat...but obviously nothing to buy! I did go over to deli meat section and picked up some sliced turkey walked towards the checkout and then just checked in with myself and realised "I am not hungry". it was the end of the day, tired and wanted some comfort. I put the turkey back got myself a sparkling water and headed to pick the family up to go home. Got a big hug from my husband and felt a lot better. Ah the emotions.... not so easy to turn off.
  21. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    OMG...weigh-in tonight lost another 2.5kgs - amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! 5.5kgs already gone in 2 weeks. Feeling like my pants are a bit more comfortable - always good when you ca feel it in the clothes!!! Have felt so tired the past couple of days, just what I needed to spur me on for another week (well 9 days as changing weigh-in day to weekend) :)

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