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The cat is out of the bag!

I finally owned up to people at work this morning that I am following LT. Instead of all the praise though all I got was a load of critisism - I can't believe how negative all those 'friends' are. Someone in the office called me 'stupid' and, believe me it hurt.
Anyway, I refuse to conform to their beliefs as I feel great, I am losing weight and -for the first time in a while - I feel good about myself.
Trouble is, I am determined to carry on, but can't be doing with everyone moaning and the 'knowing frowns' cast in my direction. Any ideas for how I can do LT on the sly in the office? It is right that you have to drink the shakes/soup fairly quickly after preparing isnt it?
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Oh just ignore them all, i bet you any money when your after loosing all the weight and your looking fab those people will be the first to ask you all about it!!

Chin up girl what do there opnions matter your doing this for you not for them!
People at some point had the notion that certain diets are bad for you. As if they are qualified to know.
People like to pretend they know a lot. As soon as you do anything slightly unusual people will attack you for it. I used to get a hell of a load of crap for doing weight lifting and going boxing. You wouldnt think that would you, but i did.
Its the sheep mentality of people and they all like to jump on the band wagon.
"hey why do something that makes you better, do nothing like we do and be plain like us"
So id only tell like minded people if i were you. Where i work now no one knows about the diet i do, that i go to the gym and that i want to go back to boxing. And they wont find out.
People at work are particularly idiotic i find, but then i guess its cos we cant choose who we work with.
If i were you now id stick to my guns. dont do it on the sly now that you have told them. screw them, they will see the results and soon it will be "ummm, you know that diet you were on....."
"yeah you mean the one you slammed me for and said wouldnt work but did, yes what about it?"


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Hmmmm, you know what,

B*llOCKS to em' :whoopass:


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Toni,I couldnt have put it better myself!
Coccinella,Who the hell do they think they are lecturing to and being rude? If they have nothing nice to say then balls to them,carry on with your shakes etc. and rise above them x
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Honestly I wouldnt worry about the people in work - they will come round.

I told the girls in work the day I was doing it and they were shocked and disgusted but now they think im amazing - they can see im still healthy - and that this diet is not stupid and that I have fantastic support from my chemist.

Most people are misinformed about this diet - they think its along the lines of anorexia. Others are just jealous begrudgers.

Either way you need to use your anger towards the LT and you will be fine xx


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Dont worry about them.. whats the best once you start looking more fabulous than you already do they will be envious of you!!!

I havent told anyone in work what Im doing, so Ive to secretly mix my soup up! Basically I have a measuring jug (brought in from home) and a hand whisk and I mix them together. so far its been quick and easy although I do have some lumps but they just add to the texture!
I am very much with Toni!! I had the same, people saying how silly it was! They are quite often just concerned and think we are obsessed. The same people now want to discuss the diet with me and i refuse to..i have totally shown them and am now eating healthy but minus nearly 4 stone.

Personally hun i would carry on with the shakes at work and ignore what they all say..do it for you!Oh and yeah hun you have to drink the shakes within 15 mins of mixing to retain all nutrients xx


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you will find that all them people who are criticising you now will soon be asking for the phone number of your chemist ,tell them that you are medically supervised and if that dont shut them up then sod them xx


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Toni has hit the nail on the head. You go for it girl, stick to your guns and lose loads n loads of weight, you can do it, we are sure of that. Just think when your colleagues see the difference in you, i wonder how many of them try this diet, I bet it wont be stupid then. ;) loads of luv x

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