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The Click

I have read on this site how sometimes things just 'click' in your head. Well I had one of those moments at my last LL meeting on tuesday night. We were all discussing our daily timetables. I said to my counsellor that I have a routine whereby I have a porridge pack at 10pm every evening. When asked why i did this I said that I like to have something at that time in case I get hungry and therefore feel like cheating. The whole group discussed this and I finally realised that I had never given myself the chance of seeing if I was hungry or not at that time of night. Soooo yesterday I gave myself a specific time to have each pack and my last pack of the day was at half 7 in the evening. 10pm came and guess what???? I didnt die of starvation...lol I wasn't even interested in eating. AMAZING!! It WAS all in my head.
I found that particular meeting really really hepfull.
Can other peeps define their particular 'clicky' moments??
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Yeah Im still having my 4 packs a day. I gave myself times yesterday and that has been a big plus. I have my first pack at 9am then my second within an hour of leaving the gym (usually about 1 ish) my 3rd about half 4 ish and then my teatime one about half 6/half 7 ish.
I am lucky that I work for myself and work my day around my 'meal' times. Hopefully that will give me good boundaries when I go into RTM.


Do a little dance!
I've always had my packs at certain times, give or take an hour or so, sometimes for convienience, but mostly because I kind of had an attitude of the packs are like a kind of medicine - where I need to have them..and the routine has helped me not think of them as food.

Clicky moment.....I swear if you were to look at threads I have posted, most of them document them all. I have one around week 5 when EVERYTHING just fell into place and I REALLY got in the zone of this. Now, I tend to have one most weeks! Its great!
I had a big clicky moment a couple of days ago.

Suddenly Andy's comments the other week really sank in. The time will pass, regardless of anything. But the decisions you make today in terms of eating, will directly affect what happens with your body tomorrow, and all the other tomorrows that follow that. So you can choose to eat unhealthily, put off eating healthily and put on weight. That is a choice.
Or you can choose to make healthy decisions about what you eat today, so you will start to lose weight. That is also a choice. Whichever way, the decisions you make NOW, this very moment never mind in a whole day, will affect what happens tomorrow. And the time will pass, regardless.

So the time to start making decisions that will enable me to be happy with my body is NOW. Tomorrow will take care of itself. You don't know how you'll feel tomorrow and you can face those challenges when you get there. You can't change what happened in the past and you can't know what will happen tomorrow. The only moment you can act upon and DO something about is NOW.

It was amazing. Suddenly it just all clicked into place. I feel completely refreshed and inspired by knowing that. Any time I think about having a wobble now I just reaffirm that to myself, and suddenly whatever I was tempted by doesn't bother me any more. Or I can choose to have it in moderation.
The difference is that before that penny drop moment I couldn't do moderation: it was all or nothing so it would be a big bar of X, or whatever it was it would be literally about five times what I should have. Or it would be totally avoiding it. I just couldn't stop when I did have it.


...we're sinking deeper.
I had a 'clicky' moment when I restarted LL in February. I finally realised that if I was to eat something, I wouldn't be hiding it from anyone else. (I used to be a huge secret eater) - I know now that I can't hide it really, because at the end of the day:

The only person I'm hurting, damaging, and cheating is myself. No one else. Just me. Is it worth hurting myself in this way? No.

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