**The day i hit Goal Weight 119lbs (8 stone7lbs)** over 17 stone gone forever. XD

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  1. Tiitanium

    Tiitanium Gold Member

    i have been told off for not posting this on here so here i am :)...

    When i started my journey i was over 25 stones (350lbs+) i lost a bit then joined this forum when i was at 325lbs. since then as most of you will already know i've battled the bulge every single day.

    On 15th november 2010 i went for my usual monthly weigh in , in my head i was telling myself i want to be 8 stone 7lbs and knowing me i would be crushed if i didnt make it so i worried all the way there, funny how even at this stage in the jouney the weigh in's still freaked me out just as much as they did at the beginning , i still sat in the waiting room feeling as if i was a death row inmate awaiting that final walk, a bit dramatic? yes!! but thats how i felt.. guaranteed everytime i came out of my appointment i was bouncing around happy but every month on the morning before the weigh in a was the most difficult person to be around...well i waited and my appointment was supposed to be at 3.20pm .. id just been to the gym that morning and on the treadmill id burnt 333 calories funny number id joked to tom , and he sed hey maybe the doc will call you in at 3.33pm (good luck comes in 3's) i said hmmm maybe.. and the doctor did call me in at that time so i guessed maybe it was MY good luck omen.

    the doctor seemed pleased with all my progress so far and asked me to step on scales.. he weighed me in KG which i still dont understand so i asked him to convert it and he told me it was 8 stone 7lbs .. hearing this i was so emotional and really wanted to cry , i told the doctor this was my goal weight and that all my work built up to this, the doctor shook my hand and told me "at your age many people can achieve letters and numbers behind there names , jobs of there dreams and other things but very very few can do what you have done" and i'll never forget those words. i suppose they will live with me till the day i die.

    So how does it feel??? Well of course its still not sunk in 100% , ive been using this weightloss route to life for the past two years and the switch to maintenance has almost been natural so far but its a little boring standing on the scales and reading the same all the time, so ill have to find a new goal/thing to get my highs from...

    i've decided my diet (healthy eating) will continue the same but i'll just slow down on the exercise front a LITTLE.. lol.. ill still be going to the gym just not as much...maybe have a few days off a week :eek: the shock horror of it lol. i never thought id have a day off and feel okay about it but there we go.

    I still cant get used to walking into a shop and not feeling the fattest person ever because clothes just wont fit.. im still instintivly grabbing those size 12 and 14 and thinking maybe i need to take these in the changing rooms JUST INCASE??..i'll still feel the inner fat person for a long time to come but for now im learning and it will take a long time i know that but what good thing has ever happened overnight? i mean i didnt loose the weight overnight and i havnt changed my life overnight so step by step is my motto.

    People say to me "wow i cant imagine you being 25 stone or ever being big your so small now" and they say " realllly??!!?" as if im lieing... i dont think some people believe me but i dont care because sometimes i dont even believe it myself? lol.. ahhh when people say i should be proud i just dont understand why... i mean i got fat and i put on all that weight so why get rewarding compliments just for loosing it? i mean if i spray painted a wall in grafitti then rubbed it away would people compliment me just the same? lol..

    My life has changed sooo sooo much within the last two years (it will be two years on 9th february 2011). i now have good friends great supportive people... and TWO jobs. one of which is like a dream job i work in the toning centre that was a huge part of my journey but this time im the person that greets the people that walk through the door feeling unsure unhappy and lacking confidence just as i did those few years ago..and this time its my job to help them walk out of the door feeling better about themselves just as julie my now boss did for me... & to simply put it .. I LOVE LIFE.

    i'll still be around on here and facebook to support other people though and to let you all know how im doing maintaining :)

    thankyou for everyone thats played a part in my journey i love all you guys. :thankyou:

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  3. WINTER.

    WINTER. Full Member

    Congrats. [:

    Pics? [:

  4. sunshine1

    sunshine1 Full Member

    Congratulations hon. You should be so proud of yourself. Good luck with maintenance xx
  5. mellow2804

    mellow2804 Full Member

    You're wonderful, I like your words about how you feel inside.
    Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  6. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Hi gorgeous!!
  7. Chala1972

    Chala1972 Full Member

    Thanks for posting this chuck :) You have reminded me to see the bigger picture :) xxx
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  8. Neonshock

    Neonshock Full Member

    You are a true inspiration! I wish you every luck in the world in starting your new life!
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  9. Kenco

    Kenco Gold Member

    Many Many congratulations.What a fantastic achievement.You must feel so proud of your achievement.xx
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  10. Christiana

    Christiana Mens sana in corpore sano

    :happy096: :0clapper:
  11. Lynn_

    Lynn_ On A Mission!

    Amazing and wonderful! I choked up when i read your post, its so wonderful to see how you have turned your life around!

    But never take your eye off the ball, as you doctor said (and he sounds like a very wise and lovely man) you have achieved something very few people could do. Maintaining will be hard and will need all your concentration and willpower to keep what you have achieved, never let go of it :)
  12. autumnbabe

    autumnbabe Gold Member

    you sure give people inspirition. I only have 3/4 stone to lose so if i can do as well as you ill be happy. You now have a new life..good luck & i hope you enjoy it. !
  13. ** Just Jools **

    ** Just Jools ** Slow & steady does it!!!!

    Totally amazing. Well done. x :D
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  14. Chelle x

    Chelle x Gold Member

    Inspirational hun.....just incredible :)

    I so hear what you mean about people saying you should be proud, I've had this before and it kind of annoys me, I got fat and if I hadn't been greedy and eating so much in the first place then I wouldn't have needed to lose so much :rolleyes:
    I do however feel that I have issues with food and will always have to fight my cravings and the urge to binge so perhaps they are right, we should be proud of our achievements :)

    Anyways I'm rambling here....just wanted to thank you for sharing this post it really is wonderful to read x
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  15. jennifer121

    jennifer121 Full Member

    Just read ur amazing story, what a fantastic achievement,uve cheered me up and given me hope,thank u...jennifer
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  16. vicklee

    vicklee Full Member

    your amazing pink good for you, i hope in 2 years time that'll be me and i can give people hope like you have us.
    good luck chick and dont forget us x x x
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  17. Aline

    Aline Gold Member

    You're so inspirational!

    Congrats Pink :)
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  18. BellaVita

    BellaVita Full Member

    :happy096: That is truly fantastic!!!
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  19. Awaken Me

    Awaken Me On my Way...

    Oh My God you are awesome, inspirational and I applaud you! What you have achieved is immense and I am so, so pleased for you. Enjoy life, you deserve it - you little star xx
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  20. Divalicious

    Divalicious Silver Member

    OMG you are such an inspiration.... Well done on your loss and positive attitude chick x
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  21. Karlos

    Karlos Full Member

    Your achievement is nothing short oh phenomenal young lady. You should be very proud of yourself you are an inspiration to us all. Very well done you you're remarkable simply remarkable
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