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The doctor was really rude to me today :(


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Sparkling Fairy, I'm so sorry you had this happen to you. I've had EXACTLY this happen to me too (same sitch, different scenario). That "doctor" was out of order...thinking about it now, makes me really mad! She had no right to speak to you that way or make you feel insignificant.

To be honest, I'd suggest that you make a complaint and try to get another doctor. She's a health PROFESSIONAL (supposed to be anyway)....you went to see her for a reason - I'd hate to think she's this insensitive with all of her patients! Seriously, being a doctor is a huge decision...It saddens me that so many go through 7-10 years of education just to come out and be complete <insert expletive here>!


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I would complain straight away, shes a medical professional, not trained or paid to give her personal (judgemental, unkind, pointless) opinion.
Speak to the practice manager hun dont stand for it. If they arent helpful seek advice from the general medical council



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I agree here, you should complain. Explain that what she said was innapropropriate and made you feel worse. It's one thing trying to give someone a kick up the bum when they're trying to lose weight, quite another to abuse a position of power to make someone feel small. At the end of the day, doctors are there to help you, not judge you, and if she IS treating other patients like this then she needs to know that it's not ok.

I hope you are feeling better today. Good luck.

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I would be evil if that was me. You should definitely complain, in the first instance to the Practice Manager, and then if that doesn't help, contact PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) - the Primary Care Trust complaints department. The surgery should have their contact details.

Don't take any notice of what this GP said, like you say, she hasn't seen you before so she has no idea what you looked like before. She sounds like she doesn't have a clue what she's doing and has no place being a doctor.

Don't let this idiot get you down. Chin up x
I dont necessarily think the doctor was wrong as such in commenting on your weight, I know my doctor did that to me, BUT the way she did it was shocking. She may have thought your weight was a factor in other issues BUT She should at most have been asking were you following a plan etc but to say you have a pretty face shame about 'that' is completely out of order and very unprofessional. To say what she did surely she must realise could potentially be very harming to you
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The way this doctor spoke to you is out of order. As a doctor they should know how to bring up an issue such as weight in a sensitive manner. You should definitely complain at it. Hopefully you can find a doctor who is more supportive and able to overcome the depression.
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Well done for having the courage to speak to her. Don't let her unprofessional stupid opinion dishearten you. You deserve to be treated with respect and given the help you need. I've had some awful experiences with gp's I wish I'd complained - you should! Take care and good luck.
Slightly off topic but dont you get sooo sick of weight being brought up by medical people when its sod all to do with the problem.

I was at the physio at work, I have recently been diagnosed with carpal tunnel and ALL I was there for was to see about the desk assessment that had been done with a view to get a mouse and wrist rest. The cheeky sod actually asked me my weight. I rather rudely said 'Why are the special style mice only available to people of a certain weight' What relevance it was I cant imagine. Bet if Id been size 12 he wouldnt have asked me


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You should say something, and get a doctor that actually has something constructive to say. At this time you need proper helpfull advice and someone thats caring.


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Why would you need to change practice? Are there no other doctor's at the practice? I doubt they can chuck you off their list for complaining.

You will find info on how to complain here:

How to complain


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This happened to me when I was seeing a neurosurgeon about my bad neck arthritis and herniated disc - I had been warned he was rude and he sat and looked at me and said "do you know if you weren't so fat you would be pretty". As I was looking at a man whose stomach hung over his trousers I had to really resist the urge to say " pot calling the kettle black". He then said I really mean it you are pretty but you are fat and I think in his mind he was being nice!!!!!!!
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Oh my god bumpkin - he could/should be struck off for being so unprofessional. I'm shocked!


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Oh wow that was the last thing you needed after you were brave enough to talk about the self harm. I used to self harm regularly and it seemed to me that the doctors who treated me an I use the term loosely seemed to think if they were as rude and ignorant as possible that I'd stop the self harm.:mad: I'm left with quite thick scars that should have been stitched properly or stapled, not held by paper stitches that fell off after a few hours!

sorry i didnt mean to go into a rant, I just feel for you hon. I really hope you can find a sympathetic ear to confide in.:)


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I'm on a lot of drugs for a non weight related issue (very aggressive psoriasis) and i suffer a lot of side effects... one of which is low blood sugars. He basically told me to stop self diagnosing, and went on about calories etc. Said 4 was too high for a hypo, but i had told him that was after a coffee with 3 sugars.. and that I'd never been able to test when i had a proper hypo because i was so sick!

He told me my severe heel pain was weight related, my deforming feet was weight related, my diagnosed PSORIATIC arthritis was weight related (it certainly is not, its in my freakin hands? I walk on my hands like...)

they just like to shovel anything onto obesity regardless of whether it is or not. GP's are complete bollocks.


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I think any of you who have been spoken to in an unprofessional have the right to and should complain..

Would you believe my Dr has never commented on my weight, despite being 6stn over weight at my heaviest!!!

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