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the dress fits like a glove (with room)


Getting there!!!
hey every1!
as u know i started atkins a few weeks ago to fit into my bridesmaid dress for my sisters wedding! well it fits! im so so soooooooooooooo excited! it didnt fit when it arrived because when we were measured to order i was a stone lighter then and now its just perfect! i love it! :kissass:<-----thats for my sister that said i might need to let the dress out instead of taking it in! i knew i could lose the weight to get it to fit! oh the feeling of satisfaction is amazing! :girlpower:
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That must be an ace feeling...well done hun :D
well done!!!!!

can we have a sneaky peek of the dress!!


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congrats, well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Congrats hun, absolutely well done! - I agree, sneak peak? ;)


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Yeeeeaaaaahhhh baby. What a feeling eh. I was bridesmaid but for the groom not the bride so at all my fittings the other girls used to sneer and laugh with fatty comments. I didnt say anything and a size 22 dress was ordered for me (had to get my boobs in somehow), anyway i was low carbing then and by the last fitting i had lost 3st and I loved watching them eat every single word as i was then smaller than they were at a small size 10. Unfortunately i wasnt low carbing properly and it went back on but im almost there. Babe im soooooooooooo feeling your joy. Well done. Huge hugs. xxxxx


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well done you!! But we definitle need a piccie :D xx
I'm sure we'll get to see a wedding pic or two. :)


Getting there!!!
god peeps im so sorry i havent been on to see the comments! id love to show u all a sneeky peek but i didnt take a pic and my big sis has the dress in her house now :( shes guarding them with her life lol! but its only 6 weeks away now its on the 18th june! ill have plenty of before and after photos then! ;)
but ill describe it,the colour is baby/lilac purple,its chiffon with a cross over back that ties and flows down the dress if you get my drift?? jim its ok i dont expect u to know seeing as your all man lol!! x


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Miss I have to say, I have no idea about the dress you described but, is your name in any way related to Trivium? lolol everytime I see it, it just reminds me of them!!! xxx

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