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'The dress!!!'


wants to get super fit!


Oh my goodness you look amazing!!! Wow fantastic you should be so proud of yourself.


Looking for Slimville!
Aaaw woweee Nic, that is great. You are looking fab! You must be well chuffed you can now fit in to that dress :)


wants to get super fit!
Thank you both! I really am pleased that I did manage it as I thought it just wasn't going to happen a few weeks ago and I was going to have to go out and buy a new one! It just goes to show what a difference a few pounds can make and we really shouldn't complain when we've ONLY lost 1lb!
Woop woop. Well done, it's really inspiring to hear you've reached your goal as well :) Sometimes it's a long long slog to get there.
Well done on reaching your 'fit in the dress' goal Nic. You look fantastic and I know I've said it so many times before but you really are an inspiration! :)


wants to get super fit!
Thankyou all you lovely ladies. I know how inspirational it was for me looking at other people's pictures when I had such a long way to go! I think it's important to show it really can be done and the end result is all worth it!


is going to loose!
absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hun gorgeous dress and be very very proud of all your hard work. You look fabulous.



i really don't know life
you look spectacular, nic, as i knew you would!

just wana say thank you for the pic, as i have been feeling pretty rotten all day - had a dodgy tummy last night, and although i'm feeling better now, am knackered from being up in the night. anywho, was gona skip step class this eve, but seeing that has given me a boost to get off my ass and get on with it!

cheers pretty lady xx


wants to get super fit!
Thank you honey! I had a similar bug last week so know just what you're going through.......not nice!! Glad I made you feel a bit better!
Aww well done, looks lovely :)
Wow!! Nic you look so fantastic, thank you so much for your pics, as you said they definatly help when you have a long way to go, it's nice to know and be reminded that it can be done, and wow you have definatly done it! Thanks so much, you really look fab! xx


wants to get super fit!
Thank you both for your kind words - they mean a lot!
Hi Nic – haven’t been on for few weeks just so busy ..but wow you look amazing in your dress ... i remember how worried you was ..but how tremendous you really have achieve so much and look so happy & healthy in your new body well done hun ! ...slow and steady win’s the race you have shown us all if you keep going you really can achieve your goal xx:)


wants to get super fit!
Thank you both - and wannabesize10 -you're looking great yourself! There's only 4lbs between us now. I'm really stalling at the mo :(
me too ... i am offically a size 9 arggg trying so hard to get few more lbs off so i can fit into jeans as size 10 too baggy on waiste wish i could say hips ..size 8 ah well still dreaming, - .. thing i find most strange is when i started dieting i said i would love to be size 14 again...then 12 then 10 etc it's amazing how your goal changes but i really feel our bodys must be telling us we are near to the weight we should be,
don't be hard on your self you have done so so well ... it's so lovely to see i am even looking for that christmas party dress & this year i won't be going to a tent shop!! yay!!
sending vitual hugs
wannabe xx

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