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The dress...


Guess who's back...?
Ok - I know it is still a bit tight around the hips etc... but I am keeping optimistic that is will get better in the next 8 days (gulp!) and i've got some "tit-to-knee" spanx magic pants coming tomorrow (oh, how sexy!!!)

Anyway - fair's fair - this is the dress... will post a proper one from a more flattering angle etc (hahaha) after the party next week :D

Thanks for all your help... and once again... any advice for improving it's fit would be appreciated...

E.g. There is an inner lining from top to bottom - do you think slicing this around the torso would loosen it up a bit or cause major issues....? Don't want to remove it as it is hemmed with netting at the bottom (it has a little fishtail train that kicks out at the bottom - SO PRETTY!)

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Don't worry, be happy :)
Your looking stunning in that dress, is this the one for your bond party?
By the way those magic pants totally work as they smooth you out, so I wouldn't worry about it feeling tight on the hips.
hey anna
love the dress!!
i wouldnt do any cutting theres still a few days of slimming to go and the magic pants do work wonders. also if yo do mess with the lining sometimes it just makes the dress look wrong, it wont sit right on the body.
you look great in it already anyway!!
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Guess who's back...?
Thanks - it's not 'too' bad - but it's still a bit odd and bunched up around the middle - would prefer for it to 'hang' a little better before I think it is ready for a public airing!! Haha.

SOOOOO NEARLY A SIZE 14.... come on body - get shrinking!! :p

A x
ya know what - it looks fine as it is, and will only look better in 8 days. The control lingerie should help as well. DON'T cut a slice in the lining....that will cause a lot of probs as it itself will be prone to tearing, etc., particulary if it is tight - so best to just co as nature intends you too. It loks stunning as is. :)

You look amazing hun, honestly if you were looking at someone else looking like that in that dress all you'd think is WOW.

Now you just need to look forward to getting out there and working it ;).

Emma xXx


Guess who's back...?
AWWW! Guys!! Thank you - that's given me a real boost. I was worried about posting it because i think I look like sack of knobbly potatoes - but you've just cheered me up. Will keep gulping down the water and hope for the best come the 12th. :D

;) you deserve them hun, enjoy it!


Fighting Demons....
Ooh, dress is soo pretty Anna!! You'll knock them sideways in that! I think with a couple more weeks and some hippy excercises to tone up and the magic pants, that dress'll be hanging off you in no time at all!!

B x
Hi Anna

The dress is amazing and you look great. 8 days will make a different and so will the pants but I think you look really good as it is.

Well done and your knock everyone dead at the party!

Hey hun, That definately was THE dress wasn't it? You look beautiful (welling up as only a surrogate little sister should)! Definately think with the long gloves and my fan it will look really hot!



Do a little dance!
You look fantastic!

If I look half as good as you do in that dress at the end of my LL journey I would be one happy girly!


nearly there!! :)
u look gorg hunni the dress is fab and ull be flying round in no time xxx
The dress is gorgeous and so is the person inside it!!!!! I don't see why you are worrying about the fit it looks amazing and you still have another week till the party (your birthday isn't it??) you certainly will be the belle of the ball.
Oh and fab weightloss this week, it's just falling off you!! Well done!!

Dieting Rambler

Size 14 Here I Come!
Truly beautiful!
Yeah... you look fantastic in that dress. I think 'hubba hubba' would seem somewhat inappropriate, but what the hell... hubba hubba!

-thats from the young male point of view-
Wow, how sexy are you, fab dress love it love it love it!!
I think the dress looks lovely...I have one in red that is a similar shape and it does photography with me looking very curvy.....I think it is good to show your shape especially when the underwear leaves it all smooth....and just so you know I still have to wear the underwear when I've lost 8 stone+

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