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The final food diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by foodlover, 1 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Hi all, I have titled this "The Final Food Diary" as I have done SW successfully before (2004), maintained for a long time then all back on/off tried most other diets and am now back to loose 1 1/2 stone for good!

    I am starting tomorrow even though I have a work function involving a meal/drinks as tomorrow is 8 weeks until my holiday. I realise 1 1/2 stone isn't realistic in 8 weeks but I can give it a good go!

    So...tomorrow's plan,

    B: pineapple, apple and grapes
    Water and coffee with skimmed milk (HXA)
    S: belvita breakfast biscuits - syns?
    L: chicken and veg salad
    D: out - will just pick the most healthy option and limit the alcohol
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  3. seadie

    seadie Full Member

    Good start - hope you enjoyed your evening out
  4. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Not a bad first day...too much wine tho. Today, Thursday... B: Belvita breakfast biscuits - syns? and coffee
    L: rice, peppers, onion, tomato, spices and rocket Water and coffee
    D: kidney beans, black eyed beans, tinned toms, red onion, paprika, red chilli, turkey breast. Few Tortola chips - syns?

    Need to read my old books and find out syn values, also need to buy some fruit!
    Plan for tomorrow....

    B: blueberries and the LAST packet of belvitas....need to get rid of them!
    L: salad with broccoli, green beans and pasta, little pesto - syns!
    Last edited: 7 April 2014
  5. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Ok so weekend wasn't great foodwise, ate some bread and a slice of cake but did go for a run.

    Monday: red day

    B: just tea and water

    Early lunch: 2 x wholemeal bread (HXB) with left over beef mince bolognese and little cheddar (HXA)

    Coffee with skimmed milk 2 syns

    D: mixed salad leaves, cucumber, red onions, Halumi cheese (HXA), light mayo with garlic and paprika (2 syns)

    Again need more fruit, need to get organised!

    Weigh day is going to be a Wednesday
  6. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Tuesday: red

    B: porridge with fat free yog and raspberries

    L: salad, cucumber, Sundried toms (6 syns) mozzarella HXA

    D: home made burgers, spring onion, lettuce, bacon, cabbage, carrot, light mayo (2 syns) BBQ sauce (2 syns), wholemeal roll HXB

    Coffee and tea with skimmed milk HXA

    Bad so far as didn't plan my food and ended up having a shop bought sandwich, have stocked up on fruit and healthy food for rest of the week!
  7. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Thursday - red day Today has been 100% on plan! B: pink grapefruit and coffee with skimmed milk (HXA) L: salad, cucumber, cabbage, carrot, chicken, light mayo - 2 syns Activia fat free raspberry yogurt Pineapple and grapes Water and more coffee D: 3 scrambled eggs on wholemeal roll (HXB) little butter - ?syns?
  8. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Friday - not so good due to work.

    B: activia fat free yog
    Coffee with semi-skimmed milk

    L: out again as not planned, chicken fajita from cafe so prob oil plus the bread - just call it BAD!

    D: making beef curry with rice so that will be ok, mangetout and broccoli to go with it

    Must buy healthy lunches
  9. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

  10. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Ok, again weekend downfall... Tuesday: green day B: apple and a coffee HXA Ginger biscuit - syns? L: rice and kidney beans in chili sauce with grated cheese HXA D: sweet potatoes stuffed with spring onion, bacon HXB and little cheese - 6 syns and salad


    B: apple and 2 coffees HXA Water

    L: Itsu veg and rice pot - need to look this up, syn wise as was full of veg, didn't taste greasy, if anyone knows please say. Itsu vitamin water 60 cals so assuming 3 syns

    D: tuna with tomatoes, broccoli, asparagus and some brown pasta

    So no HXB but not really anything I could have.
    Last edited: 17 April 2014
  11. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Thursday: EE

    B: granola bar - 10 syns
    Coffee with HXA milk

    L: lasagne and salad more water

    D: chicken fajita, iceberg, peppers, toms, seasoning, dips - 4 syns

    No HXB again need to buy HXB cereal bars to take to work so I don't have syns wasted.

    I know the weekend will be syn heavy with Easter dinners and gifts but will just make good choices with food.

    Weight this week has stayed the same which is good considering the weekends food. Will get Easter out the way then have a clear week of 100% on plan
  12. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    So major Easter weekend but back to it tomorrow;
    Green day

    B: fruit and activia fat free yog

    L: kidney beans in chili sauce and rice

    D: pasta with homemade sauce - tinned toms, peppers, onion, garlic, Herbs

    HXA- milk in coffees
    HXB - cheese on pasta
  13. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Yesterday was a good 100% day (I think) drank lots of water and went for a run too. Wednesday: forgot to weight this morning so will do that tomorrow.

    Green day;

    B: pineapple and coffee with little milk (HXA)

    L: water and alpen light bar the 70 cal one 1/2 HXB - did plan to eat lunch but meetings ran over Coffee with skimmed milk

    D: rice, chips, noodles beansprouts, onion and curry sauce - 6 syns

    HXA: milk
    HXB: alpen light
    Syns 6
    Total for week 6
    Last edited: 23 April 2014
  14. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Thursday - EE

    B: fruit salad (sf) coffee with skimmed milk (HXA)

    L: pasta with chicken, broccoli and mushrooms (sf) allowing 6 syns for oil
    Diet coke

    S: alpen light bar 70 cals (HXB)

    D: rice, green beans (sf), peas, kidney beans in chilli sauce

    Day: EE
    HXB: alpen light
    HXA: milk
    Syns: 6
    Total for week 12
  15. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    So Monday morning and am on plan again...difference is this time there is no weekend events planned to ruin my hard work.

    EE day B: fruit salad - apple, grapes, orange Coffee with skimmed milk Alpen light bar 1/2 hxb

    L: wholemeal pasta, turkey, peas, salad leaves and tbsp of light Philadelphia 1/2 HXA

    S: alpen light and coffee

    D: spagetti carbonara from the magazine with added spring onion and a side salad - 2 syns for Parmesan

    Day: EE HXA: skimmed milk and Philadelphia light HXB: alpen light (70 cals)
    Last edited: 28 April 2014
  16. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Tuesdays plan;

    B: Nutrigrain breakfast biscuits HXB, coffee with skimmed milk Pineapple (sf)

    L: superfood salad from tesco without the dressing, was raw veg, wholemeal pasta and beans no oil no dressing so can't be many syns?

    D: mixed beans, onion, peppers, chili, spices, tinned toms, chicken breast with green beans

    EE HXB: Nutrigrain biscuits
    HXA: milk in coffee
    Syns: any that we're in the salad
    Last edited: 29 April 2014
  17. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Wednesday: weight myself this morning and suppose I should be pleased that I am still the same (11 stone) so may have lost a little before Easter and then put it back on however, there are 4 weeks till holiday and I will be less than I am now!

    B: Nutrigrain biscuits (cereal and milk ones) HXB with 2 x coffee with skimmed milk HXA

    Punet of raspberries (sf)

    L: salad of giant couscous, spinach (sf), pomegranate (sf) mint leaves, peppers (sf) used a very small amount of the separate dressing but will say 6 to be sure

    Litre of water
    Coffee with skimmed

    D: making SW chilli from an old book, ex lean mince, carrot, onion, celery, red chili (sf's) with boiled rice and 20g grated cheddar cheese - 3 syns?

    Day: EE
    HXA: skimmed milk in coffee
    HXB: Nutrigrain breakfast biscuits
    Syns: 6 for salad dressing and 3 for cheese 9
    Total week; 9
  18. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Thursday: bit of a no food day due to work, manly had coffee and water and then a few glasses of red and seabass with vegetables so prob over my syns for the day.

    Friday: green day

    B: baked beans and scrambled eggs
    Coffee with skimmed milk

    S: Nutrigrain biscuits with coffee (HXB and HXA)

    L: rice, peas and kidney beans in chilli sauce

    D: SW chips, red onions cooked with garlic and some low fat creme fraise, HXB portion of lean steak and split runner beans
  19. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Sat: EE

    B: fruit salad (sf) and coffee

    Run - water

    L: scrambeled eggs, bacon and granary toast - 6 syns

    D: risotto with leeks (sf) onion (sf) garlic, vegetable stock and 25g Parmesan cheese - 5 syns

    S: Nutrigrain biscuits HXB

    Day: EE
    HXA: milk in coffees
    HXB: Nutrigrain biscuits
    Syns: 11

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