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The Food Bible - any thoughts?

Hi everyone

I've just been doing a bit of online shopping and came accross the calorie, carb and fat bible.
The Calorie, Carb and Fat Bible 2009

Has anyone used this? I am so tempted to order it, especially as it has a section on eating out. I'm fine with reading labels on foods and am finding it really insightful, but when it comes to eating out & raw ingredients I have no idea of the fat content of foods.

For the next few weeks I'm going to be away from home, eating out every night whilst staying in hotel which although isn't ideal but there is no way I am going to suffer any side effects, so I thought this may help me make my food choices.
I've eaten out for the last 5 nights (away from home) and I'm struggling to vary my diet by much as I just don't know what to choose thats completely safe other than chicken with veggies!

Has anyone got one of these? Or can you recommend something similar to do the trick?


Kate x x :confused:
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Hi Kate, I hope you are happy and well :)

The book looks great and I'm sure it would be really useful to you,especially as you so often have no choice but to eat out.

Clare x
Right - I've ordered it
(Thanks for letting me know of the tesco price Lins)

I'll let you know if the book is any good - I just figured another week of chicken and veggie based meals is fine, but the sooner I can start to vary my meals when eating out the better!

I also thought that it would give the fat content of meats too? All I've picked up so far is chicken is good and lamb (my favourite) is very bad! Anything inbetween I'm really not sure about!

Can't wait to cook a meal for myself tonight - what a luxury!

Kate x x x
Just to let you all know that this book has arrived and is really helpful. It lists pretty much everything from basic ingredients to ready meals and everything inbetween. Even lists coffee shops and fat contents of the different coffees etc.
I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking for some inspiration on what to eat.

Kate x x


'this time i'll do it!'
iv just ordered it of Amazon, £9 including delivery so not bad,
i need to find foods that are easy to snack on.
Well it'll take a while unless you know what you're looking for - seriously theres loads in there to go through!
I've started buying tesco healthy options cereal bars - the maple syrup one is good and less than 1% fat and not many calories or sugar either


'this time i'll do it!'
thats the sort of thing i need, quick to grab snacks, cos if im hungry and have to wait while i make something, then i might pick something bad,
at the moment i snack on apples, snack-a-jacks and crab sticks, but im getting bored!!


Bouncing back
Book sounds good... I've been looking at it and been tempted to buy it for a while. I'm going to go for it I reckon!


Bouncing back
My book arrived... It really is a bible.
I LOVE it!


gunna be a fatty for ever
how much is it and how do you get it? when i went on there i didnt really find it very useful.

love katie


Bouncing back
It might be a dumb questions... but what's MAP?


gunna be a fatty for ever
Its a website run by roche the makers of xenical. Ive just found out it has now changed the new website address is www.mapassist.co.uk it only take two mins to registar and you need the batch number from your tablet box. Its got a food diary you can print off a few recipes and some other stuff about goals etc. take a look its quite good.

x x x x x


gunna be a fatty for ever
Your welcome!!!! Well done on the 39lb loss chick!!!


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