the food demons are out aarrgghhh!!!

Nothing is satisfying my hunger demons..... i have stuck to plan and had some small mirangues to battle the sweet craving (from my syns of course), but nothing is working, I have eaten loads of fruit, muller light, pasta and had mt HE A&B.... so where do i go from here... what more can i eat....
I know it is prob due more to me been in a bad mood than been hungry, and food has always made me feel better... but seen as i'm not allowing myself the chocolate binge that the demon wants me to have, what can i do???
Any advice from fellow demon sufferers x
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Ive just had some Total Greek Yogart 0% Fat stuff with honey, certianly hit the spot. Maybe something along them lines? xx

Mrs V

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What day are you on Hun? If on a Green Day, have a plate of either syn free chips, or make up a quick and easy bowl of pasta with a tomato sauce (passata, sweetcorn, onions and mushrooms with garlic and herbs)
Yeah green day... ohhhh!!! CHIPS mmmmmmm!!!! lol!!! I forgot about SW chips. Although not sweet they are tempting...... thanks x

Mrs V

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Lol no probs..I love them with either baked beans and fried egg, or mushy peas and egg! Hmmmm!!!!


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mini milk ice creams should do the trick :)


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When I'm craving food but I know I'm not hungry I run myself a bath with some nice smellies in, grab a book/mag and a big glass of diet drink - it distracts me from cravings and I can't raid the cupboards if I'm in the bath!


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Some great ideas from other posters.

Half an hour ago I was in the same boat...really craving a fairy cake. Radical idea - I went out for a walk. Only walked about a mile, but my craving has disappeared!
(Sorry - I know that if someone told me to go for a walk when I was under attack from food demons, I think I'd want to eat even more!!!! but it has worked a treat)
The doctor told me today to do some exercise (I went to see him about something gynae related) Now I'm the laziest person on the planet so my enthusiasm is likely to have been captured by demons come tomorrow but Day 1 and it's been lovely getting some fresh air!