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The Great Weightloss/Clothes Size Mystery


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I was interested to read a few posts here over the last few weeks about people who have lost loads of weight but their dress size either hasn't changed or has changed very little so I thought I'd start a post to see what the general consensus is.

Personally I started at size 22/24 almost 4 stone ago and although I'm wearing size 18 (top and bottom, although not fitted tops heh) my old size 22/24 jeans that I was wearing at my heaviest still fit me O.O

I really don't understand too much what's going on but here's my theory. Firstly I think we forget how tightly our clothes used to fit. I know for sure that I was reluctant to go up another dress size so although my old jeans still fit they are probably much looser now than I remember (and the legs are just so big they are a joke now hehe). Also, my old jeans are stretchy but my new ones aren't. I put my new jeans up against my old ones and they are the same size at the waist o_O but completely different dress sizes (bought from teh same store too interestingly enough).

This doesn't clarify the great mystery but it's indeed curious. So, just to summarise, I started at 24 tops and 22/24 bottoms and am now 18 top and bottom (apart from fitted tops) and have lost 1lb short of 4 stone. How about you guys?
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sizes are strange !! I started as a 22-24 on bottom and 20-22 on top .. I am now a 16 ( ish ) on top and 16-18 on bottom ( need to try and shift the apron from having a c section 7 months ago ...)
I have lost 4 stone 11 lb ...


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My size 18 jeans from evans are very loose but size 16 I cant get on!! I was a size 20 but managed to lose a stone between october and december on weightwatchers but felt it wasnt shifting fast enough hence why im on lipotrim.

I would so love to get to the point when i cant shop at evans anymore if you know what i mean!!! I do remember a time way back when, when i didnt know there was a big ladies shop!!


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i'm a really wierd shape and so I fit into a size 16 jeans :eek: but a size 24 top:eek::eek:... I would love to stay the same at the bottom but drop loads of flab from the top lol


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I think you're right in that we forget how tight the clothes had got.

When I started LT I was 12st9 and I had one pair of trousers (combat style) that fitted, and they were a large size 14. I had to buy a pair of black trousers for a works do in a size 16 so in reality I was a 16, as the rest of my size 14 trousers wouldn't even do up.

I've lost 1 and a half stones so far and now all my size 14 trousers fit me and even a couple of pairs of 12's, which I know are 'big' 12's iyswim! I have some trousers labelled size 12 which I think I'd struggle to fit one leg in (lol)

Despite the fact I don't actually feel I look any different, the sane side of me tells me that I must do. Photos don't look much diff though :!?
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must lose twinny belly :)
ive flucuated between 16 and 19 stone since the birth of my twins and have stayed a 18/20 - weird lol


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at my heaviest 17st 8 i was a size 20 bottom and 18-20 top depending on where i bought clothes i dropped 2.5 stone back last year and was a 16 bottom and 16-18 top??? i feed sizes strange my sister was 2-3 stone lighter than me and a bit shorter when i was 17 st 8 lb but wore the same size clothes??? its all down to our own body shape and the cut of the clothes!! they should all be made the same size in every shop!!!


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heh, it's very interesting to read your stories and I think somewhat reassuring also that we are all experiencing some weirdness in relation to our weightloss/clothes sizes. I am, unfortunately, apple shaped, although sometimes I think Im an apple AND a pear haha but I think shape definitely plays a large part. Also, Im starting to think that perhaps we are loosing more transabdominal fat and that's why we aren't slimming down dress sizes right away. If that is the case then I'm completely happy because the hidden fat is what gives us heart disease and such so the less of that there is the better!


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When I started at 21st I was a size 26/28 for most clothes and used to wear long tent style dresses. Now that I have lost around 5&1/2 stone I am now into size 18-22 dresses and tops. I still wear some of my size 26's as they dont look tooooo bad lol. I am hour glass shape so pretty evenly proportioned.

rainbow brite

My first time on LT I started at just under 14st and was in 16/18 clothes top and bottom. Got down to 10st 4 and was a 10/12... can't wait to be there again! :(


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Do you think it's possible that, after a long enough time spent on LT, we'll be able to get rid of the fat in/on our 'bad' areas (mine being my backside lol), I've never been able to shift the weight there and it really annoys me, I'm just praying that I'll even out one day...


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This is a subject that really bugs me. I only wish that they would all make a standard measurement for each size and stick to it!

It can be kind of disheartening to be a size in one shop, then go to another, buy a similar garment in that size only to find it's way too small! Crazy stuff.

I was 28/30, sometimes 32! at 22 stone. Now I'm a 14 on bottom and can wear a 14 top. Yet I have enormous boobies, and I've always had to buy bigger tops to accommodate them. Saying all that, I picked up a little checked shirt thing from River Island in size 14 and it would even meet across my boobs! I'm probably about a 20 in there haha!

I found my sizes stayed the same for a while then dropped dramatically when I reached a certain point. Like at the start of one week my size 16 skinny jeans fitted me lovely, I put then on again the next week and they fell down!

I guess that's to do with where you're losing the weight from. My big fat bellies are the last to go. They are slowly but surely shrinking, and I've noticed this more so the past few weeks. That's when my dress size has dropped dramatically. I've 2 more stone to go and I know I'm carrying that 2 stone in my belly!

How do you know about what shape you are?

I've been told I am hourglass. I have believe it or not a small waist which I think can look ridiculous, as if I'm wearing something fitted and having such huge boobs I look out of proportion somewhat.


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Do you think it's possible that, after a long enough time spent on LT, we'll be able to get rid of the fat in/on our 'bad' areas (mine being my backside lol), I've never been able to shift the weight there and it really annoys me, I'm just praying that I'll even out one day...

Yes Aaron!

I thought my belly was never going to shrink! Everywhere else was shrinking but my belly was still huge! I've found that the closer I get to goal the more the belly is shrinking making my dress sizes come down.

Also, apparently after you lose a lot of weight it takes a while for your body to redistribute the remaining weight. The reason some people can look 'gaunt' after a great weight loss, but you see them a while later, they still weigh the same but look much more healthier.

I love a man with a big butt! You should flaunt it!


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Thanks Betsy thats good to know, makes alot of sense too!

This made me laugh :roofles:

I love a man with a big butt! You should flaunt it!



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Heehee ;) You should be shaking it every chance you get!

Seriously though, squats are great for your butt. I just love squats, and squat every chance I get. Looks a bit odd in the queue at Sainburys but c'est la vie.


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im trying to lose some weight off my face, it isn't THAT big and i dont have a double chin but because my eyes are a little smaller, having a bigger face makes it look even smaller.
just wondering if you guys lose much weight over ur faces?


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strangely enough I was always larger at the bottom, now I am in size 10's trousers, jeans ,and dresses, but need a size twelve top, I seemed to have lost weigh to my bum, and have never put it back on despiete being off LT for nearly eight months.


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Thinking - my face is the very first place I lose weight from, which initially is great, but the nearer I get to target I start getting comments about being too thin, but really it's just my face, the rest of me is still on the large side.

As for clothes sizes, I've actually stopped caring about what size I am, if I like something and it fits I buy it. My wardrobe varies between size 12 to 22, and I wear almost all of it. I'd say I'm a 16 if I'm honest - but I still wear my size 12 jeans and they fit fine.

I have no clue how a person is expected to know what size they are. I used to get upset that my clothes sizes are so varied, but I don't care now, it's the shops fault, not mine lol.


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I started at 16.5 stone at size 22-24 bottom and top, now, 5 stone lighter and i'm size 12 bottoms and 14 tops, this is from matalan where sizes are generous! I always thought size 12s were tiny, but i still got a huge belly, so can't wait to lose that, i'm hoping to get to a size 8 (in matalan sizes!)


Size 14 here i come!
At 16st i was a very tight size 18 both top and bottom, now i am 12st.7 and i'm in a loose size 16 but imagine 14's would be too tight just yet.