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The green tea challenge


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I will! :) i use to drink it one cup a day usually helps i drink mine of a morning! :) so I'll join in!

What actually is the challenge? to drink between 1-3 cups a day?


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Omg i would love to join, but ive not touch coffee or tea since stopping smoking over 8 years ago.

Didnt like tea much and will this taste like tea or is it a different taste???

Someone could give me more info then i might join, and hiiiiii NN89 how you finding ww, im finding it better for me than sw, hope you doing ok :)


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Erm it's difficult to describe really definitely doesn't taste like proper tea and you of course don't put sugar or milk in it, it's just erm a very weird taste that many don't like i find, but if you drink it whilst it's still pretty warm it tastes better than when it's mild or cooled down a lot! lol


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I put a dash of milk and sweetner in mine, and it just tastes like a bland cup of tea- Ive had 2 today, so far so good....i feel like i have a bit more energy than normal but that may just be the sun!
i have a unopened box of green tea in my cupboard, been there about 6 months now, i will try and join u with this, but it depends if after ive tried a cup if i like it or not lol
I didnt drink tea for nearly 15 years until 2 weeks ago and becky on here said she was sure her starting to lose more weight was due to drinking green tea.....
First 1 made me feel sick :jelous:
Now I have 2 a day with milk and sweetner Green Tea Decaf as I cant have caffine due to migraines and I love it now lol :rolleyes:
I couldnt drink it black/green :jelous:
I will join the challenge I will do 3 a day x


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
hmmm im going to give it another bash tomorrow but get some green tea with lemon to see if thats any better xxx
I'm in. I have some twinings. It's got orange and camomile in it though. Will that be okay
i was wondering the same! i've got ones with different flavours to them, going to stick to original green tea ones first though, but you can give yours a go and see if you notice a difference! :)
The ones with flavours are sooooo much nicer than the plain ones. My faves now are the ones with mint and this week I got ones with pineapple and grapefruit.

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