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The Heat


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lol at the bla hun i feel exactly the same i have a lot to loose too, just think next summer we will be skinny minni's in them little tops and summer dresses!
watch this space


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I'm exactly the same. Every summer comes I hibernate and waste the summer watching Big Brother!

For the past 3 years PLUS I've been intending on dieting way before the summer in order to get it off and actually enjoying it rather than hideing away. I'm going to be doing the exact same routine this year as past years but I'm just looking forward to next year, and the year after that and after that etc (hoping I'm able to keep it off when I reach goal).

Try your best to get yourself looking forward to next summer as a way to get through this phase, its the best way to go about it in my opinion. Everytime I'm in town which unfortunately is everyday as I work next to town and go for "lunch" there, all you see is girls wearing next to nothing flaunting themselves. Although I'm not a show off and wouldn't want to bare all....next year we could give them little bigheads a run for their money :)


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count me in on all this bla-ness. 9 stone fatter than i ought to be and ruddy miserable for it! every june-sept i wanna mount the kirb and mow down all the smiley skinny moos in their little tops cos im in dark, long sleeved tops and almost fainting with the heat lol. ....not that im jealous or anything....


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Haha Karen, LETS GET EM! I'm exactly the same, always in black 99.9% of the time long sleeved tops...at work I wear trousers out of work jeans.....PFFFFFTT!
Hey, I know this feeling:cry: I think maybe this time if I stick to it I might be at goal about beginning of September, lets hope there is still some sun left.



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GRRRRrrrr well I think you should ALL **** up lol! HEAT??! Sun?? Nice weather? WHERE?!

I swer its what., 11th June, and I still have my CH on. Its been AWFUL! Fathers Day last year we spent the day getting fried on the beach. This year if it carries on be lucky to wear a t-shirt without a fleece.

Seriously - the weather on the East Coast of the UK is pants. Can you send some over please! xx


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The **** for some reason (it did that automatically??) wasnt a bad word it was 'shut' just in case anyone wondered xx


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Weather in Norfolk also not great - but then thats not necessarily a bad thing as in the summer I spend most of the time huffing and puffing with a face the colour of beetroot!

I have always been a "warm" person but since starting CD I have been sooooo cold. I am in jeans, t-shirt and a jumper with my CH on and I am considering a 2nd pair of socks!!!

regarding the censorship :rotflmao:
Hi girls

For the last 20 summers I've been exactly where you describe, sweltering in long sleeve black tops, feeling rubbish, we all know HOW rubbish that is, don't we, envying women in little summer dresses and despising myself ...

I just want to share with you that I'm down from 20.5 stone now to 12.13 (last stone on the CD), I'm going to New York tomorrow and for the first time since I was 11 years old I'm taking a dress. A SLEEVELESS dress. A knee length, flippy, cute SLEEVELESS DRESS! On me!!!

I look OK in it. I still think I'm a too big in the arms but my husband says I'm being daft and I'm b****y well WEARING it. And do you know what, I'm going to. We CAN get there. If I can get out of those summer cover-ups, and I thought I never, ever would, not at 38, not with such a downer on myself, there's hope for us all :)

I know you ladies will understand what a symbolic pice of cloth that dress is!!! Wish me luck because I'll feel like I'm going out naked, if you know what I mean! :D


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Oh I know what you mean, even if I wear a sleveless top I feel naked LOL. Well done though bagpuss thats amazing, at really motivating for anyone who reads your story. You've done brilliant!

Hope you have a lovely holiday!!!

TTey... Its miserable here too! haha, but I like it like this, maybe I'll prefer warmer weather when at goal :p


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Hey Bagpuss - well done! Please get Hubby to take a pic of you in the dress behind some NY backdrop so we can all be further inspired. Have a great trip.

So, no nice weather Wiltshire, Norfolk or Lincolnshire -- WHERE IS THE SUMMER??


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Its Mis' in Worthing too :) looks like its crappy everywhere!
Thanks for your encouraging words articmonkeys and TTey! I'll pluck up courage and get some pictures done :D

Hope you have great weeks and the weather's kind over here!

Bagpuss xx


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It's great to know we arnt alone feeling like crap every summer but roll on next summer when we are all strutting our stuff eh girls!
wow to bagpuss u have done great and u wear that dress with pride!! i cant wait to be able to wear a dress! i havnt wore one since i was 18 and that was after loosing weight, im now 34! always wanted to own a little black dress...then i would deffo feel naked!


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well just returned from turkey and had no choice but to wear cami tops as it was 35 deg most days but next year im going back 9 stone lighter and gonna flaunt it

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