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  1. DISCLAIMER: I know that what i am doing is unhealthy, but i have my reasons for doing it, and it's important to me. I'm sorry if anyone is offended or anything.

    I always get completely off track in the school holidays... BUT this time will be different!

    I have about 2-3 weeks to shed the weight that i have piled on over the past 2 months of stressful exams and school.

    Okay, this is shocking, but, over the past 2 months, i have gained almost 10kg :mad:

    I feel disgusting...

    Right now, i am about 82kg... and i need to get back down to 73kg!!

    My goal is about 70kg,.. but, we'll see.

    My plan is basially, fruit and vegetables for a couple of weeks to detox my system, and then showly introducing some lean protien and good carbs and stuff.

    I NEED to do this!
    It came on very quickly, so i'm expecting it to come off even faster.


    It's the 10th of April today, and school starts back on the 28th of April.

    I want to lose as much weight as possible my then!
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  3. Okay...

    Today (April 14th) is my 'day one', because of horrible easter family dinners and stuff that have invaded the past week.

    So, i have eaten:
    - 3 bowls of vegetable soup (boiled carrot, peas, cauliflower, broccoli)

    And that's it.

    It's 11:30am, and i don't want to eat anything else today.

    I also burned 400 calories at the gym :)

    Tomorrow, we're having people over for dinner, so i think that i might have an apple in the morning, go to the gym, and then just eat as little as possible for dinner.

    It should be okay.

    I'm avoiding the scale.. but by the end of the week (Sunday), i want to be 77kg.

    It's achievable

  4. abz

    abz Gold Member

    hey hon. just a thought but have you considered doing something like cambridge... i know you've put a disclaimer up there but i can't help but think that if you are eating once a day and burning that many calories you are going to collapse. it's not that it's unhealthy. it's that it's not sensible!!

    doing something like cd would have you losing vast amounts of weight very quickly without the risk to your health.

    abz xx
  5. Hey abz,
    Thankyou for your comment.
    I completely understand that tis is unhealthy and that i should do a proper diet... but i am just realy unsure.

    I'll research the Camberidge Diet and maybe in a few weeks look into doing it.
    It sounds great.

    Anyway, i weighed myself today and i am 79.8kg
    I don't know why or how but i'm not complaining.

  6. Down to 78.6

    I HAVE to be at 77 by Monday (19th) :)

    And then 75 by Thursday (23rd)

    And then 73 by Tuesday (28th)

    I think that t's completely achievable!

    And, i am going to see a dietitian on the 22nd, so, after the 28th, i will definitely make my diet healthier and more balanced!

  7. Didn't eat anything yesterday.
    Drank some alcohol last night.... oops.

    This morning: 78.2kg

    I had breakfast:
    - 1 bowl of Special K
    - 4 pieces of melon

    I have to go out to lunch with my cousin, and i'll probably go to the gym this afternoon.

    Tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, i think that i will try REALLY hard to stick to just vegetables, and exercise.
  8. Scale is broken... :(

    Seeing dietitian tomorrow.. i don't really know how i feel about that, but i HAVE to go. So, i'll see.
  9. abz

    abz Gold Member

    good luck hon. glad you are seeing a dietician. think you will enjoy it :D

    abz xx
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