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The Jiggery Pokery Team - Team 2

Count me in xx


Laugh in the face of food
Hey Tasha, I'd love to join. I guess great minds think alike cos I was just wondering about starting up a new team. When I lost all my weight last time being part of a team really helped keep me motivated. We didn't bother to get involved in the weigh in competition, but just having somewhere to come together and chat was great.

Fantastic team name by the way xxx
Thanks i liked the name too hehe :D YAY thats two people on the team just another 3 needed. I also think a team will keep me motivated and going strong, i have SUCH a long way to go i need the motivation haha. Thanks for joining :D xxx
Thats 5 of us, how many in a team?


Laugh in the face of food
Woo hoo thats some going. Lets hope we can stay as motivated with our losses. I'm really looking forward to being part of a team again.
Woooo Hooooo... heres to The Jiggery Pokery Team

Whens everyone WI day? x
Stokegal i did cd last year, lost 6 stone and fell pregnant so i ate everything in sight cause i knew i had the cd to fall back on, Today was my 5th WI


Laugh in the face of food
My WI is also Weds night at 6.30, I'm really nervous about this week cos it's my first week on SS+. I've been doing SS up til now, but my CDC suggested I moved onto SS+ It's a long story, but I was having really low losses and felt starving even though I was in ketosis. SO I'm giving SS+ a go for a couple of weeks.

This is my 2nd time on CD, I lost 5 and half st last time, but gradually I put 2st 9lbs back on :-( so I'm working at getting rid of that and getting back to my target weight. I've been doing CD this time round for almost 5 weeks and have lost 9lbs so far.
I have 5 lbs left to go was ss today but these noway i can carry on so ss+ from tomorrow now.

then up the plans to maintain i hope. surfunny looses are around the same on ss and ss+ really so wouldnt worry at all.
Yay woop woop team Jiggery Pokery!!!

So glad you all joined i think this is gonna be a really good team :D My name is Natasha (as you all know haha) I live in a small town in Northumberland with my OH Andreas and my dog Bailey and his cat Casey. I am training to become a Driving Instructor at the moment and work at Adapt North East Transport Office along with the Driving Instructor there. My OH is a Barber currently working in £stretchers bless him to get the money in as no work for him at the moment.

I became ''big'' after i met my ex at the age of 17 I was with him 4years and lived with him most of that time. Something happened to me (which i wont go into) but after that i became VERY depressed and would not leave the house for over a year.... i just sat in my own feeling sorry for myself and my only friend was food. In just over 4 years i ballooned up to a size 30 topping the scales at 23stone eeek!!

My ex bf as lovely as he was didnt really know how to deal with what had happened and pushed me away which made me get more deppressed and eat more i pushed EVERYONE close to me away, my friends everyone. I moved out and left my Ex bf and moved into a place of my own. I sat online 24/7 and thats how i met my bf Andreas. We talk for 16months before we met, he made me whole again (if that makes sense) and i cant wait to start living my life with him. I love him to bits. I think his family judge that i am a big girl and i really cant wait to get this weight off as it is making me VERY upset and depressed and i need to do this for myself! I owe it to myself and andreas to be fit and healthy and he is giving me wonderful support. I cant wait to go see his Family in September and to be skinny hehe!!

My WI day is wednesday evening i am coming to the end of week 4 on CD. I did LL 2years ago and lost 3stone in 9weeks which i was soooo happy with!! Cant wait to feel like that again.

Thought you would like to know alittle about me sorry if i went on to much haha :D xxxxx <3

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