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The joy of public transport


Short and pink
Hurrah, today when I was getting off the bus, a guy stepped in my way, leading to the "go ahead" dance. As his foot hit the asphalt, he murmured, "Fat *****".

I didn't do what I wanted to, which was to jump on his back and crack him over the head with one of my Fat ***** fists. Still, what a dick.

I hate the way people think it's alright to be horrible about someone's weight. It's the last acceptable putdown. Over the years I've had tons of strangers think it's alright to comment on my weight when I in fact didn't ask for their opinion. Usually it's pissed up blokes in bars, but even "friendly" people do it. Y'know, the whole, "You've got a pretty face...." routine.

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Short and pink
He hasn't spoilt anything, he's obviously a twat. But I just wonder, how many of us have these putdowns and taunts in our heads from over the years? It's just not fair.


Silver Member
I used to always say "I may be fat but you are ugly. I can diet you need plastic surgery to sort yourself out"! I know it's not right but it used to make me feel better lol.

Don't let the bug*** grind you down!!

Take care

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