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The life and weightloss of Rachel

Ok, This is my next step in my weightloss Diary and because I have changed VLCDs I have started a new diary. If anyone would like to read my old one (I doubt it but....) here is the link.


So I started CD this morning and so far so good. I havent actually felt as hungry today as I thought I would but I have been drinking plenty of water :tear_drop: to keep myself busy. I had a Coc Mint shake this morning which was lovely and I am going to have the Broccoli and cheese soup for lunch.

I had my last proper meal last night of mince and onions and potatoes and my mummy made it so that just made it taste even better. I had an indian on Saturday night too which was very very bad and to top it off they got the order wrong so I didn't even get the meal I wanted. Hey hoo it was my own fault!!

I have to admit to missing SSing when I was off it. There is something to be said for taking away the choice and temptaion of bad food!!

I am on this now until xmas or I reach my goal of about 11st whichever comes first (I secretly hope its 11st)!! So I have strapped myself in for the bumpy ride!!! At least having done it before I will know what is to come!!

Now just to update my ticker etc and thats me all set.:eek::eek::eek:
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Hi Rachel,

I am sure you will do just fantastic by Christmas. As you say, you know what you are in for and what you have to do to get to your goal. Just think of the sexy little Christmas number you can buy!!

I hate that, when you know you shouldn't be doing something (like ordering take away).....and you are really looking forward to it, dribbling at the thought......and then they get it wrong! Its like payback for the crime you just commited!!
I have told myself that when i drop 2 stone i am going to allow myself a big fat cheesy slice (or 2) of pizza, with extra cheese! (now i am dribbling). It is odd though, as i can honestly say that i haven't even had any cravings for that kinda thing!!! Odd for me anyway!!

Can i ask, why have you gone from LT to CD?

Whats the difference?

Is the expected weight loss the same on each diet? (calories the same?)

Can you swap from LT to CD if i thought i was getting too bored of LT?

Hope your first day back today goes good.

Yay Rach for the new Diary :)

I hope you like the broccoli and cheese soup - I love it, but I reckon not everyone would! You'll get to goal before Christmas, I am totally sure.

SJ to answer one of your questions, yes the weight loss average is the same, ie a stone a month. And yes, you can change from LT to CD if you get bored of LT - thats what I did! The LT flavours start to drive you mad after 10 weeks or so!!
Yep SJ that is why I swapped. CD has more flavours and it was as simple as that for me. There are LTers that like to stay on LT because of this reason too though. They like the fact that there are very few flavours because they dont want the temptation to come back with the taste. I suppose it just depends on you and how you feel about food maybe.

Im sure I read on someone elses thread that they had stopped getting cravings for unhealthy food and had started to crave healthy food so maybe it's not so unusual. Your body getting used to the healthy diet and not getting any bad stuff anymore maybe makes it forget about it. I really have no-idea but im sure someone on here can enlighten us on why this happens??

Elle, The Broccoli and cheese was ok but I dont think it will be a favourite and I will probably leave it to the end when I am running out of food before I try it again :). I may like it more the second time around because your tastebuds change on VLCDs I think.
Hello Lipotrimers and ex lipotrimers :wavey:

So nice to be able to post on the thread. Its been a while since i posted here.

Elle all i can say is :wow::wow::wow:i am so jealous!!! And i wish i had your determination and committment to loosing this weight (really thats what i need to succeed!) but i havent been totally good.

Rachel, well done on starting on CD:clap:, i am sure you would do it this time, you have a good motivator in Elle and all the other members of the forum and i can only wish you all the best.:grouphugg:

I am hoping i can start ss again but its has been really difficult.:cry:

The last time i weighed my self which was 2weeks ago i was 14st 4lbs i havent checked but i am not backing on loosing anymore since then.

Also there has been a bit of cash flow problem, so i might be stopping, but would see how i do with the 2wks supply i have got left!:cry:

By the way can anyone advice if its ok to have Fibre sure from boots into my water does it help at all???

Thank u all.
Hi Slim, You could be surprised with some weightloss because I stopped SSing about three weeks ago when I was 14st 8lbs and when I got weighed again last week I was 14st 4lbs and I wasn't really trying to be honest. If cash flow is a problem you could just try and do the low Gi diet as I have heard that is the best way to go after SSing.
I am def going to think of Elle when I want to eat as she has done so well !! I would like to have family pictures taken as my xmas pressie so thats why I am aiming for in or araound that time to be at target.
Not sure about the fibre sure but im sure some of the other girls will know.
Hiya Rachel, good luck with CD and well done for losing 4lbs while you were off having curries and all!! Just don't be mean and talk about how great the butterscotch, toffee, walnut, choc orange shakes and bars are!