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The long awaited wedding....

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Hi folks - Warning! this is a long one and contains reference to food!

well after months of planning what i was gonna do for the wedding it is over. Bride and groom are now on their honeymoon and the day went swimmingly - even tho my shoes nearly killed me - i have about 4 blisters! :cry:

so the meal... i was umming and ahhing about what to do with myself - whether to go for it or to leave it alone. i had 2 shakes before the wedding and about 2 litres of water - then came the meal and i ate. AMAZING. nearly 20 weeks with no food and i can tell ya - it was great. i was really worried that i would decide to eat and it would be horrible and i'd regret it but i dont regret it and i was very careful!

the starter was a portion of melon and 2 raspberries - i ate both raspberries and half the melon portion. my god it was good.

main was chicken chasseur, with broccoli, carrots and cabbage, with a little bacon and potato dauphinoise. I had the broccoli, carrots and cabbage (not all of them mind - it seemed a huge plateful, although ordinarily - before LT i'd have easily polished it all off.) I had about a third of the chicken and one of the bits of bacon (about an inch long and half a centimetre wide - VERY salty!) and ignored the potatoes, but when i'd finished i did destroy the little tower they were in to make it look like i'd eaten more! i tried to avoid the sauce as i didnt know what was in it but it kinda got everywhere! i didnt eat the chicken skin which was good really coz thats where most of the sauce had tainted it! the chicken was sooo good.

dessert was a lemon meringue roulade thing - i have never seen such an enormous dessert in my life! it came with a couple of strawberries so i had them and then gave my dessert to my boyfriend's great uncle who was eyeing it up!!

I gave my champagne for the toasts to my boyfriend (best man) for a bit of extra dutch courage and toasted them with fizzy water.

had a great time and carried on into the evening glugging water in an attempt to compensate!!

back on the shakes as of sunday and drank about 5 litres of water to flush out any nastiness. did a ketostix as soon as i got home on sunday morning and it said i was still in ketosis. i did another one this morning to see if i was going to have a delayed reaction but it still says i'm in ketosis so hopefully i wont be hungry and headachey for a few days.

i'm expecting a low loss this week but hopefully not too much harm done. with hindsight i should have probably stayed away from the fruit but never mind! it just looked and smelled so amazing!!

well i'm glad its over and now i can concentrate on getting as much weight off as i can before my self given deadline of 3rd December, when i'll come off TFR.

Thanks for reading! xxx
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I love weddings. Well done at the wedding and your determination to get back on the shakes the day after. Glad you had a good time I keep telling people you can have a good time without the drink. x.


A little of everything!
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Yayyy you!! Well done- you did what you felt you could deal with and felt okay. You didn't have to eat it all, and you didn't, so you've proved self-control in social circumstances- one of the hardest things!
Hope the blisters get better soon, I bet you looked great! (Any pics?)


Success leads to success
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Well done Sarah Lou- you were soooo controlled! Glad you enjoyed yourself and refrained from drinking- thats very hard and yet you were disciplined! Good to see your still in ketosis, your doing brilliant hun! xx


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ahhh sarah-lou!!! :D Glad you had a lovely time and very well done for being so restricted on yourself when it came to eating. I hope you still have a good loss this week but atleast you are expecting to not have a great one because you eat so if you dont have a good one hopefully you wont get too down about it :) If you know what i mean, does that make any sense?!!! :giggle:

Just keep yerself focused, i know you can and you know you can so back to 3 shakes and the oh so lovely h2o!!!! :giggle:

:hug99: xxxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Well done Sarah!!! You seemed to really enjoy the day and your self control is very evident from your post. Shows you are more than determined to get to your next goal in December.

Hope you have a good loss this week too; as that would be a brill bonus for you.

Take care
S: 15st6lb C: 15st6lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks girlies!! feeling totally paranoid today tho - everytime i dont feel cold or think i'm feeling hungry etc i panic that i've come out of ketosis! get a grip sarah lou!!

Irish - pics wise - well what a palaver!! the bride HATES being the centre of attention and hates having her picture taken - so cameras were near enough banned except the professional photographer! we did sneak some in tho but i have to wait for my boyfriend's dad to share the photos he took!

thoroughly enjoying my shakes yesterday and today - like faithful friends even though i only missed one! xxx


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You sound like you were pretty focused babes. I don't think you done alot of damage so don't be worried. As long as you enjoyed yourself.


A little of everything!
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LOL! Okay then...I can wait!
Glad you're enjoying your shakes again, I'm kind of looking forward to tasting them again!


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fantastic control hun.
so pleased you had a good day x

not long left on lipotrim now hun.i'm finishing the wednesday of that week too!
good luck with the rest of the journey x
luv mrs Archer lol x
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It sounds like you've got it under control & enjoyed yourself! So well done!!

Good luck with the rest of this week & fingers crossed it hasn't impacted your weigh in too much! :)

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Well done on the controlled way that you ate Sarah Lou. It sounds like a fantastic day. You sound very level headed and disciplined!

Congratulations on not coming out of ketosis, lucky duck. Do not get all paranoid! Just go with the flow and take what's coming. What's done is done.

Hopefully it won't impact you loss at all. You're back on the good ole LT shakes and life is back to normal, roll with it.

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