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The men in our lives: Hall of Fame


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I constantly see, hear and read about horrible men that do us women no good.

So, let's celebrate the fantastic men in our lives support and love us exactly as we are.

Post a picture if you want, and say exactly why they're so fantastic. Men, feel free too write about the brilliant women who support you!

I'll start.

My boyfriend Louis, is the loveliest boy I have ever met. We got together when I was four stone over weight and creeping up day by day. With his help and support, I have realised I need to do something about my body issues, if not to change my body, to improve my confidence and love myself.
Despite not being the skinniest, most beautiful woman in the world, he vehemently maintains that I am, and that's why I love him.
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Ahh, that's a lovely idea....your boyfriend sounds soo nice and supportive...

I'll talk about my OH, but I know he would hate it if I posted a piccy of him, so sorry no photos here...
Anyway, my man....have known him since 1995 when we met at Uni. We've been married for 9 years now and have 2 beautiful kids. When we met, I was thinner than I am now (Pre- Go Lower weight loss that is!), but certainly not thin! I gradually got fatter and fatter and he didn't care...we got married and when I was pregnant loved my belly too! He still loves my tummy even though no baby - he's great - he's supportive and he's mine!



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lovely idea!
my special guy is my husband David.. he is amazing and after 8 yr s together and 4 kids im still his princess despite the 6st weigh gain! he puts up with my crazy and supports me in what ever i want to do! I never thought id be so happy and relaxed in a relationship and couldn't imagine a second without him! our house and lives are hectic and were 2 independent people that come the end of the day we snuggle up and its like weve never been apart. this is why i love him so much :) xxxxx


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woah this comes out a bit big but its me david and all our kids!



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This is my wonderful husband Matt :) He is as supportive as a husband could be - he is loving the healthy new me! I might not be anywhere near my goal weight but when I lose a lb or 2 he always tells me "I can feel it around your waist" even though he cant lol! :rolleyes: I would have completely given up on life let alone weight loss if it wasnt for this man :)


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What a lovely idea!

I don't have a picture but my fantastic man is my partner Paul, who is constantly supporting me and although he is not happy with me wanting to lose weight, he lets me get on with it. We met when I was 267 lb and he loved every pound. Wanting to go down to 165 lb was a big discussion but he wants me to be happy and he does everything to help me on my way. And I love him for this and many many other things. He is my fantastic man! :cupid:


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My partner's called Scott. He's just great. He loves his girls curvy, but he's happy for me losing weight. He said my health is so much more important than anything else. It's nice to finally have a man who would take me just the way I am, and yet supports me on my way to become thinner.


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Heres my hubby neil, despite my massive weight gain he still loves me :eek::eek: and is loving the new confident me.

He comes on long walks with me and we can for the first time in ages start enjoying each others company more ;);)

Now our kids are older we realise we have time on our side and are able to start to plan everything we want to do in the future, like our dream trip to the maldives in a couple of years :D


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My OH is great at supporting my weight loss, and as I don't cook he always does little things for me like boils an egg for me to take to work for lunch.

Now I am following Go Lower I have all my meals supplied but some evenings if I fancy a change he will make up a plate of the low carb foods I can eat and he presents it on the plate like it is a masterpiece and it just makes me love him all the more!

He loves me the way I am but when we met I was actually slim and I would like to get my figure back to that for me as well as him!

Hugs to all you great partners out there!
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Lovely idea. My husband is amazing. Mainly for putting up with me for so long! He drives me mad from time to time and we argue more than we probably should but we make up and that's the most important thing. We'll have been married 10 years in June, we met at uni and even though I was fat we fell in love. Awwww.:eek: He never expected to fall in love with a fat girl which sounds mean but actually makes me feel wonderful because he saw through it and wanted to have a life and children with ME!

Another 13 stone later and he's still wonderful, since losing some weight he always comments when we cuddle that he can wrap his arms round me better. He prods my hips and says oh I can feel bone, he's such a liar but I love him.

lol I've gone all gooey now.:D


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We are a lucky bunch aren't we to have loving supporting partners.
ahh this is a lovely thing to do.
My Man is wonderful, he motivates me all the time to keep going, even cooks the recepies for both of us to eat, comes on long walks with me, tells me im beautiful especially on my bad days when i need it most.:)


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This is a great thread!

I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years and he is my rock! His name is Dave and he is a very intelligent, creative guy who is also a very good cook! I have been down a lot recently and he has made me feel so loved. He supports me through my weight loss journey and makes sure I know he loves me no matter what. He wants me to lose weight to build my confidence and make me happy. He always offers to exercise with me or go on a long walk together. I love him so much <3

This is him:

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Hiya..... well dunno what I'm doing here really cos I don't have a partner... I'm happy anyhow and am happy to read so many happy stories xxx


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Hope, so long as you are happy that is the main thing.

I think this thread was stated because so often we don't share our partners on here and to give them the recognition they deserve is a great idea.

I know my hubby puts up with me and I am not always the easiest to live with.

I don't cook so that is all down to him and he even prepares me meals with the foods I am allowed if I am not having one of my Go Lower meals.

We have our 10 year wedding anniversary in 3 weeks..... and I can't believe where the time has gone. That is one night when I will try to cook him a meal! I am actually going to try a Go Lower recepie! Even if it goes wrong he will eat it all up and tell me it tasted delicious because that is the sort of guy he is!

However, he probably still won't notice if I have had my hair done so he is not completely perfect, but I love him!


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I also love reading the posts on here about our OH's....

My OH would hate it if I put a photo of him on here, so as he supports me so much, better do what he says!!

Suzy, that's great you are going to attempt to cook a meal - Good luck and don't poison him - the Go Lower recipes are easy so hopefully not too much of a problem for you!

My OH WOULD notice if I cut my hair - its so long at the moment. I usually tie it up out of the way, but as I've lost weight, my confidence has grown (as has my hair) and so I wear it down most of the time now - He loves it down and tells me I look sexier!! Got to love him!!



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S: 20st0lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 5st1lb(25.36%)
I'll try really hard not to poison him when I cook, otherwise I will be making myself ill as well. That is why I am going to attempt a Go Lower recipie as that way we can both eat the same.

My hair is also long so if I had a lot cut he couldn't help but notice but the trims he doesn't really notice. I still wear mine up most of the time but that is beacuse unless I spend ages with the straighteners before long it just looks a mess.

I can't compain about hubby as he does do so much to show he loves me.

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