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Total Solution The Miss Mac Diary! Operation Egypt!!!

Someone has suggested that I write a diary as another thing to help spur me on so here goes.....

I was a healthy weight until the birth of my son. Perfectly understandable to put weight on then...yes it is....but my son is now 11 years old!!!:eek: (Can't exactly use that as an excuse anymore really can I? haha)

I have pretty much put on half a stone every year since then and I seem to have been on a diet trying to get it off since forever!!

So in 2008, I did the CD and lost 2 stone. I still wasnt in the 'healthy' weight catagory, but I felt great!!! Then Christmas came and went and I managed to maintain for about 6 months but then it slowly started to creep back on again. I am now a stone heavier than when I started it.

So I chose this to be my time to make it!! I came across Exante by accident as I was looking into buying CD again, but this looked pretty much similar but so much cheaper!! Bonus!!!

I started the diet on Tuesday this week, just because it was the first day of the month and today was my first weigh in as I am making Sunday my official weigh in day!! And I have lost 11 pound!!! Yay me!!:D

Not all easy going though.....

Day 1 and I was very optomistic....then I had a shake. I pretty much gagged the whole way through it!! Never mind I thought. Then I had a bar throughout the day which was OK, then came soup time! I had 5 spoonfuls and had to give up!! My optimism all but vanished....how could I stick to a diet that I couldn't even eat? And the headache I had was terrible, just to top it off!! Still I managed to stay 100%.

Day 2, different flavours and same reaction...not good!! So anyway, I was reading stuff on here and came across people saying they halfed their pack to last them longer through the day, so Day 3 and I tried this....not to make them last longer but just to water them down a bit....and result!!! They are now drinkable!!!

So I am doing fine and seem to have things under control and then I read about people struggling with day 5. I get to day 5 and feel fine....until the evening. I have been reading on here about having protein meals on aam week and to have this if you really really need to eat. Well, I somehow get it into my head that I could have a chicken kebab!!! It is Saturday night, which was always takeaway night, and I think...well its a protein meal!!

Anyway, I resist, only kept safe by the fact that it was my weigh in on Sunday and I wanted to do the best I could!! However, I did tell myself that I could have it on Sunday as a treat!!! Of course I wont, but it made me feel better!!

So now here I am, first weigh in done and have stayed 100%.

I am hoping this diary will help and keep me going, I might ramble on a bit but if it stops me from eating, then its all good!!

I wish everyone all the luck in the world on here and lets hope I have a great ending to my story!!:)
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Well done - fab start

i tend to add a spoon of coffee to all the sweet shakes - makes scrummy lattes

I love a good latte so might give this a try...thanks..x


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Well done on staying 100%!

You must be well pleased with 11lb off:happy096:

Good luck with your Exante journey, looks like you are off to a great start.


Doing it exante style :)
Writing a diary has kinda kept me sane :)
I tell myself that I'll have something to eat 2moro kinda helps eh? I feel like I'm not saying no to myself then.
The minds a strange thing :)

How much do you want to lose? xx

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Thanks Mini!

Yeah thats what I had to do last night....tell myself I could eat tomorrow...and it got me through it!

I ultimately want to lose 5 stone as that would take me into a 'healthy' range again. This would only take me into the higher end of that scale though, I think real healthy for my height would have me at about 9 stone but I personally feel that would be too much of a weight loss for me....the pressure that little BMI chart puts on us eh?? haha!!


Doing it exante style :)
Oh I know, my goal is to get to 12 stone and even then I'll be classed as "overweight" :(
I think I'll know when I've lost enough, so I'm not gonna pay too much attention to that!
Hey, I might feel fine after another pound loss, or is that wishful thinking lol x

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Hahaha....yeah one more pound should just about do it!! Positive thinking is good for you isnt it!!

Yeah think im going to play it by ear too. That BMI thing says i need to be 8 stone to be classed as underweight......I would be invisable nevermind underweight!!

Hows things going for you tonight...you managing?


Doing it exante style :)
I know, what aload of poop!

Yeh im fine, been battling with myself abit, bit I think it's coz it's the weekend and I'm usually stuffing my face with rubbish and takeaways lol
Another 100% day done tho ;) x

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I know what you mean...I think thats why I struggled a bit last night just because its the norm to have a takeaway on the weekend.

Well done on another 100% day.....i never mark mine off until the day after as in the past, I have done great all day....gone to bed, but then cant sleep for thinking about food and had to get back up and eat!! Really terrible I know!! So I know im never safe in a completed day until I have reached the next morning!!

I have got work tomorrow which Im a bit nervous about as I was off all last week when I started the diet, so I hope that goes ok!!...x


Doing it exante style :)
I'm the opposite, if I go to bed then that's it, the days done :)
I'm sure you'll be fine at work 2moro but good luck anyway xx

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thanks hunni.....well done on getting through today and good luck for another 100% day tomorrow!!...x


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That's a fantastic start to the diet, nice one! The diary really seems to help, particularly on days when you feel a bit wobbly!
Good luck with your weight loss journey, this site is a godsend, finding other people going through the same things :)
Hi Cybill,

thanks! I only hope I can keep up the good results for week 2!
Your right, this site seems great, knowing your not alone in some of the things you think are silly or only happen to you.

Your weight loss so far looks great and I love your idea of the balloons!!...x
well its day 1 of week 2 and my first day at work on the diet. Had half a shake at breakfast and took half a bar to have throughout the day......I was so busy I never had the chance to eat it! Not done so well with water today either as a bit too busy even for that. Got in from work and had the other half of the shake and am now struggling to eat a bit more of the bar as Im not really hungry and a bit too tired to eat to be honest.

Do you have to eat your whole allowance every day? If you eat less than you are supposed to, will it have an adverse affect on my weight loss? Hmmm......


Doing it exante style :)
I think it's to do with vitamins in it that u must have all ur packs! So get them forced down ;)
It's so hard sometimes when ur not hungry for them eh x

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I understand about the vitamin things.....but forcing them down just for the sake of it? is that not what we are trying to learn not to do?

So many diets/diet experts say learn to realise when you are hungry and when it is just a craving and only eat when you are hungry so Im a bit confused as to wether to eat just for the sake of it or just when Im hungry......Im confused!!!! :(

Who would have thought though that with so little to eat, I would actually even be asking this question!!! hahaha!!...xx

How has your day been Clair...did you make it?


Doing it exante style :)
I know what you mean chick but it's to keep you healthy :)

Yeh had another 100% day :) double figures 2moro day 10 OMG!!! x

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You need to forget conventional diet rules on a VLCD. If you're in ketosis you might not feel hungry so you can't rely on hunger as a prompt. You absolutely must have all your packs it's imperative to ensure you get all the nutrients you need. If you don't you're going to make yourself I'll

Don't look on the packs as food look on it as medicine. You MUST take 3 times a day

The packs aren't designed to fill us up the way food does so don't think of them in that way

Were on so few calories as it is theres no scope to cut back
oooo....I feel like I have just been told off by my mum Starlight!! haha.....but I see your point.

I am most definitely am in ketosis...bright purple tonight!! Thanks for the advice though.....strange.... I have been to see a dietician and done other food based diets in the past and have been told on more than one occassion that the reason I am not losing weight is because I dont eat enough!!! Go figure that one out. I have to say though, I can go all day without eating or feeling hungry but it is obviously what I eat and the time I eat it!! I am really hoping this is something I can re-train myself to sort out when I finish this diet and start eating normally!!...x

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