The mountain won't be climbed by sitting at the bottom!

Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by Clare74, 22 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Clare74

    Clare74 Full Member

    Ashamed, scared, in pain, out of control, uncomfortable, reclusive.... This is how my weight makes me feel and there is only myself that can change that. And oh how I want to change my weight!
    Seems a very easy thing to write but instead of thinking it, I NEED TO DO IT!

    In the past I've tried WW with very little success- my weight meant i had so many points to eat I found it overwhelming! Sounds like a dream, I know, but after a busy day at work I'd often find I still had 15 points left at 9pm when all I wanted was to sleep.

    The thought of meal replacement shakes is enough to make me run to the nearest sweet shop so that is a certain no go for me.

    I've tried Atkins years but the side effects were too severe for me.

    I've had some success with SW in the past and enjoyed the plan so I'm going to try again. The difference this time is that I'm not joining group. The reason? I work shifts and sometimes can't make group fora few weeks at a time and often could only get weighed and not stay as had to get to work. I found when i could stay I benefited from the support but looking at this forum I think I'll get good support here, and that is 24/7.

    So today is the day my journey starts. I weighed myself this morning and cried tears of anger and shame. I look forward to getting on the scales in the future and crying tears of joy and pride.

    I am 18st 13lbs. I never want to read those numbers on the scales again. I have been heavier in the past and I have been far lighter. I know which I prefer, so here goes that first step up the mountain....
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  3. bloodcoveredprincess

    bloodcoveredprincess Get Fit - Enjoy Life!

    Very few people .... even the top mountaineers climb mountains on their own..... but that's ok because you can climb that mountain with us....

    If you want a look at my dairy google this...... minimins what's on this princess's plate

    you can get to it that way xx

    And you need to stop feeling ashamed.... unless you got to that weight by eating babies.... you need to learn to love your self and your body because losing weight takes effort and we wont put that effort in for someone we don't love xx

    When you get to your target it will be the same body.... same muscles... same blood... same lungs... same heart.....

  4. Clare74

    Clare74 Full Member

    Eating babies! Made me giggle :) xx
  5. bloodcoveredprincess

    bloodcoveredprincess Get Fit - Enjoy Life!

    Have you got all your books and stuff from being a member before?
  6. Sara

    Sara Silver Member

    Good luck with your journey.
  7. Clare74

    Clare74 Full Member

    Thanks, Sara.
    Yes, I have my books from last time along with recipe books and blank food diaries so I'm all set and out of excuses!
  8. bloodcoveredprincess

    bloodcoveredprincess Get Fit - Enjoy Life!

    There will be no stopping you xx

    which day are you going to weigh yourself on.....

    there are threads for people who weigh in different days too xx
  9. Clare74

    Clare74 Full Member

    Well, I weighed myself this morning and started the plan today so it's a Saturday weigh in, I guess!
  10. Clare74

    Clare74 Full Member

    So first weekend over and not so bad... would have been perfect if red wine didn't exist!
    Saturday was day one and I had no plans so could stick to plan 100% which I'm pleased to say I did. Sunday wasn't so successful but could have been a lot worse! I had friends round for lunch, always a boozy affair, and yesterday was no different in that sense. The major difference this time though was what I cooked... They all ate SW without knowing it! A delicious pasta bake made with quorn, mushrooms, spinach, onion and tomatoes and a really tasty salad. They all loved it, as did I. The Red wine flowed and I did partake but am not going to beat myself up about it. No more alcohol for this week is the pay off. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have cooked anything so healthy, we'd have had a really naughty pudding and I'd have joined in with the baileys at the end of the meal.

    I know it wasn't a perfect day but it was a much better day than it could have been and unlike in the past I'm not going to beat myself up about it... This time it is about forgiveness, but at the same time not needing to seek that forgiveness too often! Onwards and upwards. The mind set has changed and this time IT WILL WORK!!!
  11. SallyVater

    SallyVater Gold Member

    You're sounding very positive and that's half the battle I think! I've just slinked back to SW after an 8 month absence (and a two stone gain! OMG!). It's definitely a good idea to read lots of diaries and forum posts and some of them are just so inspiring.

    Have you thought about giving yourself some mini goals to shoot for? I find that helps me a bit?

    Good luck to you anyway, and I'm now subscribed to your thread. :wavey:
  12. LindaWms

    LindaWms Full Member

    I'm sure most of us have felt similar.
    MiniMins offers wonderful support and help.
    Hang in there
  13. Clare74

    Clare74 Full Member

    Mini goals now set (but subject to change for the better!) And I've now measured myself, something I've not done before :)
  14. lemonandlime1

    lemonandlime1 Full Member

    I just laughed outloud at the eating babies bit bcp, almost waking my poor sleeping baby beside me!!

    Clare, your determination is evident in the way you talk. You will do it this time - yay :) I also am doing sw online rather than with class so we can all support each other.

    Away at to work out how to subscribe to your diary
  15. SallyVater

    SallyVater Gold Member

    I think just by replying to the thread it drops into your subscriptions. :)
  16. Clare74

    Clare74 Full Member

    I think I have got worms.
    Eating loads today but still hungry! And yes, I'm having loads of fluid so it's not thirst. It's just one of those days... concentrating on trying to fill up with super free food so still on plan :)
  17. Clare74

    Clare74 Full Member

    Yes, we can do this! Now pass me a banana!
  18. Clare74

    Clare74 Full Member

    Still on the first week but things going well. Looking forward to first weigh in on Saturday.
    I'm off work with a work related back injury at the moment (I'm a nurse). Have been off since 27th November and despite physio,acupuncture and now an osteopath, things don't seem to be improving. I know that my weight isn't helping in any way so even more motivation to succeed this time.
    I felt pretty low yesterday. I'm desperate to go for a nice long walk. To go into town shopping and last longer than 15 mins before having to think about going home. Even more desperate to get back to work!
    I had an appt with my osteopath yesterday and got quite teary about it all. He was great, I was deeply embarrassed and then he beat me up. He calls it spinal manipulation and deep tissue massage. I call it getting beaten up.
    One thing he did say was that he is really impressed with how little weight I've put on since my back injury and that I should be really proud of myself. When I thought about it I realised I'd only put on 10lbs since then, which when you consider I've been immobile, had Christmas and my 40th birthday (which is still going on a month later!) really is something to be pleased about. Especially as I've always been a comfort eater.
    So enough of feeling sorry for myself. I'm off out to buy some new flat shoes as I still can't wear heels. That's if I can find any in the 15 mins before I have to go home in pain!!
  19. bloodcoveredprincess

    bloodcoveredprincess Get Fit - Enjoy Life!

    Keep your chin up honey xx

    Sorry about your back pain..... I understand how debilitating it can be .....

    I have recommended the callanetics for your back book to several people on here with back trouble... you can pick up a second hand copy on amazon for a penny and postage xx

    hope your weigh in goes well....
  20. Clare74

    Clare74 Full Member

    Thanks bcp. I'll check it out xx
  21. Clare74

    Clare74 Full Member

    Two pairs of new shoes instead of a massive bag of minstrels and a creme egg :)

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