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The porridge is nice...


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Next time I have that i'm going to put 1 Teaspoon of strawberry in with it and mix it up , but that i guess won't be until friday now as I have none lol


Strong women stay slim
you know what they use that for don't you that porridge , for wallpaper paste lol
guess the dollop of jam would defea the object (especially if SSing)! I quite liked it though first couple of spoons did have an aftertaste but was okay after that. Think it will replace the hot soups in the evening now we are getting into autumn.


has started again!!
Anyone tried water flavour added to the porridge?

Just ordered a few packs from my CDC for next week! hope I like it, tho I cant see why I wouldnt!!

(god its hard to type with a cat sat right in front of screen, & blocking the mosuetoo)
Lol, ther only thing is found with the first few mouthfuls is that it had a aftertaste of saccherine(??) but as I went through it I didnt notice, it was just nice eating something lol!


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I had some this morning too, it's so creamy! Really nice tho, but then I've always loved porridge and even more so - especially in the autumn/winter.

Might ask if I can swap some of my order for about 2-3 sachets this week. Oh and had a strawberry tetra last night - I love that too, hate the banana and the choc is ok but strawb is just yum.
I'm loving the porridge. I add a bit more water to it to stop it being so thick. It's strange as I would never normally have 'plain' porridge but it's nice to have a warm breakfast.
Got my first sachet of porridge today.
Can't wait for breakfast tomorrow.


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I find it a bit too salty for my liking. Even added 8 sweeteners!!! Still too salty. But I am going to give it another try. Maybe my tastebuds have gone a bit weird having been used to shakes for the past month!!!! x


please try again
see im a mixed card. some mouthfuls i wondered if it was too salty and other mouthfuls i thought maybe it was too sweet, lol

will have to have it again to be sure


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I used to have porridge for breakfast b4 starting CD but I'm undecided about this porridge.

I add more water than 140ml cos it was just too thick & after a couple of mouthfuls it has a strange aftertaste.

Will try again before I totally reject it. :rolleyes:


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