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The reason I am this big & yo yo


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I hate having to post this after my brilliant first week weight loss :mad:

But I need to be up front and march onwards or the vicious circle starts all over again :(

I have dealt with my emotions yet again by turning to food :sigh: I won't bore you with the details but I do what I always do and turn to food for comfort. I so need to find another way of coping before I eat myself to death or go mad :eek:

If I sound like I am at the end of my tether then you are right I flippin well am.

Last night because something was upsetting me I ate. At first chicken slices. Then a beefburger. Then a cup of coffee and biscuits loads of them :cry: Then this morning I raided a chocolate egg box and ate some chocolate...

What I have realised is that this kind of eating I do is not for enjoyment or the love of food. What I am also realising is that I need to identify why I am eating in the first place. If I am not hungry I need a coping strategy that takes my mind off food. Then if I cut down on portion sizes of 'normal' eating I might stand a chance.

I am probably out of ketosis now but I do hope I can turn this round and still lose weight next week.

I keep telling myself that each day is a new day and that what happened on a previous day doesn't matter.

I will keep on keeping on til I finally get off the :whacky068:

Thanks for listening xxx
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Aww Catt. Tomorrow is a new day, so you need to pick yourself up and start afresh. You have identified that you haven't been eating for enjoyment, and that is a start.

Try not to be too disheartened by last night and this morning. You CAN do this! You had a fantastic first week =)

Strawb x


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Aw Catt, I totally understand, my weight is completely an emotional issue! Also when I have 'almost' reached my goal I ALWAYS start to eat like a mad crazy person...self-sabotage x This time we'll do it because this time our eyes are wide open, find out what triggers you and distract yourself! If I feel like grabbing food I stay out of the kitchen, clean the bathroom, fold the laundry, watch some TV, have a cuppa, soon the urge passes x Best of luck!
I totally concur with this, I eat (and drink) for emotional reasons. Last night our housemate offered me a glass of cava and I drank it. I needed a reward/wind down from a very stressful day. Today I posted how unwell I felt and it was because of that nasty cava.

This afternoon we went to my sister's house as it is my nephew's birthday. As usual they had gone to town with the buffet, there was just so much food on offer! In our family we eat and drink to celebrate, to reward and to commiserate. No wonder all the females are big in my family!

After doing LL three years ago I put all the weight back on. I still had not learnt to deal with using food for compensation. I really hope I learn this time round!

Hope you feel better tomorrow! xx


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Don`t know wether this will help but i have a diary and i write down all my feelings, whats happened, how im feeling about it, and how i can avoid wrecking my yoyo dieting again.
Isplit with my b/f in feb and i have very mixed emotions at the mo (totm). I have found i have to force myself to eat usually its grab the biggest bag of crisps and eat them in one go.
Tonight i was sat watching tv and really wanted to have a blow out with food, i trndled off upstairs and read my diary took my mind off it and now feeling a lot better.
Give it a go catt it may help.
Good luck xx


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I so so know how you feel coz for years I thought I loved my food and enjoyed eating it. No I was using my food as a friend! My son is autistic (ASD) and for years I was just so miserable, devastated, sad and depressed about it. It was so hard being his mummy as well as studying a uni degree. So I ate all the time to mask my feelings. It's only now that am realising I comfort ate as well as binged for years.

My OH is away at the moment, I was so scared that I won't cope restating the diet on way own, but I have. I cook the kiddies their meals and just have my stuff at the same time with them. I feel so good restarting as now I know food is not my friend it's just fuel for my body.

Nowadays I give myself "mini makeovers" if I feel low, they always make me feel good. For the 1st tym in my adult life I have size 14s in my wardrobe! So I play dress- up lol. Then take pics, it's so distracting from food. I did that last night at 11:30pm coz I was thinking of food. It helped! I proper got out of bed, took nightie off and dressed up, gosh I sound crazy lol. Took a pic then nightie back on ROFL.... I keep reminding myself that am worthy of being slim.

Try it whenever you feel low, make up n all if you can; trust me its such a mood booster! X

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I do the same thing Diva!!!! :) *Maybe not at 11.30pm* but I try on all my older clothes and if I even get into them I'm delighted, whether they look good on or not! Next week they'll look even better x
I'm exactly the same catt, as soon as something upsets me the first thing I do is turn to food :(
Quite alot has gone on for me this week and instead of raiding the fridge I have taken myself off on a short walk, so not only am I getting in some exercise I am walking away from the temptation of the food cupboards for a little while. Maybe this would work for you too.

I hope you have a good day today, just put your slip up behind you and move on :D Onwards and downwards! x


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I used to do exactly the same thing Catt, as soon I got upset the fridge got raided (it now helps that I don't have anything to snack on)

Last week I had numerous issues with work (chief examiner came in...panic stations fully on!) and whatnot, and I dragged the dog out, I'm not sure that he appreciates it as he's getting on a bit now...new resolution is to post on here more often so I don't bottle it up and end up trekking to the shops so I don't go and buy comfort foods (carbs for me).

I'm also thinking of taking up a class or taking up boxing again so I'm basically accountable for what I do/if I have a bad day I at least try to make up for it.

Hope you have a better week poppet and chin up you'll get there! x


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I do the same thing Diva!!!! :) *Maybe not at 11.30pm* but I try on all my older clothes and if I even get into them I'm delighted, whether they look good on or not! Next week they'll look even better x
lol... desperate measures!


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How are you doing poppet?

I'm doing really well managed to get back on track and lost 3lb this week.

Have been craving a little today but I think that is because TOTM is just around the corner.

All in all I am coping :) thanks for asking :thankyou:

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