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The Right Siza Bra Does Wonders!!


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I thought I would share with you a little bra adventure that has happened to me over the past few days.

I have been hassled (very nicely) by a few people about me needing to get myself a new bra. So I got myself down to M & S and got measured.

The lady got her tape measure and put it underneath my boobs and said 'mmmmm 38 or 40?' and then ran the tape over my boobs and said 'mmmmm E or F'.

So I said to her 'so I am either a 38 or 40 E or an F cup'. 'yes' she said, 'go and have a look'.

To cut a long story short I walked out of M & S with a 40G. Proud I had bought a new bra.

I went to LL session and told my little story to the group, and one of them said, but it doesnt fit! your boobs should be up here!! and hoisted my boobs up round my ears.

So i was recommended a specialist bra shop and went today for a fitting. Not a tape measure in sight, the woman said. mmmm ill go and get some bras for you to try.

I walked out with a 36HH!!!! My boobs are back up where they havent been for years, I looked like i had lost 7lbs instantly, my shape changed completely and I felt a million dollars!!

So, my advise to you is to get yourself measured at a proper bra shop.

(also the lady told me that if you are big chested M & S tend to go up a back size to get more in the cup because they dont do larger than a G/H in the shop)
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Hi Mel, where is this shop?


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Ealing in West London. Its called Bravissimo. They also have a web site with advice on fitting and online ordering. (apparantly, you should only be able to get 2 fingers behind the back of your bra)


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A good bra makes all the difference and it is so slimming as well as being comfortable.

I agree measuring alone is not enough as the make and shape of a bra has more to do with the actually size you end up with, so you really do have to try on and find the one that suits.

Glad the boys are back up to where they belong:banana dancer:

Love Mini xxx


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LOL mini - That little person looks just like me!!


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LOL Mel, very funny.....thanks for the name. I now have a mission on payday. Cant wait....Wonder if my true size is any different from the size I am wearing 36DD. Will be interesting. x
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M&S are useless.
i was fitted for bra - 36 d and 36 dd

didn't fit

went to bravissimo.....

perfect fitting bras 30F!!!!

nuff said!

daisy x
M&S are awful for bra fitting. Bravissimo are brilliant.

I treated myself to a trip to london and went to rigby and pellar (who fit bras for the Queen!). They sized me just by looking!! Needless to say, I spent a stupid amount of money on bras for every eventuality but it makes a HUGE difference having bras that fit. My boobs feel great and my posture is so much better as a result. I'm not the same size in every make...just like clothes.

Glad you found Bravissimo mel. I have a bikini from there and it the way it makes me feel gives me the confidence to forget about my saggy tummy!
ps. Bravissimo have shops in most cities these days. Have a look at their website www.bravissimo.co.uk for info

pps.I've also bought a dress and a couple of shirts from there and they make me look about 2 dress sizes smaller than I am because they fit in all the right places

Pandora Ghengis

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even having fairly average boobs at 34D (as measured by rigby and peller), m&s bras are just wrong. they occasionally have some pretty ones but i always have to remind myself not to even try them! the shape of them is just weird.


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Have to agree with everything said on this thread :) Have been twice to R&P for a bra fitting, once pre LL and now since the weight loss. Fantastic totally fantastic :) I am now a 32d!! bizzare. M&S are crap at measuring and I have never had one bra off them I have been happy with - have actually had much better bra's out of ASDA and Sainsbury's. I will however give Bravissimo a try as R&P is hugely expensive and I have sooo many clothes to replace <G>

But yes, get properly measured, wear a great fitting bra and it can make all the difference!



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M&S are notorious for getting it wrong. Bravissimo have always been great for me but it's worth trying on styles in the shop then looking online for the same bras but cheaper.

I'm currently a 35G (36 is slightly too big), but M&S measured me as a 40 DD


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Well I must have had the only good M&S bra fitter then!! But even she said, ignore the lables!!!! And I certainly do try on before I buy EVERY time! (Don't you just hate those ones where they point in opposite directions!!)
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.......oh I envy you some boobs .....I have always been an A cup but they are dissappearing !:cry:
Time to invest in some padded ones :D


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I've had exactly the same experience! Told by m&s I was a 38D, bravissimo (quite rightly) measured me at a 32J.

not sure if any of you live near Bluewater but if you do, Leia (http://www.leialingerie.com/) is brilliant too. The closest bravissimo to me is the one in covent garden and it's gone very downhill since they've expanded across the country. The staff recognise me now and immediately pull together all their new styles in a 32J for me - v easy! (and no i don't work for them!) x x x
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Just have to echo what others have said ....Bravissimo rocks! I'm lucky to have one nearby in Manchester city centre. No measuring, the ladies know by looking!
I went after I lost weight the first time with LL wanting a strapless bra & thought I had no chance with my droopy booblies - but surprise surprise got a fab Fantasie strapless bra 32G - thought it was made for me:D
Also, came out with several vest tops with proper built in bras too!
Once they've fitted you, you can get most of their stock from Debenhams too



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Well the nearest one to me is in Oxford an hour and a half away, they don't seem to do them down here in the real south!!! OH has said we'll do a run up there when we're back from Oz. Aint he cute! (Or he's gagging for decent underwear.:rolleyes:)
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:eek:I went to the shop in MK & they measured me as a 38FF(!) from a 42/44DD; supprising to say bought several undies; then saw THE most gorgeous set in (private) undie shop near were I live & they then measured me as a 36F (bought yet MORE undies at this!!! Will need a new mortgage if I go there again!) Now am shrinking even more & bought a winter coat (as now lost 5 dress sizes :eek:) went to local Factory Shop & bought a 14!! (As last coat was a 26; this is a miracle :rolleyes:) Will need yet more new undies again soon.......this weight loss is costing a fortune; though at least it's more fun going shopping now! :D


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I love your post Charlie!!

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