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Discussion in 'Exante - Off Topic' started by contingencyplan, 24 May 2011 Social URL.

  1. contingencyplan

    contingencyplan Full Member

    Hey guys, I wanted to start a thread for all of us on the 30 day shred for motivation, questions etc. :)

    So for me I'm on day 3... did L1 then L2 then L1! How are you all doing? :)
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  3. notsoskinnymarge

    notsoskinnymarge Gold Member

    Woooo Hoooooo :banana dancer:

    A whole thread, for the Shred :D

    I have done day 6 today :D
    6 consecutive days ;)
    Level 1
    1kg weights :eek:
    But, by eck, it does feel good now :D:flirt2:
  4. contingencyplan

    contingencyplan Full Member

    Day 4

    Level 2 with 2.5kg weights just done. Just going to sit in the corner and sweat to death now... ;)
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  5. Blue Butterfly

    Blue Butterfly Gold Member

    My dvd hasn't come :(
    I'll just cheer you lot on from the sidelines til my dvd turns up!
  6. contingencyplan

    contingencyplan Full Member

    Mine took about 3 days - did you get the £5 one from the Amazon alt ego Indigo Starfish? :)
  7. Blue Butterfly

    Blue Butterfly Gold Member

    I had to get the £5.99 one from coz when I went to order the dvd from amazon it said it was £26.99!!
  8. Princess_Ames

    Princess_Ames SW Junkie!

    Mine was from Play too so it will take a fair few days... they are rubbish at sending things quickly.

  9. notsoskinnymarge

    notsoskinnymarge Gold Member

    7 consecutive days

    Day 7.
    Still level 1.
    Still 1kg weights.
    But managed almost all of the bicycle crunchs today :D

    My plan is to do level 1 for 30 days, increasing the weights .... I reckon this may be in about a week :)

    Then go onto level 2.
  10. Skinniminx

    Skinniminx Silver Member

    Right that's it I want to be part of "The Shred" forum!!!! Firstly where's the cheapest place to buy? Not done any exercise for a while and would like to do something at home!! Bring on the Shred .... well done the girls xxx
  11. Princess_Ames

    Princess_Ames SW Junkie!

    I got mine from Play for a fiver :)
  12. Skinniminx

    Skinniminx Silver Member

    Thunks hun will take a look today and hopefully order! xx
  13. notsoskinnymarge

    notsoskinnymarge Gold Member

    I got mine from Amazon, for 5.49. But I think it has gone up since :eek:, to 24.99 :eek:
  14. notsoskinnymarge

    notsoskinnymarge Gold Member

    Day 8

    Day 8, done :cool:
    I even managed to do bicycle crunches for all of the alloted time :cool:

    I have decided, to definately increase the weights on day 15, but remain on level 1 :)

    It also occured to me today, that Curves is like Butlins in comparison to THE SHRED !!:eek::D
  15. Skinniminx

    Skinniminx Silver Member

    Boo going to look now ... minimins always comes first as soon as I long on lol x
  16. Skinniminx

    Skinniminx Silver Member

    Just checked on Amazon and its 5.99 ..... off to go and order and hopefully should be here very soon thanks ;)
  17. contingencyplan

    contingencyplan Full Member

    Day 5

    Today has been shredded :)

    L1 with 2.5kg weights. Was so much easier now I have done a couple of intermittent days at L2...

    Might have to do a few days in a row at L2... then have a peek at L3 :eek:
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  18. Little-Miss-Perfect

    Little-Miss-Perfect Doing it exante style :)

    Ok I'm in!

    Ive done a few days here and there but from tomorrow......

    30 days here I go.......

    Arghhhh what am I doing? Pmsl xx
  19. notsoskinnymarge

    notsoskinnymarge Gold Member

    Level 3 ??:faint2:

    :character00115::worthy::character00116: :whacky068: :D

    You're loving it !!!;)
    Go Clair :D
  20. cybill

    cybill Gold Member

    I'm going away this weekend and next week, but once I'm back, time to hit the shred... willing it to help take away those bingo wings before I fly away
  21. Princess_Ames

    Princess_Ames SW Junkie!

    My Shred has arrived... I'm starting it when Gagalicious does :giggle:

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