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The slim dairy after a heart break

Ok... Im new here... not new in diets but after 2 years of doing nothing to take care of me I have decided to start over.

Im going to need your support girls!!! :rolleyes:

I were 84 pounds less than Im today the reason... yes... a heart break :cry:so I got the first 10 pounds in a week because my "boyfriend" was dating somebody else :break_diet:

Later on when I knew he did not want to talk to me even when his friends told me what he felt about me I started my way down...:( I were so confused about his attitude...:confused: so in the meanwhile I started eating.... and eating... and eating... and eating... etc.. etc...:sigh: the reason... I wanted to get something sweet in my life... food.. and sweet food !!! :airquote: and It took me 3 months to gain another 40 pounds... :eek: and the rest in the next months so the last 6 months I've been in the same weight... 229 pounds.

Time has passed and now it has been almost 2 years since I have not even talk to him.... so why Im worried and waiting???:doh:

I guess a woman can lost her mind and heart when falling in love...

BUT NOT ANY MORE.... :nono: Im doing this for myself.... I do not want to be sitting in my bed waiting for somebody and waisting my time and having a live by thinking just in food :party0051:and see how the days pass in front of my eyes.:grumble:

I want to date again:candledinner:, play volley ball, dance and do all the things I do like and I left behind.... aaaaaand.... I want a baby...but I have an obstacle... my weight...

Im joining this webpage... because I wanted to share my story and at the same time to get some help and support.:) It may hear like a drama... but Im sure it will help somebody else... so we can help each to others.

So... Im starting now... and thanks if you just read my post...
I do appreciate it... :thankyou:
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wooo! You sound like your ready to start a fresh!!! wishing you the best of luck and sending you lots of positive vibes. Were all here if you need any help or have any Q's! You can do this :) xxxxx
well done for realising you need to take control, any questions, ask away x
Hi there and welcome. Looking forward to following your diary. I'm sure you can do it and think of the expression on his face when he see you in 6 months! x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
You sound ready for the challenge! Well done for wanting to change your life round! We're all here ready to help you! All you have to do is ask!
Hi girls... thanks for all the comments... Im ready and on going... I feel motivated and sooner I'll feel even better when I see the results.
I wanted to write a message to each of you but Its late... I'll keep posting in this thread... all the advances and if some one wants to kick a guy a#s just tell me and I'll help you.... hehehe... Im kidding... any way... probably I'll post some jokes.... and some other stuff to do not focus in "the bad guy".... (even I wrote it, I had no way to explain the focus... hehe).

Thanks thanks to all... :)
hey - hows it going? x
I had to travel to Michigan per business request.... Honestly I were not able to do diet the last 2 weeks... I got now a suite so I'll be able to cook by myself... Im late in my goals... :(

but ready to continue... :)
Hiya - love your name and yes you can fly!!

You do not sound like a drama queen - you sound like someone who has had a horrible time and has now found the courage to change.

Wish you all the best in this, and keep us posted

Rosie x

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