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The start of my Lipotrim journey...

Hi everyone,

So I started LP just over 2 weeks ago and as my friends are getting increasingly bored of hearing me talk about hunger, I thought I should find somewhere where other people can relate to me.
Background - I was never a particularly large child but at the age of 13, I went through a bout of depression and found FOOD, in a big way! And as soon as it was on, it never came off. I fluctuated between 11.5 and 13 stone all through my teens, while my friends all happily shared their size 10 clothes... It certainly didn't help that I was 'blessed' with 36F boobs by the age of 14.
So now at the grand old age of 22, I was a 14-16 and very unhappy.
I know this doesn't sound too bad and compared to what some of the people here are doing, it sounds measly but I think if you're unhappy and ashamed of your body, it still feels the same. And I am not a person who carries weight well, it sits in all the WRONG places! So I can't even embrace my curves in clothes, I look like a sausage squeezed in clingfilm.

Exercise has never been a problem, I rather like being active but despite exercise, I NEVER LOST WEIGHT. I simply have a food addiction. I am a person who will hide chocolate in her wardrobe to eat for breakfast. I am a person who will order an entire family bucket of KFC and eat it all herself. I am a person who will walk to the corner shop in the middle of a rainy night to buy a tub of Ben and Jerry's which will then be smothered in double cream and caramel. Family size bags of crisps with half a jar of mayo, 3 donner kebabs at 4 in the afternoon, you name it, I've probably eaten it...

So the change HAD to come with my eating habits.

I read about LT during the summer (while I was covering up in long tshirts and linen trousers) and it took me till NOVEMBER to pluck up the courage to start. I had all sorts of things going through my mind, the pharmacist would sneer at me for being too fat, they would say I was uneligible, whatever... When I finally did pluck up the courage to go to my local pharmacy, they had stopped doing it but I managed to keep my resolve and go to a different one the next day.

The first few days were TORTURE, I literally hallucinated food. I dreamt that I was stuffing my face with Galaxy caramel bars and woke up in the middle of the night just to make I hadn't... I'm craving cheese, soup, crusty french bread, boiled eggs with soldiers, curry, garlic with ANYTHING, chips and pastries... But I kept telling myself its not like I'm never eating again (obviously not in the quantities before) but just not for the next few months... Had to keep telling myself just get through week 1...
At my first WI, I had lost 7lbs, that was the best motivation EVER!! The second week was also tough but I'm starting to like the shakes and I lost 7lbs again! I'm now 2 days into the 3rd week and I sort of look at food now as an alien thing. Its like being someone who doesn't smoke looking at cigarettes, yeah they're there and they're just a part of life but they're not a part of MY life. Like food. Food is now something I just do not (well try not) to associate with, like I don't open the fridge at home or go in the food aisles in supermarkets.

Which brings me to my last point; my job is a cook.
Rubbish I know. But I have learnt to be gratified by just the smell of dishes, I don't feel the need to pick. And if I do need to taste sauces, gravies etc, they go to the back of my mouth to my taste buds and are then spat back out...

I'm doing this for another month, up until Christmas. Because God knows I cannot cook Chrstmas dinner without being able to eat it but I will be very firm with myself! No roast potatoes!!

Other stories on here have been inspirational to me when I have been awake at half 3 in the morning, crying with hunger. But I will NOT cheat and will try to keep you all updated with my progress.

God bless.
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
good for you!!! Well done on losing a stone so far. You obviously did a lot of hard thinking before starting with LT. I'd say even putting it all down in your post has helped you put everything in perspective. Use your time on LT to think about your attitude to food. Losing the weight will be the easy part, keeping it off will be the real challenge.
You are so clear about your objective that you will succeed. I also think you are great to manage this diet when your job is all about food.
In no time you will reach goal. Keep up the water as it really helps with the hunger pangs and keeps headaches etc at bay.
This forum is great for support. Keep hopping on here when you need inspiration.
hi i seam to be doing really well, not alot of my friends no im doing this as i no they will dissaprove. my work friends no tho and are all asking me where i got it from. we seam to have quite a bit in common i am also a 14-16 and im 21 and 2 days ahead of u! its getting easier now!
wow biggirlnomore, you came on for inspiration and now u have become an inspiration! Im just coming to the end of week 1 and went thru severe muscle pain like Ive never experienced in my life. My family was saying its the diet people react different etc but I thought its total food replacement maybe Im dehydrated. So I tried to drink as much as pos and Im alot better today so not sure what that was.

Now Im thinking should I just try to eat sensibly rather than be on this, I keep looking at things I should of been eating but reading this, if u can do it why cant I? Il keep trying a day at a time but I think Im having a mental block on it, but now Im scared to come off but dont really wanna be on it. The shakes make me wanna puke and I sometime miss it out cos I cant stomach it. But I will use u as inspiration and soldier on.......I hope!
Hi Guys
I'm new to this aswell, just three days into week 2. Compared to many people on here i suppose i don't have a lot of weight to shift but since the birth of my daughter over 2yrs ago i'm sick and tired of living in some-one elses body (so to speak). The first few days were really tough like everyone else. I missed shakes because i used to dread them. That all changed when i start putting coffee in the vanilla one and blending it with ice. I don't even drink coffee but i thought it was worth a shot. This week all i got was vanilla, but now the blender broke :-(

The toughest part now i suppose is making dinner and meals for others and just watching them eat. It's getting so much easier though. I can't say i have noticed any major difference in my clothes yet but i'm determined to keep this up even if it means missing the christmas dinner and a night out on new years. My 30th is in January so that is what i'm aiming for. This year i don't want to be all dressed in black.

Goodluck everyone

Great post! Well done for finding LT and your losses so far - you're doing great!
My story is similar to yours...except I got BIGGER!!

Must be sooo tough being a cook too - so you've been incredibly strong so far.

You sound like you're mentally ready and prepared for your journey - so you should do well.
I too am breaking for xmas - as, although not everyone feels the same etc, it's a BIG thing in my family and I wouldn't enjoy it without certain traditions (sherry whilst tree decorating, mulled wine at the market etc).
However, do be warned, it is not always 'as easy' on the re-start.

Long as you're prepared.

Good luck to you and keep popping on for support hun x

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