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  1. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    Hellloooo there! :D A good few of you fine fellows might recognise me from flying about boards and giving my 2 pence on everyone and their wife's diet!

    I've been calorie counting since December 1st 2010, and to mark the 6 month mark of dieting I've decided to start writing a diary. I'm 60 pounds down from last December (whooppee!! :woohoo: ) and I'm only 7lb away from my goal of 8 stone (double whoopppee! :woohoo: ) The weight is now coming of slower than a week in the jail, so I'm going to write a diary as something I can keep me on the straight and narrow until I reach goal. I hope this diary will also serve as a little 'keepsake' that I can look back on - after all losing 67lb, nearly 40% of my body weight, is life changing! :happy036:

    I'm going to update every time I eat and every time I fancy a ramble, so be prepared for this to be updated a zillion times a day :D

    Feel free to add comments, or ask me for any advice. :D I'm just your average joe who has lost a bit of weight so if you've got a problem, I've probably been there myself and will be more than happy to help you out. In that same point, because I'm just your average Joe (or should that be Josephine?) I do make mistakes so don't be afraid of telling me if you think I'm going wrong.

    Ok, so down to the nitty gritty of food.
    Today, so far

    Breakfast - 8:30am
    Baked potato and cheese - 400 calories
    Okay, so it's not the most conventional breakfast. But in my defence I'm not going to be able to eat until later in the afternoon so I needed a good fill up to keep me in tip top form and plus when I opened up the fridge it was looking at me (perfectly acceptable excuse I think) :D
    Running calories total: 400

    Will update when I eat again!
    Hope you all have a lovely day. :)
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  3. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    Lunch - 12:30
    Two dry weetabix - 126 Cals
    Baked potatoes for breakfast and dry weetabix for snack... this is turning into being a very odd food diary! Considering I didn't think I'd have time for any lunch today, I suppose two dry weetabixs is better than a delicious bowl of fresh air.

    Running calories total: 526
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  4. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    Unexpectedly went to the gym early today (I usually go at night), but since I'm off today and tomorrow, we decided to go early since we've got relatives coming over tonight (joy of joys!) Got a great session on board. Came out of the gym like a cross between a sweating golden labrador and a plum tomato but it's always worth it! Is there anybody else who comes out the gym and after tackling the 40kg weights and owning the cross trainer like there's no tomorrow find that it's opening the swing doors to come out of the gym that kills them? I've got to the stage where I' buddy up with a random coming down the stairs in the hope that they'll open the door for me :D
    Anyway, my workout
    10 minutes of the cross trainer - high effort
    10 min on the bike - high effort
    20 minutes doing various weights
    then policed it all off with a final half hour on the cross trainer (moderate effort)
    The calorie counter said that I burned 645 calories - but I'm not sure how accurate these bad boys are.

    After gym time snack 14:50
    Apples and grapes salad - 90 calories

    Running calorie total: 616
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  5. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Gold Member

    I've not been to gym for ages... naughty!!! Can I come with you?... I promise to open the door for you. x
  6. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    Haha! I feel like such a lazy fud admitting that but my friend who is one of those buff 21 year old guys who are always on the weights also agreed that opening the gym doors was the most challenging part of his gym experience too so I'm not too bothered :D

    Maybe you should have a skive-the-gym-box and every time you skive the gym, you need to put a fiver in it. That way you might be more incited to go even if the voices in your head are saying "noooo have a night off!" - even though it's you're 50th night off in a row :D
  7. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Gold Member

    I'm home this weekend so I think effort needs to be made for body combat on sat and body jam on sun... If I don't do it you can empty my bank account and shut my face in the heavy gym doors!!! x
  8. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    Don't you worry, I will :D if you don't go I'll be on the phone to your bank getting those funds ! Mark my words :p
  9. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    Got home starving and had my dinner. We're going on holiday on Saturday so as you can imagine there's not much in the way of food! It's like old mother Hubbard and her bare cupboards only minus the mother Hubbard part. Had to think back to all the episodes of nigella lawson I've ever watched and I came up with a banquet! only kidding, I had alot of odds and ends, but Judging by my unconventional baked potato for breakfast, I'll just call it keeping with the style of the day ;)

    Dinner 7:30 - total 580 calories
    Cheesey garlic mushrooms on two slices of toast - 170 calories
    2 babybell lights - 80 calories
    2 small apples - 90 calories
    1 oatbix milk chocolate kids cereal bar - 70 calories

    Eugh, I feel like I've eaten so much! Not in a binge type of way but a i-have-too-much-in-my-tummy type! I do need the calories, I'd usually think "well I've got 700 calories left, I'm going to have a 700 calorie lasagne" or something but I think it was because we don't have a lot in the house so I ate lots of small things instead of one meal that making me feel quite seedy. I never spread out my food during the day which also meant I had to eat like a horse possessed at the last minute and the worst is I've still not eaten all my calories. Shall need to make up for this tomorrow!

    Total calories today so far: 1030

    Lesson learned today: Must plan to spread out food better during the day on jam packed days off.
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  10. Shrimpy

    Shrimpy Gold Member

    Hiya, Just a quick stop by, to say "hi". :)

    I shall be reading this, though I can't offer much input, lol as calorie counting is too mathsey for me*. :)

    *who teaches A Level Physics...:hide:
  11. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    Haha! I'm doing physics at uni (mon the geeks!), and the amount of miscalculation I make when I'm working out how many calories are in 66g of something if there's X amount of calories in 75g is downright shameful! Luckily because of this geek by day life I always seem to have a calculator handy and at the ready to do some calorie number crunching! :D

    Thanks for reading, I've been slightly slipping the past week (not binging, just one too many treats :D) I think I'm so close to goal and I'm not being at strick with myself and I don't exactly want to embarrass myself and write "Today I ate a packet of giant buttons while waiting on my dinner onmonmonmon" so I hoped a honest diary would keep me on the straight and narrow! So far, so good!
  12. LittleSis

    LittleSis Silver Member

    So I'm not the onlyone who caneat chocolate whilst cooking a healthy dinner then :D
    You've done brilliantly so far keep up the good work.
  13. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    Hey Little Sis, Thank you! All I can say is WHY WAS CHOCOLATE INVENTED? Did this person not know that they'd be torturing women for years to come who were unable to resist the creamy chocolaty goodness this is the chocolate bar? I've never been someone to deny myself a treat - if I want some chocolate then I'll have some chocolate but I know I can't have it everyday and that's the difficult thing - once I've had it I just can't seen to stop!
  14. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    Breakfast 10:30am
    Oatsosimple 27g made with 250ml milk - 250 calories

    Today's total calories so far : 250

    Today is (and is continuing to be) a busy day, so I'll leave this as a short post for now an update all you trendy fellows later!

    Hope you all have a lovely day!
  15. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    Lunch Time, 1:00pm -97 calories
    Walkers Baked Crisps
    Ok I admit, not the best lunch by any stretch of the imagination, but I was just about to tuck into my proper lunch during my break and I ended up pulled away by my boss who needed me for 'an emergency' which turned out to mean 'can you please look at my computer and see what's wrong with it' On return to my lunch I seen that it wasn't there. The cleaner had been in and helpfully chucked it in the bin. The nearest shop is a good walk away and I didn't have time so I had to scran my 'treat' (the crisps) and say a quick prayer that I wouldn't pass out from the lack of eating!

    Today's calorie total so far: 350 calories

    Dinner 5:30pm - 813 calories
    Going out tonight, so early dinner (or an excuse for a dinner). We're still stuck in the bare cupboardness of pre-holidayness so I had:
    • Chicken breast (175 calories)
    • Steamed Vegtables (98 calories)
    • New potatos (100 calories)
    • Two small apples (90 calories)
    • Bread and jam (450 calories)
    Today's calorie total so far: 1243 calories

    Lesson of the day: Hide your food from the cleaner!

    I won't be going to the gym since we're off gallivanting out tonight. Boo! Though I dud feel very sluggish and tired during the day today, which is unlike me. I was eriously considering phoning up that creepy guy from the bar the other night who offered to "carry me about for the rest of my life" so he could wheel me about in my tiredness while I hold onto my (several) rape alarms for dear life!

    I'm not sure if my tiredness because I haven't eaten enough yesterday, haven't had a good sleep in a while or because I sat out in the lovely sunshine for ages today! I'm off on holiday in the morning so I'll update tonight with plans for my holiday :D
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  16. Shrimpy

    Shrimpy Gold Member

    Woo! Holiday!

    Tiredness is probably due to lack of food, though, well done you, for not losing the rag when your lunch had been "mislaid". If I don't eat often enough, I become like a crazed racoon, all fur and fangs and chaos. So I'm seriously impressed with you!

    I'll be checking in here... so be honest, if you do eat the giant "share bag" of buttons I wanna know.

    (I might just sit here drooling though)
  17. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    Hehe! The poor cleaner is such a nice lady, I could never be mean to her! Though I did have a stern word with her about the lunch situation so I think she'll be too scared to be throwing out any food for a few weeks. Actually... that could be a bad thing, some of the guys at work tend to leave things in the fridge for ageessss, so I must make a mental note to bring a pair of garden shears with me to work when I get back my holidays to cut a space through the mould in the fridge so I can fit my lunch in. A student working for minimum wage job to fund university! Who said it was ever going to be easy!
  18. Bostik

    Bostik Gold Member

    I'm liking reading your diary :) Haha, the guys at your work sound gross! Also, hope you have a good holiday!
  19. Shrimpy

    Shrimpy Gold Member

    You should see my workroom! The other Sci teachers are MINGERS! They leave things festering in the sink, getting fuzzy in the microwave and just generally manking. As most are biologists they claim that THOSE bacteria & fungi are not pathogenic. They're just "harmless little microbes". I don't believe them. They're all out to get me!!!
  20. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    Hellloo :D hope we're all fine and dandy! This is just a very very quick post (only got 1 minute left in the Internet cafe) to update on my holiday! The actual holiday is great - super fun and relaxing but the food part has been horrible! I've had no option to eat out every day at cafes and restaurants for lunch and dinner everyday since were self catering and everyone else wants to dine out ! Boo hiss listen to me feeling sort for myself. But I feel like I've gained roughly 50 stone (give or take a few haha!) hope you're all well!
  21. Shrimpy

    Shrimpy Gold Member

    Enjoy it, remember to take lots of photos! See you when you get back!

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