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Hi Leah I'm back on day 1 AGAIN, could do with a firm kick up my back side when I get that feeling of oh whats one more day eating in the scheme of things
You're on. I kinda want tough love, so if we fail we are PUT TO SHAME, none of this "awww, hugs" cos yes CD is hard but it works.


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Definitely up for some tough love, we both know that this diet works and it is stickable so no more excuses. I will not be fat this summer again
Hi babes

Not a restarter but more than happy to give you some tough love when required. As you said it's hard but it works so now you need to keep telling yourself that and get on it with it. Let's get this weight shifted once and for all hun.

Text me if you need to or feel the urge to eat.



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I am still tryig to start afet about 5 weeks lol x x

so deffo tough love needed for me, i lost 14 pounds in first two weeks but see cdc sat 15 march that will be another month so she will be expecting another stone but as of this morning i am 2 up from last time i saw her.

I have decided that i can't do ss so i have looked at the thread on the new rules and i am going to add a 200 cal meal on a teatime as this is when i struggle really bad. So today is a day 1 for me again as well so i would love to join you all!

See if i can last! Only thing is that i only have access to a pc through th eweek at the minute as laptop getting repaired so will post today then again monday!

Good Luck everyone we can do this and no faffing about!!!
Hey there,

Havent been around for ages.. managed to get into the 11's.. and then fell off the wagon! Looking to restart on Saturday so I wud be more than happy to join the group! Tough Love it is then!!

Sarah xxx

Anyone else???

With MUCH encouragement from porgey xxx
Good luck to you all. You all want to do this and there is absolutely no reason why you can't. Stop listening to the demons which undermine your confidence and belive in yourselves. Truly believing that you CAN do this is half the battle, trust me, there is no room for self doubt.

And we'll keep looking at your B4 andAfter pics - especially all those shopping bags in the background of your after.

You are my thinspiration, oh and your upper and lower crease! xx
Gotta love those creases! I prefer to think of them as Pencil Holiders!

Hi there.. yes I am starting today (see my thread).. already cleaned like there is no tomorrow!!!

Have loads of jobs that need doing so will keep busy and fill time in by coming on here....:wave_cry:

Right then gang, supposing you SS/790 till you are BMI 25, how many lbs is that??

Blue_grapefruit - 37lbs till BMI 25
wobbly - 71 pounds till i reach bmi 25 (i think!!)

I am 5 foot 6 so is my 25 bmi weight 11 stone 3 pounds??
worked it out on ww sight hop it's right, my god that's loads but not my first target anyhow, thank god!!!!

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