The truth about food

Did any one see 'The Truth about food' on TV tonight? I thought it was really interesting for when trying to maintain your weight. The main outcomes which I found interesting were scientific experiments which discovered :
  • If you have your food in a soup form rather than a solid meal with water, you stay full for longer
  • High protein meals also keep you feeling full for longer as opposed to carbohydrate meals or high fat meals.
  • Replacing some of what you eat with low fat dairy products can help you expel more fat in your poo in other words some of the fat in the meal is not digested as the dairy product binds with it.
I thought it was interesting how VLCD and Atkins type diets use these theories and I enjoyed seeing the scientific experiments with the proof. I think my conclusion is that after CD, I will continue to have a higher protein meal and lots of soup!! I'm not keen on dairy foods so I don't know about the dairy product bit.

Some food for thought...excuse the pun!

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We are not ignoring you, hun....There is a thread about this in the Nutrition, Health & Beauty forum - please feel free to join in the discussion over there....