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The 'Ups and Downs' of weight loss/confidence

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Sticky, 19 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. Sticky

    Sticky I will succeed!!!

    Hi all -

    I would assume a lot of us, if not all, have suffered from this...the ups and downs of weight loss or body confidence, so interested to see what you all do to combat it?

    I've lost one and a half stone with SW, and recently my weight has been STS pretty much due to a few reasons (various events where I have not been as good as should have been and also my tummy issues). I am not so bothered by this, as I am a believer that we all need a little holiday from SW at times to stop us going mad.

    However, my body confidence is lower than it was a few weeks ago too. Technically I've stayed the same weight, so there is no physical difference in my body at all. But in the bath last night I felt awful about myself. I was reading (as you do) and felt very aware of how my skin folded on my tummy area. We have a slipper bath, so you're almost is a loungey sitting position and it's not flattering!

    But weirdly, 5 weeks ago I was buzzing, and I remember a time where I was again, in the bath, looking at self and thinking 'wow I am looking good'!

    Maybe it's because I haven't lost much of late and been maintaining so to speak, or maybe it's just because I was having a fat day, but it's weird isn't it how we go through these periods?

    I also think that my feeling 5 weeks ago is one of the reasons I've not been as good lately, because I could see the difference, I dropped a dress size and was buzzing, so I let myself relax some?

    Do you all go through these stages and how do you turn it around?

    :) x
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  3. biggysmalls

    biggysmalls Too big to fail

    Don't have any advice as such really but I do know exactly what you mean. In fact I would say the times in my life I have felt fattest are the time (two times inclduing this one) where I lost a bit of weight!
    Even last weekend when I was out I thought I looked like a fat monster in photos we took with my friends........It is strange! Would I have been quite so critical back two months ago when I was heavier still?
    I keep telling myself that with a bit of weight loss comes a more critical eye. And with a bit more, come lots of compliments hopefully! And I am a sucker for that. If enough people tell me I'm looking well, I'm vain enough to believe it all! Bring it on
    Good luck xxx
  4. biggysmalls

    biggysmalls Too big to fail

    P.S I forgot to say Well Done on your weight loss to date. You must be looking well, losing 21 pounds! I hope to follow in your foot steps and lose about that much myself
  5. Leapfrog

    Leapfrog Champion actifryer

    Sticky, I am exactly the same at the mo. STS for weeks, or in other words putting on and losing the same kilo. But as you say, due to events getting in the way - 2 holidays, lunches at the inlaws etc - although I'm good "most of the time", it's not all the time.

    I managed to gain very little on holiday by doing a lot of walking in the Uk and in the Alps. Now I'm back from hols and finding it hard to get back into it. It's like I've done all the hard work (44lbs lost and reached my initial target but readjusted it downwards) and the last few pounds aren't really as "important" as the first ones.

    We both need something to give us new motivation and spur us on. I'm at my OH's place this week and have decided to up my exercise. So I've brought up my exercise videos and step and am determined to do something every day.

    Why not join me in "The Last Flab Around the Middle Must Go" challenge? lol
  6. scouzer

    scouzer Want to do it this time!!

    Sticky I wish I had seen this last night!! Oh my goodness!! :sigh: Can't believe so many of us are going through this!!
    All I can say is that sometimes we have to step back and look at the bigger picture.
    We're all here with pretty similar goals: losing weight, getting in shape and looking good.
    This journey was never meant ot be easy and we need to come to terms with the fact that if we stick to it (one day at a time) we'll get there.

    Wish everyone the very best.

    Scouzer. X
  7. JestersTear

    JestersTear Cute, but psycho!

    Yeah, I'm the same (I suspect we all are) - after a good loss, or even any loss lol, I come home and I'm all 'hey, look how thin I am' (I'm not!) but when I've maintained, or like last week, gained, I feel like a fat, frumpy heifer. The problem is, when you're in 'heifer mode', it's very hard to stay focused cos them I'm all 'what's the point, it doesn;t work, etc etc' - a vicious circle for sure.
    Also, I've often chuntered about this although perhaps not on this board, but whereas 'normal' people (ie: non slimmers) can go away on holiday, eat and drink what they fancy and then come home and get on wioth their lives, we, the slimmers, go on holiday, put some weight on perhaps, and then beat ourselves up about it. Why???! Non slimmers would naturally lose their weight gain over a couple of weeks just by going back to their normal routines, and so would us slimmers, but because we're so focused on our weights, we feel bad. Why need to change out slimming mind sets, I reckon, just don't ask me how lol

    (sorry, got on my soap box there a bit!)
  8. Leapfrog

    Leapfrog Champion actifryer

    JestersTear, you are so right! The difference is that we slimmers know our weights to the nearest ounce, whereas non-slimmers often have no idea!
  9. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    I've not much to lose & often find losing just 1lb a week hard. It's very easy for me to put 1lb on & then I think how hard it was to lose it & I've to do it again:confused: A few weeks ago I got really fed up especially as at group there are a few people who always lose 2lbs+ & win slimmer of the week I know I'll never be slimmer of the week :rolleyes: But I got myself back on track by remembering how much I had lost & I really don't need to lose that much & it's only my weight everything else in my life is brill & my weight just isn't worth worring about (sigh!)
  10. JoJosing

    JoJosing Full Member

    Hi sticky

    yes it is maddening. I know if i put on I come home in a bad mood. It is hard when there is not much weight to go to your target. I try to put a posative spin on it for myself telling myself that I will loose that and perhaps a little more next week.

    I remember reading your post about trying on dresses and having to have a smaller size keep focused on that sometimes the scales are not the whole story.
  11. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    Me !!!

    When i lost my first stone i was a mess, and i just couldnt figure out how i could have been so depressed because i'd lost weight, but i see now it was because i suddenly had to face up to what id done to my body, and deal with it.. and then forgive myself. Also being more aware of your body rather than eating what you want and being blissfully ignorant, thats a body shock in its self!

    But, since maintaining, if i gain 2lbs.. i can really 'feel' it or so i think i can, and im very aware, and i feel much bigger, even though its only two pounds!!!! i supose i need to feel that way to work a bit harder to get it off the following week, but it can really knock me at times!!

    each time this happens i use sw as a distraction, i throw myself into it and do loads of cooking and really focus and re-assess my tactics as it were,.. then i lose weight and iv focused on somthing positive.

  12. Leapfrog

    Leapfrog Champion actifryer

    Fern, your posts are so motivating. You're a real inspiration. Thankyou
  13. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    Glad to help hun :) x
  14. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    I think we all sometimes go through a bit of a grieving moment (only way I can describe it!)...we have suddenly lost a part of us and although one minute it may make us want to celebrate, we also are about to enter unknown slimmer territory and thats quite daunting!
    Even after having lost 7.5 stones so far, I still have fat days....I know how much I have lost, but also know that I am still a big girl and that upsets me a lot.
    To cheer myself up and move on from the thought of either a sts or a gain (as I still get these even after being 100%), I love dancing and will just decide on the spur of the moment that I need a good boogie with my pals, so Hubby babysits and I go out for 4 hours jiving...just this is enough of a pick me up for me!!
  15. strawberryblonde

    strawberryblonde Full Member

    hey sticky
    i like the others know what you mean and i am great at beating myself up with a huge stick- even my group leader tells me so!!

    My advice would be, think back to the time you were feeling good in the bath/in general. Try to do some visualisation on how you felt, how excited, sexy, confident you were. Try to re-engage with these feelings and start talking to yourself about how well you have done, set yourself a minitarget (I like the little black dress you fill in) and as the last lady said jump into slim world recipes, take something into group as a taster and talk to the class individually or in body magic if you are brave enough. Your group leader wuld love to talk to you I am sure.
    Keep going!!!! Don't forget a good dose of Gok Wann can do wonders as well re body image and feeling sexy whatever shape we are!!!
    Best wishes
  16. StephCracknell

    StephCracknell Silver Member

    I have to say I am exactly the same. When you first start to notice the differences, you really do buzz (or rather I do :) but then I do tend to become a little complacent and tend to maintain and tend to be a bit relaxed on SW. I always go through these cycles of being really good and then slacking off a bit, I have been maintaining my exercise however to make sure I don't gain.

    I do need to give myself a good kick up the backside and get back on with it. Turn 40 this weekend so will enjoy my time away this weekend and then will get back on it with a vengence next week!

  17. strawberryblonde

    strawberryblonde Full Member

    happy birthday steph !! enjoy it!

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